The Life of Joanna Sotomura: Rich Parents, Loving Husband, and Motherhood

By RahulPublished on: July 10, 2024 Updated on: July 10, 2024
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Joanna Sotomura is grabbing screens again, this time in Apple TV+’s latest series “Sunny,” where she plays a robot that’s way more complex than your average Siri. It’s the kind of role that’s got everyone talking—not just because she nails it, but because there’s this whole other layer to her that’s about to get interesting.

See, while you might get sucked into her portrayal of an emotionally deep robot, there’s a twist in her tale that’s not scripted for TV—her family’s old legal drama that sounds like it could fill a series of its own.

Now, before we dive too deep into that story, let’s not forget this article will also give you the scoop on her hubby and the fam.

Her Family Was Once Involved in A Major Legal Battle

Back in 1978, Joanna’s family was entangled in a notable legal case known as Sotomura v. County of Hawaii.

This wasn’t just any property dispute; it centered around beachfront land on the island of Hawaii. Joanna’s grandfather, Yuki “Joseph” Sotomura, claimed he owned this land through adverse possession, which means he argued that because he had used the land openly and continuously for a long period, it should legally belong to him. However, the court decided against him, ruling that the land was part of the public trust, intended for public use, and therefore couldn’t be claimed by any individual.

Her grandpa Joseph Sotomurawas a titan in the business community, who led the Hawaii chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) as its chairman for several years. This isn’t your average club; it’s like the VIP room of business leadership where you only get in if you’re running a company that pulls in at least a million dollars a year before you even hit 39 and has at least 50 employees.

Not only this, he was a pioneer as well, starting up the Air-Vent Awning Company in ’59 and quickly turning it into United Pacific Industries, a big name that spanned several businesses under one roof.

She Comes From an Affluent Background

Joanna’s parents are multimillionaires, thanks to their booming family business. Karen and Joseph Sotomura, Joanna’s folks, are the power duo behind Joseph K. & Company. This isn’t just any business; it’s a major player in the holiday decor market, known for its unique Hawaiian-themed Christmas ornaments.

Joanna Sotomura with her clan
Joanna, her parents, sister, husband, and daughter.

Starting the business back in 1981, Karen saw an opportunity while vacationing in Maui and quickly turned a niche idea into a profitable venture. She began by hitting the streets of Waikiki with a tray of hand-painted ornaments, gradually building what would become a multimillion-dollar empire. Today, they run several branches, including a flagship store at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and their products adorn countless homes across the country during the holiday season.

Joseph, who initially doubted the potential of the business, now serves as its Chief Financial Officer, applying his Harvard MBA skills to steer the company’s financial success. Together, they’ve expanded the business significantly, branching out into retail with Santa’s Pen—a successful mall kiosk concept that offers personalized Christmas ornaments. This move has only broadened their market reach, solidifying their status as industry leaders.

Her Sister Used To Work at a TV Station

Joanna grew up with her younger sister, Samantha. After completing her education at Iolani School, Samantha moved to Oregon for further studies.

Joanna Sotomura and her spouse at their wedding
Joann and Eric at their nuptials.

She attended the University of Oregon, where she majored in business. Following her graduation, Samantha embarked on a career in media by joining KGW TV in 2014.

She’s A Happy Wife and A Devoted Mother

Joanna is happily married to Eric MacIver, whom she began dating in 2016. Their love story hit a high note on December 31, 2019, when they tied the knot in a scene-stealing wedding at a vintage theater. Joanna dazzled in a chic off-shoulder white gown, spicing things up with some fabulous red glittery heels, while Eric looked dapper in his crisp black tuxedo.

Joanna Sotomura with her husband

Eric, a maestro behind the camera, is not just any cinematographer—he’s the President at Camera One, where he orchestrates everything from camera rentals to capturing cinematic magic. Additionally, he’s worked his magic on several compelling short films, including Kisses Over Babylon and Air, showcasing his eye for storytelling through visuals.

Their duo turned trio in December 2023 when they welcomed their first child, a daughter.


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