Uncle Samsik’s Byun Yo-han’s Ideal Choice For A Life Partner

Byun Yo-han talks about his ideal choice for a wife. Know if he is dating anyone at present.

By Navin SoniPublished on: May 17, 2024 Updated on: May 19, 2024
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South Korean actor Byun Yo-han has just come up with his latest webseries “Uncle Samsik.” While the long-awaited series has created a massive buzz in the media, something other than this that has been a subject of intrigue for far too long is Byun’s relationship status.

Well, the actor is definitely unmarried but he does have an ideal choice for a future wife in mind. In a candid interview back in 2017, Yo-han revealed some heartfelt insights about his ideal partner and dating style.

When asked about his approach to relationships, he emphasized sincerity and focus. He stated,

“I’m sincere and honest. I like to focus on the relationship instead of getting distracted by other things. If I had to choose between love and friendship, I would choose love.”

Adding a touch of humor and affection, he named his mother, Kim Hyun Sook, as his ideal type, saying, “My ideal type is Kim Hyun Sook. She’s my mom.” This is pretty clearly suggestive of the fact that he is looking for qualities like care, sincerity, and unconditional support in a partner.

Anyway, it looks like, we might have to wait for quite a long before we get to see him with a perfect partner. But for those who are already desperate to see his romance bloom, here are some of his portrayals, where we can witness some of his brilliant onscreen chemistry.

  1. “Misaeng: Incomplete Life” (2014): Byun played Han Seok-yool, who had a notable dynamic with Ahn Young-yi, portrayed by Kang So-ra. Their subtle, supportive relationship in a challenging corporate environment was a highlight of the series and added depth to the storyline.
  2. “Six Flying Dragons” (2015-2016): In this historical drama, Yo-han portrayed Ddang-sae, who shared a compelling romantic storyline with Boon-yi, played by Shin Se-kyung. Their chemistry brought emotional intensity to the series; the theme of the series primarily was love and sacrifice.
  3. “Mr. Sunshine” (2018): In this TV series, he played Kim Hee-sung, who had a deeply emotional and tragic relationship with Go Ae-shin, portrayed by Kim Tae-ri. Their on-screen chemistry was integral to the series, adding layers of poignancy and complexity to the historical narrative.
  4. “Ex-Girlfriend Club” (2015): He starred as Bang Myung-soo, a webtoon artist who rekindles a relationship with Kim Soo-jin, played by Song Ji-hyo. Their interactions in the series were a mix of humor and heartfelt moments.
  5. “Will You Be There?” (2016): In this time-travel romance film, Byun plays the younger version of Soo-hyun, who shares a touching romantic arc with Yeon-ah, portrayed by Chae Seo-jin. Their chemistry added depth to the film’s exploration of love, regret, and second chances.

Little About His Role In “Uncle Samsik”

In the drama “Uncle Samsik,” Byun Yo-han plays the role of Kim San, an elite young man with grand ambitions for transforming post-war Korea into a prosperous nation. Jin Ki-joo portrays Joo Yeo-jin, a wise and elite woman who is Kim San’s lover. Their characters navigate the turbulent 1960s, facing numerous challenges as they strive to achieve their goals​​.

Byun Yo-han With The Cast Of Uncle Samsik
The Cast Of “Uncle Samsik”

The chemistry between Yo-han and Ki-joo is built on a foundation of mutual respect and shared aspirations. Joo Yeo-jin supports Kim San’s vision but also warns him about the potential dangers and deceptions of his ally, Uncle Samsik. This dynamic adds tension and depth to their relationship, as they balance their personal bond with the broader political and social challenges of the era​​.

Their interactions are marked by a mix of romantic and dramatic elements, showcasing their ability to bring emotional nuance to their characters. The series explores their love and commitment amidst the chaos, making their relationship a significant part of the storyline.

Besides, Yo-han also shares a significant screen time with Tiffany Young. their relationship is not romantic. Young plays Rachel Jung, the director of the Albright Foundation, who supports Kim San in his goals for Korea’s reconstruction.

Her role is more about professional collaboration and personal growth rather than romance.