Sloan Rinaldi and Her Partner’s Decision To Stay Childless Is Influenced By Her Mom

By RahulPublished on: July 8, 2024 Updated on: July 10, 2024
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Ever heard of Sloan Rinaldi? If you’ve caught the latest season of Netflix’s “Barbecue Showdown,” you definitely have.

She’s the 60-year-old pitmaster who’s shaking up the Texas BBQ scene. Growing up with a family full of pitmasters, you’d think Sloan would follow right in their footsteps, right? Well, she took a major detour for about 32 years in commercial landscaping before she decided to get back to her roots and fire up her own BBQ place, Texas Q.

Now, she’s all about cooking great food and breaking those old-school BBQ stereotypes. Sloan’s life story is more than just ribs and brisket; it’s about challenging norms, making epic comebacks, and yes, serving some seriously tasty dishes.

Dive into her story, and you’ll see why she’s becoming a legend in her own right.

Her Mother’s Mental Illness Shaped Her Life In a Drastic Way

Growing up in Kingwood, Sloan had BBQ in her veins, thanks to a lineage of pitmasters that goes way back. But it wasn’t all smoky meats and family gatherings around the pit for her. Sloan’s dad, Nick Rinaldi, who passed away in 2021, left behind more than just a legacy of great BBQ; he left memories of what family and tradition meant.

Yet, it was her complex relationship with her mother who suffered severe mental illness throughout her life that impacted Sloan’s entire life choices.

Sloan Rinaldi parents
Sloan’s mother’s battle with mental illness deeply transformed her adult life. Source: Facebook

In her deeply personal 2024 Mother’s Day post on Facebook, Sloan shared that her late mom exhibited two distinct personalities. Sloan described “Iva Lee” as the side of her mother filled with guilt, struggling to manage life, and “Renee” as a persona that did not like her and caused her pain.

Sloan openly discussed the emotional challenges and hurt she experienced due to her mother’s actions under these different personas. Despite the hardships, she shared a poignant moment about their relationship improving towards the end. Two weeks after her mother passed away, her psychiatrist reached out to Sloan to relay that her mother felt they were in the best place they had ever been, which Sloan considered a gift.

She said, “We weren’t able to resolve much really, but I’m so grateful that I finally gave up trying to save her. That was God’s job. She suffered so much in this life, I was relieved when she was gone.”

Sloan has three siblings: Anthony, Dominic, and Marti Rey.


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So all in all, Sloan’s background is a patchwork of BBQ traditions, tough personal choices, and a whole lot of resilience. It’s what pushed her to step up and redefine what being a pitmaster could be, especially in a world that’s pretty much a boys’ club. And let me tell you, she’s not just keeping up; she’s setting the bar way high.

She and Her Girlfriend Have Chosen To Remain Childless

Sloan is not just known for her smoky barbecue skills but also for being openly proud of her identity as a lesbian. Moreover, she’s currently in a relationship with Connie Black. They are not married and at this point, it seems like a deliberate choice similar to how they’ve decided not to have children either.

Sloan Rinaldi in a tuxedo
Sloan and her partner Connie at a wedding. Source: Instagram

But there’s another reason behind Sloan’s decision to not welcome any children. It is tied back to her own upbringing—her reflections on her mom’s struggles and the impact it had on her were eye-openers. She felt that stopping the cycle of difficult parenting was a step she needed to take, which speaks volumes about her self-awareness and her decision to focus on different aspects of her life.

Sloan Rinaldi is not just making waves with her barbecue; she’s also a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, a role she proudly showcases on social media. Through posts about significant events like “Lesbian Visibility Week,” Sloan celebrates and raises awareness about lesbian identities, contributing to a broader understanding and acceptance within her network and beyond.

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