Morgan Freeman’s First Wife Jeanette Adair Bradshaw Finds Love Again

By Sagar ChandPublished on: May 29, 2024 Updated on: June 3, 2024
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When it comes to Hollywood legends, few names shine as brightly as Morgan Freeman. Yet, behind the scenes of his stellar career lies a personal story that has largely remained in the shadows. His first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, who faded from the public eye following their divorce, has lived a life shrouded in mystery.

Their marriage had its issues, with persistent rumors about Freeman’s struggles with alcoholism

Today, we explore the fascinating details of their marriage, from its hopeful beginnings to its tumultuous end, and uncover Jeanette’s current life and new relationship.

Jeanette and Morgan’s Love Story: From Wedding Bells to Farewell

They got married on October 22, 1967, after meeting at a travel agency where they both worked. At that time, Freeman was on the cusp of a promising acting career and felt it was the right moment to build a stable home life.

Although Morgan had children from previous relationships, his role as a father became more pronounced early in his marriage to Jeanette. He adopted her daughter, Deena, who was born four years prior to their union from a previous relationship.

Despite facing legal hurdles, as he later detailed in an Esquire interview, Freeman wholeheartedly embraced his new family. This growing family soon included their biological daughter Morgana, born on September 13, 1971. Opening up about these pivotal moments, he shared with a tabloid.

“I have a stepdaughter, whom I adopted just as soon as I could. There was some sort of legislative action at the time … that stood in the way of adopting a girl. I don’t remember. And the lady I first married, we had a daughter. And that’s family,” he said.

Jeanette with her baby Morgana.

Before marrying Jeanette, the Glory star had already become a father to two other children: Alfonso Freeman, whom he had with his ex-partner Loletha Adkins, and Saifoulaye Freeman, whose mother’s identity has not been disclosed. But wait, there’s a caveat to this story, so, apparently, Morgan didn’t meet his oldest kid, Alfonso, until he was 19.

Discussing this part of his life with Esquire magazine, the Academy-award-winning actor opened up about his relationship with Alfonso.

“Alfonso, my first born, he came out of a situation where I met this woman who had three kids of her own, started foolin’ around, and she said, ‘I’m pregnant.’ So I left town. So we didn’t hook up until he was nineteen years old,” the Seven actor explained.

As Morgan’s acting career gained momentum, so did the pressures of his newfound fame. What began as casual drinks at lunch gradually turned into a serious drinking problem. He later admitted to The Washington Post that his initial harmless lunches evolved into consuming several quarts of whiskey a week, a habit he eventually recognized as excessive.

“In the mid-’70s I was drinking too much, and before I knew it, it got out of my control,” he said to the outlet. “You start off going to lunch and having a martini, and then you have two martinis because you can do it, and then you go home and have two or three scotches because you can do it. But next thing I knew I was going through two or three quarts of whiskey a week, which may not be a lot to people who really drink, but it was too much for me.”

This growing issue with alcohol took a toll on both his health and marriage. Ultimately, he and his first wife, Bradshaw, divorced after twelve years of marriage on November 18, 1979.

Jeanette Adair's nostalgic photo from her daughter's Instagram account.
Jeanette as young.

She Currently Resides in Atlanta, GA With Her New Husband

After her divorce from Freeman, Jeanette, 81, has formed a lasting relationship with her new husband Joseph Thomas. The couple, married for many years, now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jeanette Bradshaw and Joseph.
With her new spouse Thomas.

Joseph has become an integral part of Jeanette’s family, with his close relationship with her daughter, Morgana, and her grandchildren clearly evident.

Morgana frequently shares her appreciation for her stepdad on social media. In an Instagram post from February 2019, she expressed her affection and gratitude: “My Papa is ‘THE BEST’!!!! He has stepped in for all of us – down to the great grands, showing us what a real man looks like. I love you with my whole heart Papa Joe♥️ you are so special to me.”


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Thomas, 78, who hails from New Haven, Connecticut, has a solid educational background in accounting and business as per his Facebook profile. He graduated from Wilbur Cross High School and then attended the University of New Haven. Further, his studies continued at Golden Gate University from 1979 to 1982.

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