Shaione Andrews, Sisqo’s Daughter Appeared In the Thong Song

By RahulPublished on: March 29, 2024 Updated on: March 29, 2024
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In a surprising twist on The Masked Singer, the Lizard, a contestant that immediately caught the audience’s and judges’ attention with a compelling rendition of Uptown Girl by Billy Joel Seger, managed to secure a victory in the Smackdown against Spaghetti and Meatballs with Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song).

Fans speculated this character was none other than the award-winning singer, Sisqo. He is famous for his explosive entrance onto the music scene as the lead vocalist of Dru Hill in the mid-1990s, and later, his successful solo career was highlighted by the hit song, ‘Thong Song.’ The evidence seemed to stack up from the numerous clues aligning with his life and career; to his history of chart-topping hits to his personal life involving his wife and kids.


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Speaking of kids, there is a personal side to Sisqo that many fans might not be familiar with. Central to his story is his oldest daughter, Shaione Andrews, a figure largely kept out of the spotlight. Join us as we delve into all the facts about the singer’s oldest daughter, offering insights into her life.

Sisqo Was a Teen When Shaione Was Born

Sisqo’s journey into fatherhood began at a young age, alongside his high school girlfriend, Tevis Simon. Together, they welcomed their daughter Shaione into the world on December 23, 1994, while they were still teenagers themselves. Despite their eventual separation, both parents played active roles in Shaione’s upbringing, ensuring she was cared for and loved.

Sisqo and Shai in a photo collage
A photo of Shai and her dad. Source: Facebook

Reflecting on Sisqo’s commitment to his role as a father, Jazz, a fellow member of Dru Hill, once remarked, “He does a good job raising his daughter Shaione.”

Interestingly, Shaione is a big part of her dad’s musical world. You guys remember that little girl that comes in the beginning of the song, ‘Thing Song,’ well that’s her, a fact that remains relatively unknown to many.

They share a very cordial bond. Her dad never forgets to wish his baby girl on her birthday. Over the years, their connection has remained solid, unaffected by the challenges that often accompany the lives of those in the spotlight.

Her Mother is a Mental Health Educator

Since 2009, Tevis has been the driving force behind A Walk By Faith Consulting, where she does multiple jobs as a public speaker, consultant, and mental health educator. Her work is dedicated to empowering individuals and advocating for mental wellness.

In 2023, Tevis took on an additional role as a member of the Baltimore City Commission for Women. Her efforts here focus on shaping policies and advocating for issues that improve the lives of women across the city, aiming to enhance their overall quality of life.

Sisqo's high school girlfriend Tevis with his grandson.
Sisqo’s baby mama and Shai’s mom, Tevis. Source: Instagram

Beyond her professional achievements, she also embraces her role as a grandmother, lovingly referred to as ‘Kairo’s grandma,’ a name she proudly uses as her Facebook profile name, showcasing her dedication to family alongside her professional endeavors.

Her Husband Is an Up & Coming Rapper

Shaione is currently dating Donte Johnson, 31. They first crossed paths in 2014 and hit it off immediately. Together, they welcomed their son, Kairo, into the world in 2019, which made Sisqo a proud grandfather.

Shaione and Donte’s relationship is full of youthful energy; they often share memes, post pictures together, and leave affectionate comments on each other’s social media posts, showing just how strong their bond is. Both of them refer to each other as soulmates, instead of gf/bf, which is so cute, honestly!

Shai's boyfriend in the picture
Shai and her partner, Donte. Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Donte is making his presence known in the music world as an up-and-coming rapper, following in the footsteps of his famous father-in-law. He goes by the name, FinTheGreat and is active on Spotify. He usually shares videos of his freestyle rapping on FB and he’s pretty good at it!

In January 2024, he shared a moment of pride on Facebook: a screenshot of his chat with Don Pablo, a well-known rapper from New York. Don reached out to suggest they work on a song together, a big nod to Donte’s rising talent in the rap scene.

She Has Two Younger Half-Siblings

Shaione Andrews, 29, isn’t the only child of Sisqo; she has two younger half-siblings from Sisqo’s marriage to Elizabeth Pham. Sisqo and Elizabeth tied the knot in 2018, cementing their love that had seen its fair share of ups and downs since they first met in 2003.

isqo humorously shared with US Magazine in 2018 that marrying Elizabeth was a decision driven by the realization that she was his best friend and perhaps he should “make this more permanent before she wakes up and realizes how crazy I am.”

Their family expanded with the arrival of son, Ryu on June 14th, 2012, and daughter QoQo on September 24th, 2014. Ryu, showcasing early signs of academic prowess, graduated from middle school ahead of his peers—a proud moment that Sisqo eagerly shared on Instagram.


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QoQo, on the other hand, has already taken steps into the world of modeling; she was featured in a Target Halloween costume ad, hinting at a potential future career in front of the camera. Who knows, she might just appear in one of her dad’s videos, just like her older half-sis.

Does Sisqo have a Child with Samantha Mumba?

In 2005, his relationship with Irish singer and actress Samantha Mumba drew significant attention. Toya’s World and HoneySoul reported that the couple was expecting their first child together, with Samantha being four months pregnant at the time. Sisqo apparently confirmed it.

However, as the years passed, Sisqo has only spoken publicly about his three children, and Mumba has a daughter, Sage, born in March 2015, raising questions about the earlier pregnancy report.

Additionally, Sisqo has a son named Ian, born from a relationship with Jamila Farid, a woman from Switzerland. Their encounter occurred in early 1999 during a tour stop with his band. They hooked up after meeting at a bar and some time later, she found out she was pregnant.

Following a legal process, a judge mandated Sisqo to provide child support for Ian, despite Sisqo’s reported reluctance to undergo a paternity test to confirm his fatherhood. Courts in Switzerland accept a man as the father if he refuses a DNA test.

The specific amount of the child support remains undisclosed.

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