Melissa Barrera and Paco Zazueta: Love, Challenges, and Triumphs

By RahulPublished on: May 14, 2024 Updated on: May 14, 2024
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Paco Zazueta isn’t just known for his musical talent and successful family business, but also as the steadfast supporter of his wife, Melissa Barrera.

In late 2023, when Barrera showed her support for Palestine on social media, she faced significant backlash, including being dropped from the cast of Scream 7.

Throughout this challenging period, her husband, who is also known as Xavier, stood by her side. He added his message as a caption to a screenshot of Melissa’s story, writing, ‘I love you and I admire you.’

In this article, let’s explore their relationship, and uncover some interesting facts about Paco’s life and career.

They Initially Bonded Over Shared Challenges

Melissa and Paco have a relationship that’s like a perfect duet—different styles, but they just work together

It all started in the year 2011 when the pair first met each other on the set of La Academia. Barrera had just come back to Mexico from the US after her student visa expired. She returned to get more credits and planned to move back to the US on an artist visa, which led her to enter the competition.

Talking about their first meeting, she said, ‘Life has better plans for you than you have for yourself.’

Their relationship wasn’t just a typical reality TV fling; it was genuine.

Meliss and Paco's engagement at the Empire State Building
The engagement took Melissa by surprise. Source: Instagram

The proposal came six years later in a moment straight out of a movie—Paco proposed to Melissa at the Empire State Building in 2017. And the grand and romantic gesture was met with an enthusiastic ‘yes’.

They Wed In a Beautiful Location

They got married on February 2, 2019, in Acapulco, Mexico. At the wedding, Melissa wore a strapless lace dress with a sweetheart neckline that fit her perfectly. She styled her hair in a chic low bun and accessorized with elegant teardrop earrings.

Paco looked sharp in a navy blue suit with a white shirt and a light blue vest. He finished it off with a bright yellow boutonniere to add a pop of color.

Melissa Barrer and Paco Zazueta at their nuptials
The pair at their beautiful wedding surrounded by a sea.

She Fell For Him The Minute She Saw Him

From the moment Melissa saw Paco, there was an undeniable spark. She laughed, remembering, “It was ‘like’ at first sight. You know when you see someone and think, ‘You’re hot, I like you,'” she told People.

Their initial attraction quickly deepened as they got to know each other on the reality TV show.

The 33 year-old actress fondly remembers how quickly their relationship developed. “And then we got to know each other really quick, and I immediately thought, ‘This is a really good guy.'”

She further added,

In my mind, we were friends for a month before we started dating, but actually, looking at the timeline, I think we started dating two weeks into the show.

Barrera draws a connection between her own fast-paced romance and the rapid relationships formed on shows like Love Is Blind. She says,

That’s why I love shows like Love Is Blind, because I know what it’s like to fall in love quickly with someone—I know that it’s possible.

He Supported Her Whenever She Felt Like Quitting

When they were on La Academia, the pressure was intense, and Melissa felt like quitting several times.

In an interview with Variety, she said, “When I left that show, I didn’t want to sing again. They made me think I wasn’t good at it. It was a weird technique they used.”

Paco and Melissa posing for a photo
Twinning in white.

Thankfully, Paco was there to keep her grounded and motivated. She said, “We took turns telling each other we had what it takes to keep going.”

They Struggled A Lot During the Initial Phase of their Relationship

After their journey on La Academia ended, with Paco Zazueta being eliminated in week 12 and Melissa a week later, the couple moved to Mexico City to pursue their individual careers. Melissa took roles in soap operas, while he aimed to establish himself in the music industry.

This period was challenging for both of them as they navigated the complexities of their burgeoning careers in the competitive entertainment industry.

Despite the struggles, their fans’ support really helped keep their spirits up and their relationship strong. “It was rough but I think the love that we got from fans really helped us during tough times to stay together.”

The Lockdown Made Melissa Reflect On Their Relationship

In 2020, amid global shifts, Melissa found a valuable perspective on life and love. Following a whirlwind year filled with back-to-back filming, the newly married duo had to deal with spending most of their first year of marriage apart. However, the unexpected lockdown offered them a rare chance to slow down and reconnect.

She said to LA Vanguardia,

The confinement has helped me realize that I needed to spend more time with my husband, that it was important to take time for my relationship because I got married. last year and I went directly to New York to record In the Heights . Then I returned to Los Angeles and started recording Vida , so we spent very little time together in our first year of marriage.

The lockdown gave both of them a chance to reevaluate their priorities and strengthen their bond. She realized the importance of balancing her career with her personal life. Furthermore, she understood that relationships need as much attention as work.

Their careers could easily pull them apart, with Melissa’s acting taking her across continents and Paco’s music demanding his presence elsewhere. Yet, they make it work with homes in Mexico, New York, and Los Angeles.

She Didn’t Tell Her Partner About Her Scream’s Character

Barrera led the new wave of Scream stars in the franchise’s fifth movie. But despite her lead role, she kept her closest friends and family in the dark about the size of her part.

Zazueta and Barrera attending a F1 event
Source: Facebook

The Mexican actress admitted she didn’t tell anyone, including her partner, because she wanted them to experience the movie with fresh eyes. She thought it would be more fun for them to guess and be surprised.

After they watched the movie, her spouse’s reaction was priceless. She told People, “When we finished watching it, my husband turned to me and said, ‘You’re in it a lot.’ He didn’t even know. I think he thought that I was going to die right away or something.”

He Loves Going Out But She Is More of an Introvert

In an interview, Melissa shared a glimpse into their day-to-day dynamic. She told Quien,

Paco’s always up for doing loads, but me? When I get some downtime, I’m all about lounging at home. But bless him, he adapts.

It’s a cute insight into how they mesh their lives together despite their different paces.

Besides, as of 2024, they don’t share any children.

He’s a Big Name in the Mexican Music Industry

Paco Zazueta first made a splash on the Mexican music scene through his participation in the reality TV show La Academia. Since then, he has established himself as a dedicated musician, focusing on traditional Mexican genres like Mariachi, Norteño, and Sierreño.

Known for his deep connection to Mexican cultural roots, Paco has released heartfelt tracks that resonate with both romantic and nostalgic themes. Notable among these are songs like Melissa, a romantic ballad named after his wife, and Hazme Olvidarla, which explores themes of love and heartbreak.

He hasn’t ventured much into film or television, choosing instead to hone his craft in live performances and music production. His concerts are particularly known for their vibrancy and authenticity, offering audiences a taste of traditional Mexican music peppered with his personal style.

He Runs a Successful Family Meat Business

Born in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico, Zazueta grew up in a close-knit family with his parents, Xavier Zazueta (father) and Francisca Munoz (mother), and his two sisters, Marysol and Fernanda.

Paco Zazueta with his mother Xavier and mother Francisca
He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his mom and dad. Source: Facebook

When the 37 year old is not wowing audiences with his music, he keeps busy running his family’s meat business, Carnes Zazueta Culiacan.

Alongside his dad, he’s turned what could have been just another local meat shop into a must-visit spot that even celebrities like Courtney Cox have checked out.


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When Paco reflects on his high school days and looks at where he’s at now, it’s clear he’s made it. In his high school Colegio Teresiano de la Vera-Cruz’s testimonial, he talked about his plans and said,

I’m a dried meat producer (Machaca and Cecina) with plans for expansion in Mexico and Monterrey.

Today his business, which specializes in machaca and cecina, is evidently thriving under his leadership, with branches not only in Mexico but in the US as well.

Thanks to dual professions, Zazueta has become considerably rich. As of 2024, he is worth somewhere between $3 to $5 million.

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