Meet Ariana Greenblatt’s Artistic Parents, Tony Winning Grandparents, and Shoe Designer Bro

By RahulPublished on: May 23, 2024 Updated on: May 23, 2024
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Ariana Greenblatt has already made a name for herself in Hollywood with standout roles that showcase her unique talent. One of her notable performances is as Tiny Tina in Eli Roth’s adaptation of the video game Borderlands, where she channels the same chaotic energy that Margot Robbie brought to Harley Quinn.

Although the Borderland movie has a star-studded cast that includes the likes of Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana stands out among them. Ariana’s ability to embody such dynamic characters has not gone unnoticed, capturing attention and accolades like the Rising Star Award at CinemaCon.

But behind her swift rise in the entertainment world are her parents. As Ariana continues to impress audiences and critics alike, the role of her mom and dad stands out as a key part of her success story.

She grew up Immersed In the World Of Performing

Ariana didn’t just stumble into the world of showbiz; she was born into it. Her mom, Solimar Greenblatt, was a graceful ballerina before trading in her pointe shoes for a quieter life, and her dad, Shon Greenblatt, was all about the big screen and TV back in the day.

Arian Greenblatt mother Soli and father Shon Greenblatt
Ariana’s parents.

Although now retired, Shon made a splash with roles in movies like Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare and even danced through the streets in the Disney hit Newsies. He also starred in Shadow Hours and Luster, and showed off his chops in the TV show Hardball.

Growing up in New York, Ariana was right at the heart of all this artistic energy. Her parents weren’t just former stars; they were her first fans and her personal cheer squad, showing her the ropes of performing from a young age.

Her Grandfather Is Her Biggest Fan

When it comes to family pride, Ariana’s paternal grandpa, Kenneth D. Greenblatt, takes it to a whole new level. Picture this: during an interview with CulturalDaily, he throws out a casual challenge to the interviewer. “Do you know my granddaughter, Ariana Greenblatt?” he asks. When the interviewer admits he doesn’t, Kenneth doesn’t miss a beat. He’s got a backup plan. “How old’s your son?” he inquires.

The answer? Fourteen.

“Ask him if he knows her,” Kenneth suggests with a knowing smile.

So, the interviewer calls over his son, Exsel, and sure enough, the teen’s eyes light up. “Yeah, she’s that teen phenom!” he exclaims. Just like that, Kenneth proves his point: his granddaughter is making waves, and he couldn’t be prouder.

Arian with her grandparents
A young Ariana and her grandparents.

But wait, Kenneth isn’t just any grandpa—he’s a Broadway producer, along with grandma Sandra Greenblatt. Between them, they’ve racked up over 60 Tony nominations and won 44 Tony Awards.

Her Parents Guidance Was Crucial For Her Success

Starting out young in the spotlight can be a wild ride, and Ariana knows this all too well. What’s been her secret weapon? Having a seriously supportive squad at home—her parents.

When you’re working with folks twice your age, it’s easy to feel out of your depth, but Ariana’s mom and dad have always been there, making sure she stays on solid ground. The Avengers: Endgame actress told TeenVogue, “I saw it go the other way at such a young age,” which makes her all the more grateful for her own family.

Rooted in this stable family environment, Ariana has developed a thoughtful and deliberate approach to her career. She isn’t just about taking any role that comes her way. She’s all about keeping it fresh and staying true to herself, which isn’t something you see every day, especially with younger talents in showbiz.

“I pick the roles I do very strategically,” she explains. And the biggest shoutout for this grounded approach? It goes to her mom. She gives her major props for always being there, pushing her to believe in herself and aim high.

She Is Happy Representing Her Latino Heritage

Ariana is proud of her Puerto Rican roots and loves to bring that into her acting. In her role in In the Heights, she got to dive deep into her heritage. “My whole mom’s side is Puerto Rican so it was really great to embrace that culture,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

As a half-Jewish half Puerto Rican, Ariana believes her background helps her add something unique to the industry. She says, “I feel like I bring that to the industry,” aiming to share and celebrate Latino stories through her work.

Ariana Greenblatt dining at a restraunt
Source: Instagram

However, she is mindful of the challenges in achieving equitable representation of the Latina community in media. She consciously selects roles that positively reflect her culture and avoids perpetuating negative stereotypes, regardless of the project’s size or backing.

She is particularly aware of her impact on young girls who see her as a role model, striving to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for them.

For Ariana, Family Is Everything

Ariana views her family as her anchor and greatest support system. Even her simplest birthday wishes reflect this deep bond. “I’m not doing anything crazy for my birthday; I’m just going to relax with my family,” she shared with 1883 magazine.

Growing up, Ariana was taught by her parents to value originality and independence. “My parents have always told me to be a leader and not a follower, they have always encouraged me to be myself,” she told TheProjectWomen. This upbringing has helped her to navigate the challenges of her career with a strong sense of self and a commitment to help others.

The distance from her dad, mom, and older brother, Gavin, has been the toughest part of following her dreams. Yet, family celebrations, like dining out at her favorite restaurant, Benihana, after landing her first role, or taking her father as her date at the 2024 Sag Awards, help her reconnect.

Her father, Shon, takes pride in her achievements, actively sharing her career milestones like her role in “Barbie” with friends and followers on social media and such is the case for her mother as well.

Her Brother is a Shoe Designer

Gavin Greenblatt, Ariana’s older brother, is trying to make a name for himself in the creative world as a shoe designer. He studied at the SRGN Academy and in April 2023, he proudly showcased his first shoe design called ‘Scums.’

Gavin Greenblatt showing his shoe
Gavin wants to become a shoe designer.

He described his inspiration clearly, saying, “Art and design was my inspiration. I love dark colors and everything vintage. Finding colors that I know reminds me of cool 90’s music or old dark graffiti colors like the black, red, and teal really worked.”

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