Maya Rudolph Says She Wanted Her Daughter Pearl Anderson To Meet Her Late Mom

Former 'SNL' star and her partner Paul Thomas' eldest daughter Pearl is a budding actress.

By Sagar ChandPublished on: May 24, 2024 Updated on: May 26, 2024
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Saturday Night Live star Maya Rudolph balances her career and family life with grace. She and her long-term partner, Paul Thomas Anderson, are proud parents of four children. Among their four kids, their eldest daughter Pearl Minnie Anderson, was born on October 15, 2005.

Reflecting on her experiences as a mother during a 2011 appearance on The Ellen Show, Rudolph shared a light-hearted glimpse into her family life. She joked, “She made big babies.” Recalling the birth of her first child, she noted that Pearl weighed “seven pounds five ounces but was three weeks early,” and her second child, Lucille Anderson, tipped the scales at “8 pounds 8 ounces.”

Motherhood significantly altered Rudolph’s lifestyle and perspective. In a 2016 interview with POPSUGAR, she commented on the impact of parenting on her daily routine. “I mean, I don’t go out as much — at all,” she admitted. “But more importantly, it allowed me to create what I call the ‘bullsh*t meter,’ which helps me eliminate the things that are not important. I used to take on a lot more than necessary.”

Now at the age of 18, Pearl is coming into her own. Stay tuned for some fascinating insights into the life of Maya’s eldest daughter.

Pearl’s Middle Name ‘Minnie’ Honors Her Late Grandmother

At age 33, Maya welcomed her first child, Pearl Minnie Anderson, into the world. The middle name ‘Minnie’ carries deep significance for the family, serving as a heartfelt tribute to her late maternal grandmother, the renowned singer Minnie Riperton. She died from cancer when Maya was just seven years old.

In a June 2011 interview with ILoveOSMusic, the former SNL star opened up about her emotional connection to her mother’s memory. She expressed a strong wish for her daughter to connect with her grandmother’s legacy.

“I want Pearl to know about her grandmother as much as possible,” She said. “It just kills me that she doesn’t get to know her they don’t that they don’t have each other cuz it would really like each other.”

Her Mother Quit SNL When Pearl Turned 2 Due to Her Frequent LA-NYC Commutes

Before becoming a mother, Maya’s life revolved around the hectic schedule of Saturday Night Live. “You’re there sometimes on Tuesday nights until 6 or 8 in the morning. You’re exhausted, you’re loopy … and you’ve had three shows in a row, you haven’t done any of your laundry, and you have no food in the fridge,” she recounted in a 2012 NPR interview. “It’s really difficult to be there for anyone else in your life when you’re doing the show because of the hours it demands.”

In 2005, her life took a dramatic turn with the birth of her daughter, Pearl. At the time, she was still a cast member of the iconic Sketch comedy show and lived in New York City.

Comedian Maya Rudolph.
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However, soon after her birth, she relocated to Los Angeles, which meant she had to endure frequent commutes to New York City to continue filming the show. Speaking with Town & Country, she recalled this challenging period, “This little bald baby, listening to the musical guests warm up. I look back and I can’t believe I did that. It was crazy. I don’t think I slept for two years.”

In a 2006 conversation with Bust magazine, Maya also described Pearl as a “world-class traveler,” adding, “She does well on the plane and she’s friendly. It’s really funny to watch her smile at everyone. She’s such a sweet girl.”

Ultimately, when Pearl turned two, Maya decided to leave SNL, a decision she explained to Parade magazine was motivated by her desire to focus on her family. “By the time I had a daughter, it was just the right time for me to leave. It’s hard to work on a late-night comedy show and have a baby. I did it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I wouldn’t really recommend it.”

She Has Three Siblings

Pearl Anderson grew up with three siblings: two sisters, Lucille Anderson, born on November 6, 2009, and Minnie Ida Anderson, born on August 1, 2013, and a brother, Jack Anderson, born on July 3, 2011.

All of them are incredibly supportive of their mother. In March 2021, when Maya hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time, she shared a memorable moment with the audience. “I have four incredible kids and they’re all here tonight. Don’t make me cry,” she said.

She also mentioned that her kids are huge fans of the show. “Having them here in the place where I grew up is so special,” she added.

She Has Worked in Her Father’s Movie ‘Licorice Pizza’

Pearl, along with her siblings and mother, made a notable appearance in the 2021 comedy-drama Licorice Pizza, directed by their father, Paul Thomas Anderson. In the movie, she took on the role of Sharon.

Pearl Minnie Anderson and Licorice Pizza actors.
The first left, Pearl.

The filming of ‘Licorice Pizza’ began under unique circumstances as it coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “That was actually a magical thing because COVID happened, lockdown happened, and then Paul was told, ‘Okay, you can shoot now,'” Maya shared with People magazine in June 2022.

Despite its acclaim, the film did not escape controversy. It sparked discussions about the significant age difference between the lead characters—25-year-old Alana Kane and 15-year-old Gary Valentine—and included racially insensitive jokes targeting Asian characters.

She Cherishes Every Small Moment With Her Family

Minnie and her siblings aren’t just about bright lights and camera action—they’re a band of budding musicians right at home! From piano chords to drum solos, the Anderson kids are a musical ensemble, rocking out on drums, bass, and guitar.

These jam sessions are more than just noise; they’re a symphony of laughter and teamwork, adding a special rhythm to their family life.

Maya and Paul Thomas.
Maya and Paul.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. When they’re not making music, you can find them whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen. Maya, their mom and occasional sous-chef, loves these baking bonanzas.

“My kids do like to bake. I wish I were more of a baker, but there’s a lot of creative baking happening at home, especially with my younger kids, which tends to be my favorite,” she revealed in a December 2021 People magazine interview.

Currently, the Anderson family resides in their San Fernando Valley home. In March 2021, they also bought a new house in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, for $2.6 million.

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