Where Is Mariska Hargitay’s Brother Venico Cimber Now?

By RahulPublished on: March 10, 2024 Updated on: June 17, 2024
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Venico Cimber is kind of a mystery. Some people say he’s the son of this famous movie director, Matt Cimber, and his ex-wife, Jane Baldera. Because of his dad and his family connections, like his half-sister Mariska Hargitay and his step-mom, Jayne Mansfield, people are curious about him.

His father, Matt Cimber, meanwhile, is a famous director. Cimber’s famous directorial ventures include Single Room Furnished (1968), The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976), Butterfly (1982), among others. Additionally, his role in shaping the unique television project GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (1986-1989) is hard to miss.

On the other hand, his supposed sister, Mariska, is a renowned actress widely recognized for her portrayal of Detective (later Commander) Olivia Benson in NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her role in SVU has not only defined her career but has also influenced the portrayal of women in law enforcement on television.

Off-screen, Mariska’s life has been equally eventful but touched by tragedy. She was born into Hollywood royalty, the daughter of bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay Sr., and Jayne Mansfield, but faced immense personal loss at a young age. In 1967, she lost her mom in an accident. Despite this early trauma, she has spoken about dealing with loss and pain positively. She believes in leaning into the pain and working through it.

Mariska’s family tree includes a couple of half and biological siblings as well, each with varying degrees of involvement in the entertainment industry.

However, get this, her half-bro Venico is someone who has never made any appearance in public. There’s a chance he might not even be a real person, making his existence nothing more than an urban legend. It’s like one of those stories that everyone talks about, but no one knows if it’s true.

Venico Might Not Exist At All: The Truth About Mariska’s Assumed Brother

Venico is like a ghost in the world of celebrity families. Some sites claim he was born to Matt Cimber and Jane Baldera in 1959, but the internet hardly knows him. It’s weird, right?

Moreover, when you check out his dad Matt and his wife Lynn Fero’s Facebook pages, you can spot Matt’s other son, Anthony ‘Tony’ Cimber, but no sign of Venico anywhere. This starts to add up to the idea that maybe he isn’t a real person.

Then, there are all those old family photos of Matt. You’d expect to see Venico there if he’s really part of the family, but nope, he’s nowhere to be found. It’s like he’s invisible or something. In addition, he also wasn’t present at his half-sister Mariska’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Likewise, numerous A-grade tabloids, such as People, have never mentioned him as Mariska’s brother.

But here’s where it gets a bit confusing: some genealogy websites, like Geneanet, list Venico as Matt and his ex-wife Baldera’s son. But just listing a name doesn’t make it true, right? It feels more like someone might have made a mistake or just added a name without real proof.

So, putting it all together, it seems like Venico Cimber might just be a story or a mix-up rather than an actual person. It’s like he’s more of a rumor than reality.

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