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By AtticusPublished on: June 23, 2024 Updated on: June 23, 2024
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It was 1982, and the weights weren’t the only things getting picked up at a gymnasium in Malibu, California. Kris Kristofferson, country music’s reformed wild child and the voice behind Me and Bobby McGee, found himself lifting more than barbells when he met Lisa Meyers.

Known for his tumultuous romantic past and a life filled with more ups and downs than a chart-topping single, Kris was playing the solo part of a bachelor father, not looking to remix his life with a new love track.

But fate had a different playlist in mind. A casual exchange over gym equipment—Kris’s clever ruse to catch Lisa’s attention—set the stage for a duet that would last decades.

From their first cautious interactions, the melody of their relationship deepened, leading them to tie the knot in a private ceremony at Pepperdine University’s chapel on February 19, 1983, barely a year after their first encounter. With Lisa diving into her bar exams and Kris tuning up a new album, their honeymoon had to wait.

Meyers and Kristofferson have been married since 1983
Meyers and Kristofferson have been married since 1983

Despite a notable age difference, Kris and Lisa have crafted a harmony that’s as enduring as it is deep. Their family grew to include five children—Jesse, Jody, Johnny, Kelly Marie, and Blake.

Lisa, previously married, and Kris, with two marriages behind him, have both navigated love’s complex rhythms before. But together, they’ve turned past dissonances into a symphony of mutual support and enduring affection.

Today, whether they’re sharing long walks or the day-to-day family life, Lisa and Kris continue to show that love, like life, can be an exquisite composition, beautifully unpredictable, and infinitely rewarding.

Now residing in the serene surroundings of Maui, Hawaii, they live out their days in the tranquility of paradise.

Two Of Lisa’s Children Are Following In Her Footsteps

The Kristofferson family, blended and vibrant, reflects a spectrum of interests and careers through Kris and Lisa’s five children, each choosing their own distinctive path.

Jesse, the eldest, born in 1983, took to acting naturally. His career includes roles in Planet of the Apes and TV shows like Melrose Place. He was last seen onscreen in Range Junkies in 2013.

Jody, who was born two years after Jesse, pursued a different kind of spotlight as a professional wrestler known as Garrett Dylan. He enjoyed a noteworthy wrestling career until he retired in 2017.

Kris and his wife Lisa with their children
Kris and his wife Lisa with their children

Johnny, arriving in 1988, turned away from the limelight to pursue a career in law, following in his mother’s earlier footsteps. After studying at Pepperdine University, he now practices law in California.

Kelly Marie, born in 1990, embraced both acting and music. She has acted in movies such as Traded and performed alongside her father at music festivals.

The youngest, Blake, born in 1994, chose a more private life. Like his mother and older brother, he studied at Pepperdine University but has stayed out of the public eye.

She Has Stood By His Side Through His Health Struggles

Kristofferson faced numerous health challenges over the years, and his family, particularly his wife Lisa, provided steadfast support. In 1999, the country music legend underwent a coronary bypass surgery.

After recovering from the surgery, Kris continued his music career, but in the early 2010s, his work was significantly disrupted by severe memory loss.

Initially, doctors believed it was Alzheimer’s or dementia, possibly linked to his active sports life in his youth. However, in 2016, it was discovered that he was actually suffering from Lyme disease, likely contracted while filming in the forests of Vermont.

Kris Kristofferson was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2016
Kris Kristofferson was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2016

Before this correct diagnosis, Kris’s cognitive decline had become so severe that he started writing a song about his forgetfulness, only to stop as his memory worsened. This unfinished song was later completed by their daughter Kelly, although it has yet to be recorded.

Once Lyme disease was identified, Kris stopped taking unnecessary medications for Alzheimer’s and depression, which might have been worsening his symptoms.

Following three weeks of specialized treatment for Lyme disease, he saw significant improvement. Lisa noted that although there were still challenging days, there were moments when Kris appeared completely himself, momentarily eclipsing the ongoing health battles.

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