Leo Skepi Caption After Near Death Accident Terrifies Everyone

By RahulPublished on: June 25, 2024 Updated on: June 25, 2024
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So, Leo Skepi’s recent brush with death has everyone buzzing—and not just because he and his mom miraculously walked away without major injuries. Nope, it’s his eerie post-accident messages that have really got people talking.

After a gnarly car wreck that could’ve ended way worse, Leo dropped a TikTok showing the mangled remains of his ride. The visual is straight-up shocking—his car is totaled, with the front end completely smashed in. It’s the kind of wreck that makes you thankful just looking at a picture that everyone got out okay.

@leoskepiI got a second chance at life last night n a lot of ppl are about to wish I didn’t.♬ الصوت الأصلي – هدولـي 💎

But it’s Leo’s captions that are causing a stir. On TikTok, he wrote, “I got a second chance at life last night n a lot of ppl are about to wish I didn’t.” And over on Instagram, he keeps the intense vibe going with, “No major injuries. Me n my mom are both ok. No podcast this week. Walked away with a second chance at life last night n I’m gonna fu*kin use it.” Talk about a mood, right?

Leo Skepi shared this picture of his car crash
The aftermath of his car crash.

Fans and followers are split. While tons are just relieved he’s safe, others are low-key freaked out by his words. Some comments are seriously worried, pointing out how Leo has openly talked about feeling homicidal in the past. Like, one person even said, “He’s sick, genuinely. He has admitted in videos that he is severely homicidal and has come close to carrying out some mass murders/tortures, on people (and their dogs as well) who have wronged him and then killing himself…. this guy should be on a watch list. Not even kidding.”

Others are catching vibes of major changes coming, especially after he mentioned ditching his PR team and starting to expose people during a live session. “His live came up on my TikTok for you page the other day and he was saying he’s gonna start exposing people and that he fired his PR team. He was talking about that fatphobic video he made and how his PR team wouldn’t allow him to speak on shit and that people close to him turned their backs on him so he was gonna start exposing people.”

And then there are those who think he’s just playing up the bad boy image way too hard. “He almost died and is still busy trying to make himself out to be this big scary & bad guy like GROW UP.”

Leo Skepi showing off his eyes
Source: TikTok

But amidst all the drama and speculation, it’s clear Leo’s not just walking away from that wreck—he’s strutting away with plans. Whatever he’s got cooking, it’s definitely got everyone’s attention.

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