Looks Like Maxton Hall Season 2 Has Already Begun Shooting

By Navin SoniPublished on: June 6, 2024 Updated on: June 6, 2024
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After an undeniably successful launch earlier this May, it seems “Maxton Hall” has quickly returned to production. Fans of the hit German-language series were thrilled when an Instagram post by Haz.de hinted that filming for the second season had already commenced at Marienburg Castle near Pattensen in the Hanover region. The post, garnished with behind-the-scenes photos, sparked a wave of excitement among the show’s growing fanbase.

“Maxton Hall” made its debut on May 9th and has since been a fixture in streaming conversations, boasting impressive viewership numbers on Prime Video. Its blend of romance, drama, and the opulent backdrop of elite education has captivated a global audience, leading to its swift renewal by Amazon.

According to the Instagram post, “It’s not surprising that Amazon has commissioned a sequel. The main filming location was Marienburg Castle near Pattensen in the Hanover region. Filming for the second season has now begun there. 🎬” This informal update comes amidst a lack of official confirmation from Prime Video, which has yet to announce the production status of Season 2.

Maxton Hall Season 2 Announced
Maxton Hall Seems To Be Unofficially Announced

The first season of “Maxton Hall,” which is based on Mona Kasten’s bestselling novels, explores the tumultuous relationship between Ruby Bell and James Beaufort, two students from vastly different backgrounds at the prestigious Maxton Hall College. As the series unfolds, secrets are uncovered and loyalties are tested, leaving viewers eager for more.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, the post by Haz.de aligns with earlier industry whispers about a 2025 release for the second season. This timeline suggests that if filming has indeed started, fans could expect to see their favorite characters return to the screen on schedule.

The Shoot Location Of Maxton Hall
Photos From The Shoot Location Of Maxton Hall 2

The choice of Marienburg Castle as a filming location continues the series’ tradition of using grand settings to reflect the elite world of Maxton Hall College. These visuals have been a significant draw for the series, adding a layer of authenticity and splendor to the drama unfolding on screen.

As anticipation builds, both fans and industry watchers are keeping a close eye on official channels for any confirmation of the second season’s production. With the series’ proven track record and the leaked photos from the set, there’s little doubt that “Maxton and Hall” is gearing up to deliver another season of compelling drama and romance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow the developments around “Maxton Hall Season 2.” The first season starred actors like Damian Hardung, Harriet Herbig-Matten, Sonja Weißer, Ben Felipe, & Justus Riesner among others in the lead.