Taylor Kitsch Reveals What He Looks For In His Future Wife

By RahulPublished on: May 28, 2024 Updated on: May 29, 2024
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Despite his rugged charm and successful Hollywood career, Taylor Kitsch has managed to keep his love life under wraps. As of 2024, the Canadian actor remains unmarried, leaving many to wonder why the 43 year-old eligible bachelor hasn’t tied the knot yet. He is not dating anyone as well.

Kitsch is known for being a private person, carefully safeguarding his personal life away from the public eye. Living in Montana and avoiding social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, he has managed to stay out of the tabloid spotlight. This privacy allows him to focus on his work and maintain a sense of normalcy despite his fame.

Interestingly, there was a time when The Terminal List star almost got close to marrying. The lucky lady? We’re gonna find out today and in addition, we’ll explore Taylor’s complicated dating life. Additionally, we have on good record the kind of woman he is looking for as his future partner.

He Almost Walked Down the Aisle with His True Detective Co-Star

Unless you were or are living under a rock or something, surely,  you’ve heard about the romance between Taylor and fellow Canadian actress Rachel McAdams. Their affair reportedly kicked off in mid-2015, thanks to their on-set chemistry during the second season of HBO’s True Detective.

It wasn’t long before Rachel was practically living at Taylor’s Los Angeles pad, popping by so often she might as well have had her own key. They were the couple everyone was buzzing about, even if they never officially confirmed their relationship. The duo almost frequently went out for coffee dates or brunch, as confirmed by DishNation.

Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch in a photo
They were rumored to be a couple.

Despite their undeniable connection and all those cozy nights, the demands of their Hollywood careers kept pulling them in different directions. With Rachel based in Toronto and Taylor living in Austin, the long-distance romance faced significant challenges.

Sources revealed that Taylor even suggested Rachel move to Austin with him, but she couldn’t see herself uprooting her life for the relationship. The couple had great chemistry, but in the end, Rachel felt it was time to move on and focus on her career, especially after her success with “Spotlight.” By mid-2016, they called it quits.

He Was In a Long-Term and Off Again with a Realtor from Texas

Kitsch’s dating life is nothing short of a Hollywood script, and his relationship with Jennifer Welch is a significant chapter. They met through Taylor’s stunt double from his Friday Night Lights days, who thought they’d hit it off—and he was right.

Their relationship kicked off around 2011, and they were together for nearly a decade, albeit with some breaks. Taylor first mentioned breaking up with her in a 2013 interview with Interview Magazine article.

Taylor Kitsch and Jennifer Welch at stands
They dated on and off for a long time. Source: Instagram

However, by the following year, they had worked things out and were back together.

Throughout their time together, the duo shared many public moments. They were seen at a charity event in Austin in 2011, a fun run in Houston in 2013 with Taylor’s pals Peter Berg and Marcus Luttrell, and a hockey game in Dallas in 2014. They also attended a charity event in New York the same year and celebrated Valentine’s Day in LA in 2015.

However, things got a bit murky around 2015, when rumors of dating between Taylor and Rachel were all over the place. Despite the speculation, Jennifer was back in the picture by the summer of 2017.

The couple was spotted again in 2017 at an American Assassin screening in Austin and rang in the New Year with friends. They even celebrated Thanksgiving together in 2018 with Jennifer’s dog and enjoyed a music festival in 2019 with their friends.

A photo of Taylor Kitsch and Jennifer Welch
Taylor and Jennifer with their pet dog. Source: Instagram

Despite their long history and numerous reconciliations, Taylor never openly talked about his now ex-girlfriend. However, Jennifer’s subtle presence still lingered, like her occasional comments on his Instagram posts or quiet visits to his film sets, including a visit to the Shadowplay set.

Unfortunately, by the year 2022, they had separated for good.

He Revealed What He Is Not Looking From His Future Life Partner

In a 2015 interview with People magazine, Taylor humorously laid out what he definitely isn’t looking for in a potential lover.

When asked about his ideal woman, Taylor’s response was dripping with sarcasm: “Just someone super dependent on me, really selfish, arrogant, dumb, super superficial, can’t have a fun conversation.” Clearly, he was taking a playful jab at the kind of traits that would drive him up the wall.

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But behind the humor, there’s a glimpse of what Taylor genuinely values in a relationship. He’s looking for someone who’s independent, kind, humble, intelligent, genuine, and, importantly, someone he can have meaningful and fun conversations with. It’s no surprise considering his own laid-back and down-to-earth personality.

He Prefers Not To Date Someone From the Industry

When it comes to dating, the Kelowna native has some pretty clear preferences, and one of them is steering clear of fellow actors. In an interview with Interview Magazine, he opened up about why dating someone outside of the entertainment industry is more appealing to him.

He candidly admitted that his life tends to be all about work when he’s deep into a project.

I become super-myopic with work and kind of shut everything else out.

This tunnel vision can make it tough for anyone who isn’t familiar with the demands of the acting world to relate. For Taylor, going out with another actor who understands the crazy schedules and intense focus could be easier. But he points out that living such an unbalanced life can be hard for anyone to grasp, even someone from the industry.

What he seems to value is a relationship where there’s understanding and support, but he recognizes that his intense dedication to his craft can be a lot for anyone to handle.

The Role of Women in His Life

Women have played a significant role in shaping Taylor Kitsch’s life, both personally and professionally. From his family to his relationships, the women around him have left a lasting impact on him.

Taylor often speaks fondly of his mother and grandmothers, highlighting their patience, strength, and support throughout his life. His mother, in particular, is a source of inspiration for him, demonstrating incredible resilience and nurturing him and his siblings with love and dedication.

In an interview with Refinery29, when asked, “Which one woman do you most admire?”, he said, “My mum for sure; she’s been through hell and back.”

Additionally, in the same interview, he mentioned that the last time a woman made him cry was in 2016, the same year his grandmother died, showcasing their close bond.

His Dating History Through the Years

Kitsch has had his share of romantic links over the years. One of his early rumored relationships was with supermodel Jessica White. They reportedly dated between January 2006 and February 2007 after a steamy GQ calendar shoot.

In 2007, Taylor was romantically linked to actress Minka Kelly. The two met on the set of Friday Night Lights, and their on-screen romance seemed to spill over into real life. Although they kept their relationship under wraps, Taylor later confirmed they had dated. Their romance, however, was reportedly turbulent and eventually ended, as Minka later mentioned their toxic relationship in her memoir.


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Another notable name connected to Taylor is Laura Csortan, a former Miss Universe Australia. The pair were rumored to have dated in 2008 while working together on X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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