Zac Oyama’s Wife Phoebe Neidhardt Loves Playing Video Games

By RahulPublished on: March 12, 2024 Updated on: May 7, 2024
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Zac Oyama and Phoebe Neidhart are kind of like the unexpected couple from a high school movie but in real life. They started dating back in 2016, which feels like forever ago, right? Then, in 2020, they surprised everyone by marrying.

Phoebe isn’t just Zac’s wife; she also carved out her own identity. She’s an actress and has been in TV shows, movies, and even in numerous commercials.

Meanwhile, we all know Zac is a comedian. If you’ve ever watched CollegeHumor during lunch break, you’ve probably seen him. He’s got this way of making you laugh about stuff that’s totally relatable, like school or friends.

Zac Oyama and His Wife Phoebe Exchanged Vows in an Incredibly Private Ceremony

In a world where celebrity events are often grandiose and highly publicized, Zac and Phoebe chose a different path for their union. Initially, the comedian revealed in October 2020, that he has married his long-term girlfriend.

On October 20th, of the same year, Oyama posted a breathtaking image of the duo, where in the background the sun was rising and they stood tall above the clouds. The simplicity and depth of the moment were captured in his one-word caption: ‘Eloped.’ Phoebe, similarly, echoed the same sentiment by posting a picture of the two.

A photo of Phoebe and Zac
An Instagram post shared by Phoebe. Source: Instagram

The couple truly embodied the concept of eloping by choosing to marry in Big Sur, a place so secluded it seemed they were miles away from anyone else, making their union an intimate escape from the world. The photos, devoid of the usual fanfare associated with celebrity weddings, conveyed a message of love and simplicity.

Off-topic, their kids will have a mixed ethnic background. While Zac comes from Japanese ethnicity, Phoebe belongs to German ethnicity.

The Newly Married Couple Were Lost In The Woods, Four Months After Their Wedding

Okay, so picture this: Mr and Mrs. Oyama have been married for six months now, right? But for the next four months, they must’ve taken a little detour because Zac posted a photo of Phoebe standing in the middle of the forest. And he’s all like, “Been married for 6 months and lost in the woods for 4 please send help.” Classic Zac humor there!

An instagram post of Zac sharing image of Phoebe
Zac shared this photo of Phoebe claiming sarcastically they have been lost in the woods.

It’s just his funny way of saying that being married is kind of like an adventure, sometimes you feel lost, but it’s all part of the journey. Plus, they’re still in love and having fun, even if they’re “lost” in the woods. It’s all sarcastic, of course.

They’re not actually lost; it’s just a fun way to show how they’re navigating life together. Besides, Phoebe once appeared in Zac’s Animal Crossing livestream, showcasing their bond as a gaming couple.

Phoebe Neidhart Is an Actress

Phoebe, who stands at a height of 5ft 6 inches, is known for her versatility in acting. She began her career in the entertainment industry in 2011 with a role in the TV series Chuck. Her career trajectory has seen a steady rise since then, featuring in a variety of TV series, short films, mini-series, and a significant number of commercials.

Phoebe and Zac taking a mirror photo.
Zac with his spouse.

She captured the audience’s attention with her notable performance as Mia in the 2017 series Silicon Valley, further showcasing her range in the TV series Dad from 2019 to 2021, where she played various characters. Recently, in 2024, she made an appearance in the series Chad.

In 2015, she also appeared in Episode 21 of Season 8th of The Big Bang Theory.

She Comes From Film Industry Background

Beyond her professional life, Phoebe, aged 37, comes from a family with roots in the film industry. Her father, Jim Neidhardt, has worked behind the scenes in several projects, most notably as a Video Assist Operator for the 1993 film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.


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Family plays a significant role in her life, as evidenced by her close relationship with her mother. She often shares pictures with her mom on her social media.


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Her sister, Ariel Hart, pursues a different path as a yoga teacher, specializing in meditation and healing movement.

Phoebe, alongside her sister, launched a video podcast Not Suitable for Children during quarantine. They reflect on quirky, inappropriate films their dad showed them as kids, combining movie discussions with art creation.

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