Tana Mongeau Confirms Past Relationship with Cody Ko When She Was a Minor

By Navin SoniPublished on: June 5, 2024 Updated on: June 5, 2024
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During her recent podcast tour, YouTube personality Tana Mongeau made a startling revelation about her past relationship with fellow YouTuber Cody Ko. Mongeau confirmed that the two had a sexual relationship when she was just 17 years old, while Cody was 25. This admission raises significant legal and ethical questions due to the age difference at the time of their involvement.

The podcast, known for its deep dives into personal stories and contentious topics, served as the platform for Mongeau’s disclosure. She discussed not only her relationship with Cody Ko but also highlighted some of his questionable associations, including a friendship with Colby Leachman—a former Duke University student convicted of serious criminal charges involving sexual assault.

Mongeau’s revelation has sparked a broader conversation about the responsibilities of influencers and the impact of their past actions. The association of Cody with a convicted offender has particularly intensified scrutiny of his character and personal history.

As the community and fans of both YouTubers react to these revelations, the focus on influencer accountability and the ethical implications of their platforms continues to grow. Cody Ko has not yet responded to Mongeau’s claims, leaving many awaiting his perspective on the allegations.

Mongeau Has Had Numerous Boyfriends Over The Years

Tana Mongeau has been linked with various figures throughout her career. Here’s a brief overview of her past relationships:

  1. Sommer Hollingsworth – She dated Sommer Hollingsworth for a brief period, with their relationship being featured prominently in her early YouTube content.
  2. Bella Thorne – Tana and actress Bella Thorne were involved in a highly publicized on-again, off-again relationship that drew significant attention both from fans and the media.
  3. Brad Sousa – Following her time with Bella Thorne, She was in a relationship with Brad Sousa, another social media influencer, which also captured the interest of their online followers.
  4. Jake Paul – Her relationship with fellow YouTube star Jake Paul was one of her most publicized, involving a high-profile “wedding” that was later revealed to be not legally binding. This relationship was part of a series of videos and was widely covered in the media.
  5. Francesca Farago – She was briefly linked with Francesca Farago, a reality TV star known from “Too Hot to Handle,” which added more variety to her dating history.
  6. Chris Miles – Tana started dating rapper Chris Miles in 2021, and their relationship was officially announced on social media.

As of 2024, Mongeau has been dating Adam Dubuc, and they are very open about their relationship, frequently sharing updates and photos on social media platforms like Instagram.

Tana Mongeau Kissing Her Boyfriend
Tana With Her Boyfriend Adam Dubuc

They look adorable together.