Tessa Johnson Journey: From Career Ending Injury to National Championship Triumph

"She’s always in the gym getting better…What she does on the floor is things that you don’t see a lot."

By RahulPublished on: April 9, 2024 Updated on: April 11, 2024
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Picture this: Tessa Johnson, a name that Cleveland won’t forget anytime soon, and neither will the rest of us. Why? Because she turned what could have been a career-ending story into a tale of triumph, leading the South Carolina Gamecocks to an undefeated season and clinching the national championship title. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of a Hollywood blockbuster, complete with a peak audience of 24 million eyes glued to their screens.

Now, let’s backtrack a bit. Tessa hails from the Twin Cities, a Minnesota gem that’s been shining bright since her high school days at St. Michael-Albertville. Not just a basketball player, but THE basketball player who decided against leaving her roots for those elite high schools because her mission was to bring home a state championship. Spoiler alert: She did, in her senior year. Talk about setting the stage for greatness.

Fast forward to the national championship game, and there’s Tessa, not just playing, but slaying with a career-high of 19 points. Even the King, LeBron James, couldn’t help but take notice.

But it’s not just the big names—back home, she’s a hero. Keith Cornell, the activities director, sums it up perfectly,

This will really do great wonders for our program…because kids want to be like Tessa.

And why wouldn’t they? She’s the living personification of dedication, resilience, and that never-die attitude.

The journey wasn’t all rainbows, though.

The First Fall: A Sophomore Nightmare

Flashback to a fall league game in 2020, and there’s Tessa, a beacon of hope for St. Michael-Albertville High School, sprinting down the court. In a twist of fate that would have many athletes questioning their future, Tessa experiences a freak non-contact injury—a trip, a fall, and then the unimaginable: a broken femur. The diagnosis? Career-threatening, with a recovery path so steep it seemed to lead straight out of Tessa’s beloved game.

But here’s where she redefines what it means to be an athlete. Barely a week post-injury, she’s back, not on the court, but in her garage, shooting hoops from an office chair.

It’s not just the physical rehab; it’s the mental fortitude, the unwavering belief in a comeback, that sets Tessa apart. She turned her sidelining into a masterclass, devouring game films and becoming an unofficial coach, all while her leg healed.

The Comeback: Rising Above the Pain

Fast forward to her junior year, and it’s as if the injury never happened. Tessa’s back, dominating the court, averaging mind-blowing stats, and leading her team to the state finals. She wasn’t just back; she was better, stronger, and more determined than ever. This phase wasn’t just a comeback; it was a statement.

The Second Hurdle: A Freshman Year Fumble

Now, picture this: It’s January 2024, Tessa, now a key player for the South Carolina Gamecocks, faced yet another test of fate. In a match against Texas A&M, a simple roll of her ankle sends shockwaves through the arena.

A ‘lower-leg injury,’ as coach Dawn Staley put it, threatens to rerun the nightmare scenario Tessa knows all too well. Having already bounced back from a right ankle sprain earlier in the season, this new challenge seems like a cruel joke played by destiny.

But if history has shown us anything, it’s that Johnson doesn’t bow down to challenges; she rises above them. Despite the critical nature of her injuries, sidelining her during crucial moments of her budding college career, her spirit remains unbroken.

Her resilience in the face of these injuries not only highlights the precarious nature of an athlete’s career.

A photo of Tessa while practising hoops
Tessa persevered through two career ending injuries to winning the title. Source: Instagram

But here’s where it gets even better. Tessa’s not just a star on the court; she’s a beacon of hope and motivation for the next generation. Coach Hamre says it best,

She’s always in the gym getting better…What she does on the floor is things that you don’t see a lot.

And boy, did we see it during the national championship game. When the Gamecocks needed a hero, Tessa stepped up, showcasing that signature attack mode that defines her game.

It’s not just about scoring points for Tessa; it’s about setting an example, pushing through adversity, and showing that with hard work, anything is possible. Her story is proof of what it means to fight for your dreams, to never give up, and to always, always keep shooting your shot, both literally and metaphorically.

So, here’s to Tessa Johnson, from a career-threatening injury to national champion, proving that no matter how tough it gets, there’s always a way to bounce back and soar higher. And as for what’s next? Well, the sky’s the limit for this Gamecock.

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