Stephanie McMahon’s Daughter Vaughn Evelyn Levesque Has That Wrestler’s Personality

Stephanie says, Vaughn Evelyn has that oomph factor that can make her a great wrestler.

By RahulPublished on: April 30, 2024 Updated on: April 30, 2024
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The romance between Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon is one of wrestling’s most celebrated love stories. What started as a scripted marriage for a WWE storyline in 2000 blossomed into genuine affection and eventually a real-life partnership, on October 25, 2003.

From their relationship, they became a parent of three, one of whom is Vaughn Evelyn Levesque.

Back in 2021, Stephanie spilled some seriously cool beans about her daughters’ wrestling interests. Her oldest Aurora Rose Levesque and youngest Vaughn are both looking to get into the family biz.

But here’s the scoop: while Aurora is plotting a course to rule the empire like her granddad Vince McMahon, bypassing the body slams and smackdowns, it’s Vaughn who might just be the wildcard we’re all waiting for.

With her early peeks at ring entrances, could she be the next big thing to rock the WWE stage? Stay tuned as the Levesque sisters carve out their own epic paths in the world of wrestling!

Her Mom Said She Has That ‘Wrestler’s Gimmick’

Stephanie can’t hide her excitement whenever she talks about her youngest daughter, Vaughn. While revealing how much she is interested in wrestling, Stephanie says Vaughn already has that wrestler personality.

“My youngest daughter is very interested but she is all about the personality,” Stephanie told TalkSport, with a laugh.

Much like her sister Aurora, who reportedly trained with Nattie and Charlotte, Vaughn might be following in similar training footsteps, and eventually become a wrestler.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque with dad Triple H and mom Stephanie
Evelyn (bottom right on red), with her sisters and parents.

In fact, Steph mentioned in one of her interviews that Evelyn is diligently practicing her ring entrance and choosing her entrance music, which her mom finds quite amusing.

Though it may be a bit early to say, she might just be the one to take up the mantle, considering that her approach seems to go beyond mere interest, it’s about mastering the craft.

Besides, Vaughn is most likely studying at St Luke’s School, Connecticut, the same school as her sis, Aurora. Their family has a great history with the school. For instance, back in May 2023, her mom was invited to the school to mentor the ongoing graduate students.

FYI: In case any of you are wondering if any of Triple H and Stephanie’s daughter is a wrestler, well, no, not yet, at least.

The Birth of Her Older Siblings Changed Her Father’s Life

Vaughn has two older sisters, Aurora Rose, born on July 24th, 2006, and Murphy Claire, born on July 28th, 2008. Their birth in itself was a cause for celebration for the family, however, it also impacted how HHH used to look at women.

He said,

Parenthood has put a whole new spin on life for me. It’s changed my perspective about what’s important. I don’t know if it’s softened me up, but it changes the way you look at women. I’m probably going to pay for my past!

Meanwhile, Aurora, Invalid or missing birthdate., has made a name for herself in a sport quite different from wrestling. As a key player for the BVSA 18u Lady Titans softball team, she won the Championship trophy in July 2023.

It’s refreshing to see a member of a famous wrestling family excel in softball, proving that the Levesque girls are versatile and talented in more areas than just the wrestling ring.

Her Mom Wants Her Daughters To Never Give Up On Their Dreams

During a one-on-one session with Tampa Bay Sports Commission, Stephanie talked about the values she has instilled in her girls.

She strongly advocates for her daughters to pursue their dreams without feeling limited by their gender. She emphasizes, “they can absolutely do anything in this world that they want to do, but they have to work really hard for it.”

This is super important for Steph’s youngest daughter, Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, who’s starting to get really into wrestling, just like her parents and her grandparents, Vince and Linda McMahon.

Wait, that’s not all, Stephanie has also taught her girls a thing or two on how to handle bullying, which comes with the spotlight. Using her experience with WWE’s anti-bullying campaigns like Be A STAR, she’s taught them to keep their chins up and treat people with kindness.

Stephanie’s big on keeping things positive, especially online, urging the girls to steer clear of negativity and to block any bad vibes. She also tells them to speak up if they ever come across bullying—whether it’s reaching out to her, a teacher, or any adult they trust.

Her Dad Was Mortified After He Saw ‘Katie Vick’ On His Daughter’s Search History

Back in 2015, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, better known as Triple H, was shocked to his core, when he found out his then eight-year-old daughter, had searched for ‘Katie Vick’ on the internet. The term, linked to one of WWE’s most controversial storylines, popped up after Holly heard rumors about Vick possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque and mother Stephanie McMahon
Vaughn with her sisters and mom in a boat ride.

The storyline in question dates back to 2002 and involved Triple H accusing his rival Kane of horrific acts involving his supposed deceased girlfriend, Katie. The plot reached a notorious peak when H, mocking Kane, simulated inappropriate actions with a mannequin in a casket.

It’s a chapter of wrestling history Paul now finds embarrassing. In 2008, he confessed on The Opie and Anthony Show that the segment was filmed next to an actual funeral service, adding to its inappropriateness.

Seeing his daughter encounter this storyline left Paul mortified. This unexpected discovery in his daughter’s search history was a stark reminder of the past he wishes to keep out of his children’s reach.

Her Cousin Declan Wants To Face Off Against His Brothers Inside the Squared Circle

Vaughn isn’t the only one in the McMahon family with sports and wrestling in her blood. Her cousins, sons of Shane McMahon, are making their own marks in both fields.

Kenyon McMahon, the middle son, committed to playing football at North Carolina as a defensive back. His older brother, Declan, is also involved in football, playing as a running back at Indiana.

But it’s not just football that catches their interest. Declan has expressed curiosity about stepping into the wrestling ring too.

He told in an interview with Developmentally Speaking, he’s even thought about facing off against his brothers in a one-off triple threat match, potentially in a dramatic Hell in a Cell setup.

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