Lala Kent Asking Producers to join The Valley After Vanderpump?!

By RahulPublished on: June 23, 2024 Updated on: June 23, 2024
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It looks like there’s some juicy gossip swirling around the “Vanderpump Rules” world. Apparently, Lala Kent might be making moves behind the scenes, and it’s got everyone talking. Word on the street is she might be trying to get herself on other shows. Why, you ask? Well, the rumor mill says she’s desperate for money. Yep, you heard that right.

So, here’s the deal. VPR has hit the pause button on filming season 12. The reason? To give the cast some much-needed downtime after what can only be described as an intense season. They needed to reset and avoid jumping back into the drama too soon. This break is actually the first time VPR hasn’t filmed over the summer since the show started back in 2013. Wild, right?

In a recent sit-down with the iHeartPodcast “Two Ts in a Pod,” Lala, who’s currently expecting her second child, opened up about season 11. The latest season came on the heels of the whole Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss affair scandal. This mess left Ariana Madix refusing to film with Tom and put other cast members, including Lala, in a tough spot between their friendships and the show.

Lala didn’t hold back in the interview. She said, “Was the show in jeopardy? Yes. And not because of anybody else but Tom Sandoval. You wrecked the group. The show’s based on the group, OK?”

She added that a bit more downtime to process everything might have made for a better season 11. This time, though, they’ve been given the summer off, and Lala seems pretty relieved. “I want a break,” she said. “I cried every day out of frustration. I usually look forward to going and filming that show, [but this season] I dreaded every second.”

But here’s where it gets interesting. Despite Lala’s relief over the break, there’s a blind item suggesting she’s desperate for money and is begging producers to put her on other shows. According to the blind item from @bravoholicss, Lala has been ‘nonstop texting and calling producers, trying to get on another bar show.’

A blind shading Lala Kent
A blind that leads to people talking about Lala.

After the blind went viral, one fan said, “I really hope producers don’t fall for this, I want her off my TV so bad.” Another pointed out, “I mean don’t buy two houses and don’t have another baby. If this were ANYONE ELSE on the cast, she’d be going in on them for not having their shit together.”

Now, if the blind item is to be believed, Lala might be eyeing “The Valley,” which eagle-eyed fans connected to Jax Taylor’s tent behind a bar, hinting at a possible shift to a show related to that setting. It’s also speculated that she could be looking at other bar-related shows like “Bar Rescue” or “Southern Hospitality.”

Of course, this is all speculation. We don’t have any concrete evidence that Lala is making these moves, but it sure does make for an intriguing story. As always, take these blind items with a grain of salt.

Speculation about Lala’s potential exit from Vanderpump Rules has been circulating for quite some time. Lala herself has hinted at the possibility during various interviews and podcasts. She has expressed feeling alone and isolated, especially after the emotional season 9 reunion, questioning if VPR is still the right place for her​​​. This ongoing chatter adds another layer to the current rumors about her seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Stay tuned, folks. This reality TV drama isn’t over yet.

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