Zoltan Hargitay Leads A Quiet Life with Wife and Sons Far From The Limelight

By AtticusPublished on: June 17, 2024 Updated on: June 19, 2024
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Zoltan Hargitay’s story unfolds away from the limelight where his family’s fame was forged. As the son of Hollywood icons Mickey Hargitay Sr. and Jayne Mansfield and the brother of television star Mariska Hargitay, he could easily have followed a similar path into the spotlight.

Instead, like his older brother, Mickey Hargitay Jr., who runs a successful plant business in Los Angeles, Zoltan, 63, has chosen a more private and distinct career path away from show business.

In this article, we’re exploring how he has crafted a path distinct from the celebrated achievements of his family. As we venture beyond the initial fame and into the layers of his personal and professional experiences, we will uncover details of his early life, career, marriage, and more.

Survived A Horrific Lion Attack and A Car Crash Before 10

At the tender age of six, Zoltan experienced a harrowing ordeal during a photo shoot at Jungleland U.S.A., a private zoo in Sherman Oaks, California.

In 1966, while posing with his mother, Jayne Mansfield, a lion unexpectedly attacked him from behind, causing severe injuries to his neck and head. The attack was so severe that Zoltan needed brain surgery to recover from the physical trauma.

The incident left him in a state of severe shock and precipitated further health challenges, including meningitis, which he battled while hospitalized. Against daunting odds, Zoltan made a full recovery from his physical injuries, though the psychological scars remained.

A photo of Zoltan and his mom after he was attacked by a lion
Zoltan and his mom during his treatment after he was attacked by a lion

This traumatic event was followed by another tragedy just months later. In June 1967, a car crash claimed the life of his mother, Jayne Mansfield, as well as her attorney and love interest, Sam Brody, and the driver, Ronnie Harrison. Zoltan and his siblings, Mickey and Mariska, who were in the backseat, survived the crash but were left with injuries.

Years later, the Ventura County Superior Court awarded Zoltan a $10,000 settlement in an out-of-court agreement with the now-bankrupt Jungleland, acknowledging the profound impact the attack had on his early childhood. This incident, while horrifying, highlights a pivotal moment in Zoltan’s young life, shaping his perspective and resilience in the years that followed.

He and His Wife Hoped Their First Child Be Born on Millennium Day

Zoltan and his wife, Ana Montalvo-Hargitay are parents to two sons. They hoped their first child would be born as the new millennium began. When they learned that Ana’s due date was January 1, 2000, the couple was thrilled at the prospect of welcoming their child at the dawn of the 21st century.

However, their son, Zoltan Anthony Hargitay Jr., had other plans, arriving on January 9 instead.

Zoltan Sr., reflecting on the choice to aim for a New Year’s baby, shared his personal connection to the timing: “I didn’t want the baby to come in 1999. I thought it would be great to start off the new century with a new baby—in a way, I was also reborn.”

Zoltan's wife, Ana and their two sons; Zoltan Jr. and Brandon
Zoltan’s wife, Ana, and their two sons; Zoltan Jr. and Brandon

Zoltan Jr. grew up to pursue a career in business and technology. After completing high school at Arcadia High School, he attended NYU Stern School of Business, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computing & Data Science and Marketing, graduating in 2022.

He began his professional journey in March 2022 as an associate consultant and later became an associate project manager at Adobe. Prior to his full-time roles, he worked part-time as a student office assistant at NYU Stern.

His younger brother, Brandon, 0, is also an alumnus of Arcadia High School. He obtained an Associate’s degree from Pasadena City College and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UC San Diego. Brandon has been interning as a software engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory since June 2023.

Zoltan’s Carpentry Work Earned Some Work In Hollywood

Hargitay’s career focus is in carpentry, where he skillfully applies his craft across various settings. Drawing on skills that echo his father’s early work—Hargitay Sr. was a plumber and carpenter after arriving in the United States from Hungary in 1947—Zoltan has become adept in diverse capacities, including on film and television sets.

Over the years, Zoltan has contributed as a set carpenter to several Hollywood productions. His notable work in the 1990s includes contributing to the sets of films like Shrunken Heads, Reflections on a Crime, and T-Force.

His expertise in carpentry was also showcased in the more recent Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, where he continued to support the visual storytelling of the series through his set construction work.

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