Vanna White’s Ex-Husband George Santo Pietro Is a Casanova with a Dark Side

By Sagar ChandPublished on: June 17, 2024 Updated on: June 17, 2024
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George Santo Pietro continues to captivate attention long after the spotlight of his marriage to Wheel of Fortune actress Vanna White has faded. Now in his late 70s, Pietro seems to embody the spirit of eternal youth, with a lifestyle that many would envy.

His Facebook profile paints the picture of a man who thoroughly enjoys being the center of attention, often surrounded by younger women. Whether at glamorous parties or quiet intimate gatherings, his charm and charisma make him a magnetic presence.

Back in 2010, George, 77, shared a photo with a considerably younger woman on his Facebook, which prompted admiring comments like “gorgeous couple” from his friends.

George Santo and his female partner.
(Image: Facebook)

Taking a step back in time, long before his famed union with Vanna, George shared an intimate bond with Liza Greer—a young teenage girl. They lived together for two years in a magnificent estate near celebrities like Don Henley and Warren Beatty.

Initially, Pietro entered Liza’s life as a father-like figure, showering her with an array of luxuries from high-end clothing to a car. She revealed in the book, You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again, “He was rich and, at first, appeared as a father figure to me. He bought me anything I wanted.”

Despite the surroundings of their relationship, it was not without its complexities. George’s relentless need for attention and his reckless behavior made their union as tumultuous as it was glamorous. Liza recalls, “I was crazy about George, but even though he said he wanted to have a baby with me, he couldn’t seem to keep his d*** in his pants.”

This emotional turmoil was further intensified by his ongoing on-and-off affair with his former girlfriend, Linda Evans, and his shockingly inappropriate advances towards Liza’s sister.

Their relationship, though steeped in luxury, was ultimately overshadowed by Santo Pietro’s infidelities, which Liza found increasingly intolerable. She confessed, “We only broke up when I finally realized that he had been cheating on me during the whole relationship.”

Reflecting on the darker aspects of their time together, she further said, “I put up with verbal and physical abuse as well as this perverse and sadistic s**play.” She added with regret, “Looking back, those painful se*** encounters were something I wish I had never lived through. I cringe in horror when I think of how many sweet young women this man may have forced his sadistic ways upon, including Vanna White.”

In the same book, Greer also revealed she had a lesbian relationship with George’s former spouse, White.

Besides, the Italian stallion and White, 67, got married in a New Year’s Eve ceremony in 1990 at the Aspen Chapel, Colorado. Despite a marriage that lasted over a decade, they divorced in 2002.

George Santo Pietro and Vanna White at the Four Seasons Hotel December 31, 2000 in Beverly Hills, CA.
George and Vanna.

The ex-duo has two children, Nicholas, 30, and Gigi, 27, who are now adults and thriving in their respective paths.

What Funds His Hedonistic Lifestyle?

George Santo Pietro is not only known for his vibrant lifestyle but also for his successful career in the restaurant business and real estate. His financial success is supported by a series of lucrative real estate deals that have contributed significantly to his $15 million wealth.

In late 2010, George sold his Beverly Hills mansion for $23.5 million. This 24,595-square-foot Italian-style villa, which once fetched a rental fee of $200,000 a month from the iconic singer-songwriter Prince, was initially listed at $50 million.

Adding to his notable property transactions, another standout sale occurred in 2020 when he sold a renowned Beverly Park house he had retained post-divorce from White. The 14,500-square-foot residence, situated on a sprawling 5-acre estate, was sold for $19.3 million in 2020.

Prior to its sale, the mansion had been leased to Keenan Alexander Gracey, who paid $7,500 a night. However, a year prior to the property’s sale, Pietro indirectly found himself linked to a fraud case. This association arose after Gracey was arrested for allegedly defrauding over $6 million from residents in Washington and California by posing as a professional athlete and wealthy British financier with insider stock tips.

Today, George continues to reside in Beverly Hills, California, surrounded by the luxuries that his successful real estate ventures have afforded him.

An Italian businessman George Santo Pietro.
(Image: Facebook)

Moreover, his entrepreneurial spirit extends to the dining industry. He previously had an Italian restaurant bearing his name at the Glen Centre in Bel Air and also managed Sushi Ko, a favored Japanese dining spot in the same prestigious area.

Besides his real estate and restaurant interests, he also ventured into aviation. He and his ex-wife White operated a Learjet charter business starting in August 1994.

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