Ryan Paevey Wanted To Have Wife and Kids By 30; What’s Up?

Ryan currently enjoys single life but he was once close to getting married.

By RahulPublished on: March 13, 2024 Updated on: April 20, 2024
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Ryan Paevey, renowned for his roles in Hallmark films such as Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Harvest Love, has long been the embodiment of the ideal partner. His portrayals of affectionate, dependable men have led many to see him as the quintessential husband material. Yet, this cinematic persona stands in sharp contrast to his personal life.

Currently single and without a girlfriend in 2024, off-screen existence reveals a man who, unlike his characters, navigates life’s romantic ventures without a permanent co-star.

Nonetheless, there was once a speculation that Ryan’s wife is Linda Leslie, but that is not true. This loose talk only started because Linda’s husband, Canadian actor Dominic Zamprogna looks almost like Ryan.

Despite past relationships and encounters, including a famous ex, the actor’s romantic life script has branched off significantly from the love stories he enacts on screen.

So what gives?

The Real Reason Why Ryan Has Remained Unmarried Till Now

Paevey’s stance on relationships is shaped by his dedication to his career. In an industry that demands much of one’s time and energy, he identifies as a workaholic, prioritizing his professional commitments over personal ones.

While his cinematic roles often depict him as the ideal romantic partner, off-screen, the 39 year old is the living embodiment of ambition and diligence, qualities that have led him to postpone any romantic pursuits.

This perspective was highlighted in an interview with ExtraTV in June 2018, where he candidly expressed his disinterest in marriage. Jestingly, he attributed it to the absence of a partner.

When the interview asked, “So when will we see, Marrying Mr. Paevey?”, Ryan quipped, “I have no idea, I am missing 50% of that equation, but I will keep you posted.”

Moreover, his commitment is so intense that he joked about not being able to care for a dog thanks to his workaholic nature. That said, he still manages a thriving houseplant, albeit in a limited capacity.

Does He Have a Child?

No, he is yet to become a father.

What He Looks For In His Dream Wife

Ryan Paevey is not in a relationship right now but he has a clear vision of his ideal partner, emphasizing that “Brains and a sense of humor trump everything else.” This reflects his deep appreciation for intelligence and wit in a potential love interest.

He also confessed his belief in love at first sight, stating, “I absolutely believe in love at first sight. It’s a real thing. Totally happens.”

Moreover, he also referred to his role in Unleashing Mr. Darcy to express his desire, saying, “I’d like to meet an Elizabeth.

Despite his clear idea of an ideal lover, Paevey’s commitment to his dual careers in acting and jewelry design means he has less time to dedicate to the dating scene.

He Initially Planned on Starting a Family In his 30s

Back in 2014, Ryan told SheKnows, what he wanted to accomplish in his 30s.

I’m committed to growing and improving professionally; taking risks, learning, giving back. And personally, I’d love to take some strides towards starting a family.

Though he has grown professionally and become a better person than his former self, his marital status is still a far cry from what he thought it would be.

Here’s hoping something magical will turn up for him in his 40s.

He Reportedly Broke Off His Relationship with Jessa Hinton Due To Fans Interference

Paevey’s relationship with Jessica (Jessa) Hinton was a hot topic back in 2014. His ex-girlfriend is a lifestyle blogger and model. We first find out that Ryan and Jessa are dating when they started sharing sweet photos and playful comments on social media.

Their flirtatious exchanges caught everyone’s attention towards the end of 2014, especially on Twitter.

Jessica would post something cute, calling Ryan “muffin,” and he would respond just as endearingly, calling her a “keeper.”  Their online interaction sparked rumors, and fans began noticing that there might be more than just friendship between them.

Ryan's tweet about Jessa. his rumored gf.
Ryan’s tweet about Jessa, his rumored girlfriend.

By January 2015, things between Ryan and Jessica seemed to be heating up. When a fan commented on how great they looked together, Ryan didn’t shy away but responded with a thankful and cheerful emoji.

However, not all the feedback from the fans was positive. As the rumors spread, some of Ryan’s fans started expressing their disapproval of his relationship with Jessica. The negative comments soon became a constant backdrop to their rumored romance.

A photo of Ryan and Jessa
Ryan and Jessa during a photoshoot.

Ryan, known for his calm demeanor, eventually reached a breaking point. He expressed his frustration on Instagram, addressing the negativity directly. In the now-deleted Instagram post where he posted a photo tagging Jessica, he wrote,

“For the second time, a moment from my private life with someone I care about was removed from social media by bitterness. If you do not approve of my life or who I choose to surround myself with, kindly leave”.

By mid-2015, amidst the unwarranted judgment from the public, the couple decided to part ways. What had started as a sweet and promising love story between two public figures ended, at least in part, due to the harsh scrutiny and unsolicited opinions of others.

His Other Rumored Affairs

Apart from Ryan’s buzz with Jessa Hinton, he was rumored to be having an affair with his General Hospital co-star Kirsten Storms, but nothing was confirmed.

While they worked together for years and had a strong chemistry, Storms was married at the time when they were shooting for the series, making their fling unlikely.

A photo of Paevey with his co-star Kirsten.
Ryan and Kirsten never dated.

Later, Ryan was linked with Jocelyn Hudon, his co-star from From Friend to Fiancé. Like with Storms, this rumored romance between Paevey and Hudon also faded without confirmation, remaining just a part of on-screen chemistry and off-screen speculation.

And finally, if you are still wondering if Paevey is married to Cindy Busby, his Unleashing Mr. Darcy co-star, the answer is an emphatic no. Busby currently enjoys marital bliss with her long-term bf, Chris Boyd.

Ryan and Taraji P. Henson Had a Flirtatious Encounter Once

In 2014, Ryan decided to spice up his resume by taking on a side gig as a correspondent for Extra, and oh boy, did things get interesting! At this one unforgettable red carpet event, he found himself face-to-face with the badass Taraji P. Henson, aka the fearless Detective Jocelyn ‘Joss’ Carter from the hit show, Person of Interest.

The chemistry between them? Electric. The flirt-o-meter? Off the charts. Ryan went all in, basically telling her she was the definition of hot. And Taraji? She totally owned it, striking a pose for the camera and proudly declaring, “I’m Hot! Mom, I made it!” Talk about a mic-drop moment.

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