Meet Justus Riesner, Alistair from Maxton Hall: Facts About His Life

By RahulPublished on: May 10, 2024 Updated on: June 6, 2024
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Step into the world of Maxton Hall—The World Between Us, where secrets and drama unfold at an elite private school. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, this series mixes romance and intrigue with the timeless clash of social classes, grabbing our attention with each episode.

Among the standout cast, Justus Riesner really shines as Alistair Ellington, the best friend of the main character, James Beaufort.

Today let’s take a closer look at the life of Justus and find some interesting facts about him.


  • He celebrates his birthday on July 17th.
  • He was a track athlete in his high school and played High Jump, Sword Fighting, Swimming, and even practiced Yoga.
  • He can speak a bunch of dialects including AmericanHamburgish, and North German.
  • He speaks multiple languages; English (Fluent), French (Beginner), and Spanish (Beginner).
  • He stands at a height of 6ft 1inches.
  • He has German nationality.

From Small-Town Upbringing to Fan Favorite

Born in the year 1997 in the quaint town of Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany, Justus has roots that are as grounded as they are humble. Though details about his family are private, it’s known that he shares a special bond with his cousin sister, Charlotte Riesner.

Justus Riesner Mother and Father
A photo of his folks.

He is currently 26-years-old.

Justus Studied Acting In the US

After high school, he moved to the US to attend the University of Southern California‘s School of Dramatic Arts.

It was there that he fully embraced his passion for acting, taking part in theatre productions like Twelfth Night, A Stone Is Nobody’s, and Chekhov’s The Three Sisters.

His Relationship Status Is a Bit Complicated

Justus’ Instagram account suggests he’s single. That being said, his social media account has also been a breeding ground for whispers that he is dating a female companion, who goes by the username @mettemaaarit.

The couple has shared photos from their travels and outings, like grabbing tea or chilling with Justus’ cousin, Charlotte. It’s the kind of stuff that gets people talking—Are they dating? Or just good friends?

Justus Reisner with a female
Justus with the female companion that is rumored to be his partner. Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, they have not said anything to confirm the loose talks.

Justus Proudly Flaunts His Flamboyant Personality

Riesner isn’t one to blend into the background—his vibrant personality shines bright, especially on social media where his flamboyant style grabs the spotlight.

This vibrant expression of his personality has sparked conversations and speculation about his personal life, including his sexual orientation.

His Work Besides Maxton Hall

In 2019, Justus made his cinematic debut in the short fiction film Heartstrings, followed by the webfilm Found Dog.

However, it was his portrayal of Alistair Ellington in Amazon Prime’s “Maxton Hall — The World Between Us” that turned heads. As the best friend to the main character James Beaufort, played by Damian Hardung, Justus’s performance garnered attention for its depth and the palpable chemistry between the characters. The series itself received mixed to positive reviews, praised for its engaging storytelling and dynamic cast.

Justus Reisner has a flamboyant personality
Justus posing for a picture in a swimming pool. Source: Instagram

Before Maxton, Justus appeared in the TV series Loving Her, taking on the role of Felix for three episodes. His ability to shift seamlessly between genres and roles is enough to speak about his versatile acting skills and promising future.

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