Sofia Vergara and First Husband Joe Gonzalez Are Still Great Friends Decades After Divorce

By Sagar ChandPublished on: May 23, 2024 Updated on: June 13, 2024
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Joe Gonzalez is the father of three, with his eldest son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, born from his former marriage to acclaimed actress Sofía Vergara. Known for her role in Modern Family, Sofía, 51, has often shared her experiences as a single mother, openly discussing both the challenges and the triumphs of raising Manolo independently.

In an interview with Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, she detailed the demands and the rewards of single motherhood, saying, “My life as a mother has been hard, but not a nightmare. I do like all working moms do. No life is perfect. What I do, it’s part of life.”

During her appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show in January 2024, she shared more about her experiences, where she described being a single mom as “super hard,” especially since she was only 20 years old at the time. “I should have been going to therapy or somebody should have been guiding me,” she confessed. Despite these challenges, she expressed immense pride in Manolo, who has grown into a hard-working and admirable young man.

In April 2016, speaking to People magazine, Vergara talked about her efforts to set a good example and provide the best she could. “When people compliment me on him, on how well mannered, how charming, funny and well-behaved he is, it makes all the sacrifices worthwhile,” she said.

Despite the challenges, there is no bitterness between Sofía, Manolo, and Joe. In June 2012, just before Father’s Day, Manolo released a heartfelt tribute to his father on his YouTube series ‘Mi Vida con Toty,’ which is now deleted. The episode featured an interview with Joe, where he spoke warmly about maintaining a good relationship with Vergara.

In the video, Manolo also expressed his deep connection to his father, stating, “My dad has always been my dad and will always be my dad. And no boyfriend that my mom has can replace my dad.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Joe and Sofia’s relationship, from their divorce to their friendship.

They Were High School-Sweethearts

Joe and Sofia met in school and got married when Sofia was just 18. Their wedding took place in Barranquilla, Colombia.

At the time, she was pursuing a degree in dentistry in Bogotá, influenced by the opinions of those around her. In an interview with Parade, she shared her original ambitions, saying, “What I was really interested in was medical school, but my husband and everyone said, ‘You’re a woman trying to have a family. You can’t be a doctor on call.’ The next best thing was dental school.”

Sofia-Vergara and Joe-Gonzalez
Joe Gonzalez and Vergara on their wedding.

Two years into their marriage, on September 16, 1991, Vergara gave birth to their son Manolo. In 2010, she revealed on Regis & Kelly that she named him after a character from the 1983 film Scarface.

In May 2024, Chasing Papi actress told People that becoming a mother at a young age made her wonder if waiting would have changed her experience. She said, “I wish I was older sometimes, because I would’ve been more mature, more prepared to be a mother, but that was what I got and what happened. So I just kept going and try not to look back at it, because it is what it is. But it is fun because I kind of grew up together with my son.”

Joe, Sofia, and their son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara.
Manolo with his parents Joe and Sofia.

However, Joe and Sofia amicably divorced in 1993, and the following year, she moved to Miami with Manolo. There, she started a new career, hosting travel and game shows for Univision television.

Today, Sofia and her first husband remain good friends. “We’re still close friends. When José comes to the United States, he stays with me,” she said in a previous interview with Parade.

Gonzalez Has Two Sons With His Second Wife

After his divorce from Vergara, he found love again with Annie Garcia, his second wife. The couple has built a strong bond over the years, a fact Joe often celebrates on social media, where he frequently refers to Annie as his “beautiful wife.”

Joe-Gonzalez and his second wife Annie Garcia.
Gonzalez and Annie Garcia.

They also have two sons Nikko and Jack Gonzalez. Jack, the younger one, was born in early November 2014. Joe happily shared the news on Instagram, posting a photo of the newborn with the caption, “A star is born!.”

His sons are also close to their older half-brother Manolo. The bond between the siblings is clear from their frequent social media posts.

In June 2021, for Father’s Day, Manolo posted a family photo featuring his dad and both brothers. His caption read, “Happy Father’s Day to the boss! We love you!”

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara with his father Joe and his younger siblings.
Manolo, Joe, Nikko and Jack.

He Now Owns a Burger Business

Gonzalez currently runs a burger business in Barranquilla, Colombia. He started with a restaurant named Joe’s Burger Shack, which has since grown into a popular chain known as Joe’s 100 Burgers.

To promote his business, he shared a photo on Instagram of his ex-wife Vergara wearing a cap with the restaurant’s logo.

Similarly, his eldest son also posted on Instagram, urging, “BARRANQUILLA, GO TO THE BEST BURGERS IN THE CITY, GONZALEZ STYLE.”

Beyond his business ventures, Joe’s Instagram bio shows his diverse interests. He describes himself as a “VINYL AFICIONADO, MASTER DJ RECORD HOLDER ,MASTER MECHANICS , CLASSIC CAR ENTHUSIASTS,MOTERO,” on his profile.

He trained as a Diesel Engines Technician at the New York Institute of Technology after graduating from Colegio Gimnasio del Norte.

His Ex-Wife Sofía Doesn’t Want to Be a Mother Again But Is Ready To Be a Grandmother

After her first marriage to Gonzalez, Sofia married True Blood star Joe Manganiello on November 21, 2015. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2023 after seven years. The primary reason for their separation was a disagreement over having children. In an interview with El Pais, she openly shared, “My marriage broke up because my husband was younger; he wanted to have kids and I didn’t want to be an old mom.”

Although Sofia has no desire to become a mother again, she is eagerly anticipating becoming a grandmother. She said,

“I had a son at 19, who is now 32, and I’m ready to be a grandmother, not a mother. So, if love comes along, he has to come with [his own] children.”

Like his mother, Sofía’s son Manolo is also involved in the entertainment industry. He has acted in films such as Hot Pursuit (2015) and Koati (2021).

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