Hottest WNBA star Sophie Cunningham Says She’s Waiting On Her Future Partner

By RahulPublished on: June 20, 2024 Updated on: June 20, 2024
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Alright, so if you haven’t heard of Sophie Cunningham yet, where have you been? This WNBA star is a total rockstar both on and off the court. On the basketball court, she’s all about that fierce, no-nonsense play, leaving her opponents in the dust. But off the court? Her Instagram is straight-fire. Seriously, it’s like every other post is a thirst trap, and she’s not even sorry about it.

Sophie’s got this unapologetic vibe that’s just super refreshing. She’s out here living her best life, showing off her confidence and sass in every single photo.

From playing hard to get captions to stunning pics, she’s got everyone talking. So, naturally, people are dying to know – who’s this gorgeous, fan-favorite basketball star dating? Is she single?

What Her Social Media Says About Her Love Life

Sophie’s Instagram is like a highlight reel of confidence and fun. Her feed is full of stunning bikini shots, vacation pics, and playful videos and photos. From the posts, you can tell she loves to have fun and isn’t afraid to show it.

Sophie Cunningham looking vivacious as usual in a sport bikini
Looking hot as usual. Source: Instagram

Her captions are just as entertaining as her photos. One day she’s posting a stunning bikini shot with the caption, “mom said I need to stop ducking around so much,” and the next, she’s sharing a pic with “thicc thighs cause I like cheese fries😎.” She’s got a knack for mixing humor with a bit of sass, making her posts super relatable and engaging.


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Scrolling through her comments section is like watching a fan club in action. People are all over her posts, either showering her with praise or jokingly shooting their shots. One basketball player by the name, Jordan Boyd, even wrote, “Been Tryna shoot the shot since college. Cmon now 😍😂.”

It’s clear she’s got a lot of admirers, and her playful captions only add to her charm.

But it’s not all positive – some folks are a bit more critical. Comments like “So many thirst traps. Like girl, we get it. You’re gonna get a melanoma” show that not everyone is a fan of her style.

Despite the mixed reactions, the Basketball Guard keeps doing her thing, and it’s obvious she’s not letting the haters get to her. Her confidence shines through in every post, and she seems to be embracing her single life fully. Yup, you heard that right – she’s single, and from the looks of it, she’s loving every minute of it.


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Before embracing a single relationship status, Sophie was in a relationship with Jakob Neidig. Her ex-boyfriend, Jakob was also an athlete during his time in high school and college. He played basketball for Ottawa’s Braves and soccer for Missouri State Athletics. Currently, he is working as a Tax & Compliance Accountant at O’Reilly Hospitality Management.

Sophie Cunningham with her boyfriend Jakob
Sophie and Jakob dated for some time.

Whether she’s sharing a video of her dancing with the caption “he want my number, had to hit him with the mmm-mmm” or showing off her curves with “out here reppin for them thicc girls,” or by saying, “I might not be a 10 but the boys say I clean up gooooood🤠” the 6ft 1 WNBA star is all about living her best life and having fun.


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The Type of Partner She’s Waiting On

From everything Cunningham shares on her Instagram, it’s clear she’s got high standards and a strong sense of self-worth. Her playful yet confident caption, “boys, let me help ya out, always go with the girl with messy hair and no makeup…. you’ll thank me later #amirite,” suggests that she’s looking for someone who can appreciate her true self – someone who values authenticity over perfection.

Ducking in a duck, Sophie Cunningham
Sophie in a playful mood. Source: Instagram

Moreover, Sophie has made it clear she’s waiting for the right person to walk into her life. In one of her carefree photos, she emphasized this by saying, “happy reminder that if something is for you, all you gotta do is simply be yourself to receive it!”

She’s not interested in anyone who’s intimidated by her strength or independence. Instead, she probably wants a lover who’s supportive, secure, and can handle her playful, sassy nature.

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