Robyn Cara’s Career Was Destined: Primarily Shaped By Her Mother

Though Robyn Cara appear to be of South Asian ethnicity in terms of looks and a few character choices, she is British. Find out more below.

By Navin SoniPublished on: May 12, 2024 Updated on: May 15, 2024
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Robyn Cara has rapidly ascended as a standout talent in the world of acting. Recently, she has seized the spotlight with her brilliant portrayal of Emmy Sizergh in Netflix’s dark comedic thriller, “Bodkin,” which premiered on May 9th. The series, which blends sharp wit with suspenseful storytelling, has been met with enthusiastic acclaim, with particular praise for Cara’s performance.

Known for her versatility, she has shown an impressive range in both television and film, earning accolades for her roles in popular series such as “The Rising,” “Trying,” and “Ackley Bridge.” As she continues to make her mark on the stage and screen, Robyn emerges not just as a talented actress, but as a compelling voice in contemporary drama and comedy.

Join us as we delve into the life and career of this remarkable actress.

Profile Summary

Date of Birth: August 2, 1995

Birth Sign: Leo

Age: 28

Birthplace: England

She Attributes Her Mum & Childhood Dyslexia For Her Career In Acting

Robyn credits her initial foray into the world of acting to the influential figures in her early life, particularly her mother. It was her mum who first introduced her to theatre, taking her to local plays. This early exposure not only nurtured her love for the stage but also set her on the path to an acting career.

Additionally, her discovery of acting scripts came through a suggestion from a teacher who recommended reading plays as a strategy to manage her dyslexia. This educational twist serendipitously opened up a new realm of expression and creativity for her. However, it was the countless hours spent watching a box set of the sitcom “Friends,” a gift from her mother, that truly ignited her love for comedy and storytelling.

Video: 22 Years Old Robyn Talks About Her Play The Be All & End All

Well, to professionally pursue a career, she later joined the prestigious National Youth Theatre to learn acting. Further solidifying her skills, Robyn graduated from the Birmingham School of Acting (now the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire) in 2016, where she immersed herself in rigorous stage training. This formal education not only refined her talents but also prepared her for the diverse demands of both stage and screen.

These foundational experiences, deeply rooted in her family life and education, were instrumental in shaping her career.

Robyn’s Portrayal of a Mixed Ethnic Girl Kayla in “Ackley Bridge” Proved Significant For Her Career

Cara’s portrayal of Kayla Afzal in the series “Ackley Bridge” was not just a significant performance but also a career-defining role for the young actress. Kayla is a mixed-race student navigating the complexities of her dual heritage from a white English mother and a traditional Pakistani father.

At one point in the series, she is forced to leave her friends and boyfriend Johnny Cooper behind and move to Glasgow with her mother. Despite the complexity and struggle of the character, she portrayed it with perfection.

Old Photo Of Robyn Eating
Robyn In 2019

This role was particularly pivotal as it marked her first main role in a series, setting the stage for her burgeoning career. The character of Kayla, with her endearing nature and relatable struggles, became a favorite among viewers, garnering her significant recognition. The success of her performance in “Ackley Bridge” opened doors to further opportunities, leading to roles in other notable series such as “The Rising,” “Red Rose,” and the dark comedic thriller “Bodkin” on Netflix.

She Was An Athletic Child; Also A Lot Similar To Her Character Kayla

Reflecting on her childhood, Robyn sees a lot of herself in her character Kayla Azfal from “Ackley Bridge.” Growing up in a small village in England, she was an active and sporty girl.

Robyn As A Baby Girl
Childhood Photo Of Cara

Her connection to Kayla comes from the fact that she identifies with Kayla’s well-behaved nature. In her interview with channel4, she stated that like her character, she herself maintained a trouble-free record during her school days.

I was quite into my sports at school, I was a sporty girl. I was quite like Kayla in terms of I didn’t really get in trouble.