Once Almost Married, Ruth Negga Went Though Multiple Tragedies

By Navin SoniPublished on: June 11, 2024 Updated on: June 11, 2024
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Ethiopian-born Irish actress Ruth Negga, known for her roles in “Loving” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” has maintained a conspicuous silence about her personal life following her split from actor Dominic Cooper in 2018. The couple, who shared the screen in the AMC series “Preacher,” were together for eight years.

Not only this, but previously, she was even once engaged to Irish actor Tadhg Murphy in 2006 and has gone though a few other unfortunate breakups. However, since parting ways with Cooper, her last official boyfriend, she has chosen to keep her love life away from the spotlight. Obviously, her reason to remain silent about her romantic relationship could be triggered by her high-profile breakups but this decision has sparked curiosity among fans and media alike, leaving many to wonder if she is dating anyone at all in 2024.

Despite her high-profile career, Negga has effectively decoupled her personal affairs from her professional achievements, focusing public attention solely on her work rather than her personal life. Anyway, we are here to discuss all her love affairs. Let’s get started.

She Was Once Very Close To Getting Married

Ruth’s journey through love and heartbreak began at Trinity College Dublin, where she and fellow drama student Tadhg Murphy transitioned from classmates to life partners. Their relationship flourished during their college years, culminating in an engagement in 2006. This pivotal moment marked a high point in Negga’s personal life, signaling a future that seemed destined for marital bliss. However, despite the deep connection and shared aspirations, their path together veered unexpectedly, and the engagement dissolved without leading to marriage.

Ruth & Irish actor Tadhg Murphy
Ruth with her former fiancé, Irish actor Tadhg Murphy, at the European premiere of ‘Breakfast on Pluto’.

The reasons behind their breakup remain private, encapsulating the personal discretion both actors have maintained over the years. Yet, it is clear that the bond they shared was not entirely severed by their parting. Murphy’s admiration for Negga continued to shine brightly, particularly evident when he expressed overwhelming pride and joy upon her Academy Award nomination. His words, “Ruth is amazing, she is [expletive] phenomenal, and I was over the moon when I heard she had been nominated. She so deserves it. She is an incredible actress,” reflect not only professional respect but also lingering affection and mutual respect.

While they still remain friends, Ruth seems to have distanced herself from the concept of getting married as she is barely seen discussing marriage despite getting into multiple relationships.

Ruth’s Last Known Affair Was With Her Co-Star Dominic Cooper

Ruth Negga’s romantic life took a turn in 2009 when she met Dominic Cooper during a production of “Phèdre,” in which they performed alongside Helen Mirren. This encounter marked the beginning of a significant chapter in both their personal and professional lives. Their initial collaboration on stage soon led to more joint projects, culminating in their casting as a couple in the AMC supernatural series “Preacher” in 2016. This on-screen partnership mirrored their off-screen relationship, adding depth to their interactions on the show.

Ruth Negga Relationship With Dominic Cooper Lasted 8 Years
Ruth Negga & Dominic Cooper When They Were Dating

Negga often expressed the comfort and support she felt having Cooper by her side, especially during the demanding and lengthy filming schedules that could stretch up to 16 hours a day. She valued the presence of a partner who was not only a colleague but also a close friend, highlighting how this dual relationship helped mitigate the loneliness often associated with intense filming sessions.

However, while “Preacher” was still on air, rumors about their breakup began to circulate. It was not until 2018 that these speculations were confirmed by the media. Negga revealed that their relationship had ended earlier than the public had been led to believe. Despite the split, they managed to maintain a friendship, similar to Negga’s previous relationship with Tadhg Murphy. Meanwhile, Cooper moved on to a new relationship with actress Gemma Chan, known for her role in “Eternals.”

Hopefully, Ruth, who did a wonderful portrayal in the AppleTV Plus series “Presumed Innocent” opens up about her relationship just in case she is in one. The series also stars actors including, Jake Gyllenhaal, Renate Reinsve, & Chase Infiniti, among others.