Why Doesn’t Joe Biden Blink?

By RahulPublished on: June 28, 2024 Updated on: July 1, 2024
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The stage was set on June 27, 2024, as Joe Biden and Donald Trump squared off in their first presidential debate of the election season. Hosted by CNN in a controlled, audience-free studio, the event promised a more straightforward exchange of ideas without the usual crowd reactions. As the debate unfolded, viewers were glued to their screens, dissecting every word and gesture of the two candidates.

Public reception was a mixed bag. Some praised Biden for his composed and direct responses, while others lauded Trump for his assertiveness and unfiltered style. Social media platforms buzzed with commentary, memes, and hot takes as Americans weighed in on who they thought came out on top.

But amid the flurry of opinions and analyses, another conversation began to brew—one that veered away from policy and politics and ventured into personal territory. People started to wonder about the health and well-being of the candidates. Questions about their stamina, clarity of thought, and overall fitness for the presidency became hot topics.

And then, almost out of nowhere, a peculiar question started making the rounds: “Why doesn’t Biden blink?” It seemed like a trivial observation at first, but it quickly gained traction. Was it a sign of intense focus, or something else entirely?

Biden and His ‘No Blinking Eyes’

Let’s unpack some potential explanations behind his stoic gaze.

It’s plausible that Biden might be preemptively combating dry eyes, a common issue for many, especially under the bright lights of public speaking. Using eye drops before events could help him maintain clearer vision without the interruption of frequent blinking.

Another factor could be the use of contact lenses. Advanced bifocal lenses are designed to aid both near and far vision while minimizing dryness. If Biden uses these, they could reduce the natural need to blink often to refocus or lubricate the eyes.

Presidential aesthetics might also play a role. Historically, we rarely see presidents in glasses. There might be a preference for maintaining an image that aligns with societal expectations of leadership, where glasses could be perceived as a sign of aging or vulnerability.

Lastly, Biden’s public speaking experience could have honed his ability to control physical mannerisms, including blinking. Maintaining a steady gaze can convey confidence and focus, which is crucial during high-stakes communication.

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