Top 5 Richest Peloton Instructors Right Now: Their Earnings Will Surprise You

By RahulPublished on: May 17, 2024 Updated on: June 14, 2024
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Peloton has revolutionized the fitness world, turning stationary biking into a lifestyle phenomenon. Devotees form deep connections with their favorite instructors, who each bring their unique flair to the screen.

Whether they’re acting as a supportive cheerleader or a no-nonsense coach, these instructors have a knack for making their followers feel like they’re in a real relationship. But it’s not just about fitness; these instructors have built thriving personal brands.

With thousands of fans hanging on their every word, they’ve become social media influencers, pushing products and lifestyles that followers eagerly adopt. Some of these fitness stars even have agents, who help them land lucrative endorsement deals and advertising gigs.

Bloomberg reported that top instructors at Peloton are making upwards of $500,000 a year. Surely, now you are intrigued by how much these fitness gurus are pulling in? Let’s dive into the top five highest-earning Peloton instructors

5) Ally Love: $2 Million

Ally is a true Renaissance woman thanks to her multi-faceted career. Not only does she light up the screen as a Peloton cycling instructor, but she also commands the spotlight as the host for the Brooklyn Nets. She joined Peloton in 2016, and her career has been skyrocketing ever since.

Ally’s income sources are as diverse as her talents. She has partnered with heavyweight brands like Nissan, NARS, and Therabody. But that’s not all. She’s the brains behind Love Squad, her own brand offering trendy merchandise like $25 socks and $78 sweatpants. And let me tell you, fans can’t get enough of her gear!


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In 2022, Ally expanded her horizons by hosting Dance 100, a dance competition for Netflix in London. She embraces the ‘slash generation’ lifestyle, managing multiple income streams effortlessly.

Beyond her Peloton fame, she’s also a motivational speaker and model, which adds more to her already impressive income sources.

Last but not least, her role as an Adidas Global Ambassador is the cherry on top.

She has been married to Andrew Haynes since 2021.

4) Alex Toussaint: $2 Million

Toussaint’s net worth is rising just as quickly as his follower count. Boasting over 620,000 Instagram followers, Alex is firmly planted in the macro-influencer category.

His reach has attracted big names like Puma and Hyperice to his list of brand partners. And let’s be real, when you’ve got the likes of LeBron James and Steph Curry taking your classes, you’re in a league of your own.


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But Alex isn’t just about high-profile partnerships. Back in 2022, he became a Puma global ambassador, but he didn’t just stop at wearing the brand. He teamed up with Puma to invest in his foundation, Do Better, which is all about uplifting marginalized communities. Talk about making moves and making a difference!

Although his exact salary isn’t disclosed, top Peloton instructors are known to pull in six-figure salaries, and you can bet Alex is right up there.

Besides earning money from the fitness world, he also rakes in thousands of dollars as an author, having released his book, Activate Your Greatness in 2023.

3) Kendall Toole: $3 Million

This former Peloton superstar started with the company in 2019. Kendall Toole isn’t just any instructor; she brings fire and motivation to every class, earning between $500 and $750 per session.

But hold on, there’s more. Kendall’s influence stretches far beyond the Peloton bike. With almost a million followers on Instagram, she’s on the verge of becoming the most followed instructor. She earns between $2,292 and $3,820 for each sponsored post.

2) Cody Rigsby: $5 million

Cody is the highest-paid Peloton instructor. With 1.2 million Instagram followers, he boasts the largest social media following of any Peloton instructor. Thanks to his massive online presence, he can pull in about $20,000 per sponsored Instagram post. Yes, you read that right—$20,000 for a single post!

Cody’s income sources are as impressive as his dance moves. In 2021, he participated in Dancing With the Stars, making it to the finale with his partner Cheryl Burke. While the show doesn’t disclose exact earnings, Variety reported in 2019 that participants earn $125,000 in the early weeks, with potential earnings reaching up to $295,000.


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But Cody’s earnings don’t stop there. He’s got brand deals with some of the biggest names out there—Gatorade, Chobani, Capital One, Invisalign, Adidas, Pure Leaf, Whole Foods, Primal Kitchen, Therabody, and Degree.

Cody is openly gay and dating Andrés Alfaro.

1) Robin Arzón: $10 million

The richest peloton instructor to date, Robin is nothing short of a powerhouse, and her income sources are as impressive as her high-energy classes. With a personality that thrives on vision boards and a Type A drive, she has built an empire of earnings that stretches far beyond her role as an instructor.

As Peloton’s Vice President of Fitness Programming, Robin earns a hefty salary. This executive role not only cements her influence in the company but also brings in a significant chunk of her income. She’s a senior instructor like Cody, which means her pay from teaching classes alone is substantial.

But Robin doesn’t stop at Peloton. She’s also a prolific author and her book ‘Strong Mama’ has become a bestseller. Her focus on motherhood has expanded her brand, resulting in deals with Pottery Barn Kids and the development of specialized prenatal and postpartum workouts.


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She has over 1 million followers on Instagram and charges a fortune for any sponsored post.

Robin also taught an 11-episode MasterClass on manifesting success. While MasterClass doesn’t reveal exact figures, the HollywoodReporter reported instructors could earn at least $100,000.

She has been married to Drew Butler since 2019 and they share two children, Athena and Atlas.

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