Pauline Chalamet Is Pregnant And We’ve The Scoop On her Partner

By RahulPublished on: June 28, 2024 Updated on: June 28, 2024
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In an unexpected turn revealed through a stylish Instagram story by designer Jeanne Damas, Pauline Chalamet, sister to acclaimed actor Timothée Chalamet, is officially pregnant. Captured in a candid photo alongside Damas, Pauline sports a snug, baby-pink maternity dress that highlights a sizeable baby bump, hinting that the newest member of the Chalamet family might be making their debut sooner rather than later.

Judging from the photo, it seems Pauline could be well into her second trimester, possibly gearing up for a fall or early winter arrival.

Pauline Chalamet showing her baby bump.
Pauline and Jeanne.

The snapshot, taken at a bustling outdoor setting in France, shows Pauline with a serene yet joyful expression, embodying the glow of impending motherhood, while her companion beams beside her, sunglasses on and all smiles.

The revelation has sparked a flurry of excitement and curiosity among fans and followers, not just about the baby, but also about who the father might be. Stay tuned, as the next section of our article dives into the mystery man in Pauline’s life.

Her Baby Father Is a Geeky French Native

Now, about the father of the upcoming Chalamet? He remains a mystery man but here’s what we know about her boyfriend: he’s a French citizen, and judging by the exclusive photo we’ve of him, he seems to be quite the dapper guy, relaxed and stylish. This picture captures him in what looks like a candid conversation, unaware of the curiosity he’s about to spark worldwide.

Pauline Chalamet and her boyfriend
Pauline with her baby daddy. Source: Twitter

Pauline has always kept things low-key when it comes to her personal life, and it looks like her latest adventure into motherhood is no exception. Despite her best efforts to keep things under wraps, eagle-eyed fans pieced together the puzzle of her pregnancy thanks to a few candid snaps here and there.

Fans first caught a glimpse of Pauline’s baby bump in early June 2024. She tried to keep it low-key, with clever outfit choices in public appearances, but the secret was finally out when she was spotted clearly showing in a picture with her beau. Despite her preference for privacy, the news inevitably made its way to the public eye.

Fans’ Reaction Were Quiet Beautiful and Emphatic at the Same Time

Fan reactions to Pauline’s pregnancy announcement have been wildly varied, capturing a whole spectrum of emotions, from pure joy to a tinge of disappointment. Some fans are thrilled, seeing this as a joyous family milestone; one enthusiastic commenter declared, “Forget Timothée, Nicole is going to be a grandma finally!”

Others took a more humorous approach, with comments like, “Pauline: ‘I refuse to let Kylie Jenner bring the first grandchild into this family,'” and jokes about keeping the baby away from the Kardashian klan to avoid a so-called curse like her famous uncle.

However, not everyone is on board with the celebrations. A few fans expressed disappointment, with one noting, “I didn’t think she would get pregnant before marriage; so disappointed in Pauline.” Others echoed this sentiment, suggesting that Pauline had taken “the ghetto way: pregnancy before marriage.”

Concerns about the stability of her relationship also surfaced, with a critical voice adding, “Pauline, you’re supposed to be married first; this is so stupid of her to get pregnant by a guy that will just leave her in the end.”

It’s clear that while the news has brought excitement and a bit of celebrity buzz, it has also sparked a debate on personal choices and societal expectations, reflecting the diverse opinions of her fanbase.

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