SNL’s Michael Longfellow’s Mom and Dad Have Been Remarried Several Times

By Sagar ChandPublished on: May 14, 2024 Updated on: May 20, 2024
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Michael Longfellow has been getting a lot of attention in the comedy world since he started on Saturday Night Live. His funny jokes have landed him spots on many stand-up comedy shows, including a Netflix special. A big part of his comedy is about his parents’ multiple marriages, especially his mom’s relationship with her current partner, Terry.

In early 2022, Michael was one of eight comedians picked for Netflix Is A Joke Fest. His 7-minute segment had a bunch of funny and sometimes edgy jokes about his mom and stepdad, Terry. He joked, “I moved back in with my mommy during the disease I’d probably still be there right now but her boyfriend Terry moved in.”

Continuing, he said, “I also left cuz Terry wouldn’t stop trying to be my friend And I like Terry but pick a lane Terry, you know, quit trying to do it all.”

In another joke, he added, “He’s always like “let’s hang out” What could I do to be your friend? You could stop having s*x with my mother.”

In January 2024, the 5’11″comedian appeared on LaughTrackTV with the title ‘MY STEPDAD TERRY,’ where he also continued his family-themed jokes. On his official website, he describes himself as a ‘comedian/actor/writer/step-son’ and talks about his family’s dynamics with humor and affection.

Before Terry, Michael’s mother had been married twice. Her first husband, Tom Longfellow, is Michael’s biological father. Even though there aren’t many details about his mom in the media, Michael introduced her to the audience during the Mother’s Day episode on May 11, 2024. He mentioned that everything he does, including his work on “SNL,” is for her.

His mom interrupted with a laugh, saying that this dedication excludes his unsuccessful work. “Except the stuff that bombs,” she quipped.

Longfellow, who was born and raised in Arizona, agreed and joked that the unsuccessful parts are dedicated to his dad. He said, “Right, except the stuff that bombs. Those ones I do for my dad.”

A few days after his appearance, on May 15, he also posted on Instagram, “Mom did SNL it’s gone right to her head,” along with a couple of photos of her.

Michael Longfellow with his mother.
Michael and his mother.

He also has a brother. In an interview with SNL Transcripts Tonight with Colin Jost, Longfellow joked about the perks of having parents who often get married and divorced. He said that he once asked for a brother for Christmas and actually got one through one of his parent’s remarriage.

His Father Tom Longfellow Is a Divorce Attorney with Multiple Divorces

In an interview with Jost, Michael was asked if his father, who is a divorce attorney, has also been divorced. He confirmed, “Multiple times.”

“I mean, this guy walks the walk. Is he a bad husband or a workaholic? Man as an artist. He’s out in the field getting his hands dirty,” the SNL star said.

Currently, Michael’s dad, Thomas, is married to his stepmom, Dorene Longfellow. The couple now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tom Recognized as a 2020 Best Lawyer in America

For more than thirty years, Tom has been a partner at the legal firm Burch & Cracchiolo, P.A., helping Arizona clients with important personal matters, including divorce, custody, and other family law issues. In September 2019, his office proudly announced on its official Facebook page that Thomas was named a 2020 Best Lawyer in America in the Family Law category.

Michael Longfellow's father Thomas.
Longfellow’s dad Tom.

In addition to family law, he also handles select commercial litigation cases.

Tom earned his J.D. from Santa Clara University College of Law in 1986. Before that, he studied business and accounting at Arizona State University.

Longfellow Debuted on SNL with a Trump Joke

Michael Longfellow, born on January 31, 1994, made his Saturday Night Live debut in the first episode of the show’s 48th season, which aired on October 1. Appearing at the “Weekend Update” desk, he humorously tackled the topic of anti-vax relatives and mentioned having a Trump-supporting family member.

After Colin Jost brought up Trump-supporting family members, Longfellow shared a funny story about confronting his father. He joked, “When I found out my dad was voting for Trump, I sat him down, and I told him, ‘Hey, if you keep going down this path, I might have to pay for my own car insurance next year,’”

He started performing stand-up comedy while attending Arizona State University. After graduating with a BA in English literature, he moved to Los Angeles and began performing in comedy clubs across the country including The Hollywood Improv.

Longfellow's child photo.
Michael Longfellow’s image as a child.

In 2017, he was selected as one of TBS’s Comics to Watch at the New York Comedy Festival, leading to his late-night debut on CONAN the following year. In 2019, he also appeared on the NBC competition series Bring the Funny.

Additionally, on March 2, 2024, Michael shared the SNL stage with actress Sydney Sweeney, who hosted the show. They kicked off the show in a charming, classic style.

Longfellow’s other works include being a panelist on E! Network’s reality show Dating: No Filter and hosting a podcast called What’s Your Sign? with fellow comedians Stevie Anderson and Julia Loken.

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