Kyle Marisa Roth Obituary; Cause of Death, Husband, & Net Worth

Kyle received a lot of death threats online, and fans believe she might be a victim of such.

By RahulPublished on: April 16, 2024 Updated on: April 23, 2024
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Kyle Marisa Roth, a celebrated TikToker recognized for her engaging takes on celebrity news and her dynamic presence online, has tragically passed away at the age of 36. Her family announced her death on social media. Jacquie Cohen Roth, Kyle’s mother, shared a heartfelt message on LinkedIn:

My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives via her immense life on another platform.

Jacquie expressed that her daughter ‘loved and lived fiercely,’ and mentioned that the circumstances surrounding Kyle’s death would become clearer in the days to follow. ‘Nothing makes sense now and we’ll understand more in the next few days,’ she added, urging everyone to ‘Be kind to one another please.’

Lindsay Roth, Kyle’s sister, also took to Instagram to communicate her grief and the family’s state of shock.

As a family, we are still processing and deciding how to properly celebrate and honor her life.

She recalled Kyle’s many gifts, noting her ‘humor, intelligence, beauty, gossip activism, athleticism and more.’ Her post was accompanied by a poignant photograph of the siblings, capturing a happier moment, a stark contrast to the present sorrow.

The impact Kyle had on her followers became evident by the emotional reaction of actress Julia Fox, who commented,

I know I never met Kyle in real life, but I really felt like I knew her. I’m so devastated and have been crying ever since the news leaked on TikTok.

She described Kyle as ‘a ray of sunshine’ and lamented the deep void her passing has created.

Laura Feibelman, Kyle’s cousin, remembered her as ‘likely the most passionate person I will ever know.’ She shared a cherished memory on Instagram, accompanied by a photo of them together, celebrating Kyle’s vibrant spirit.

Speculations Surrounding Kyle’s Cause of Death

The details surrounding the untimely death of social media influencer Kyle Marisa Roth remain shrouded in ambiguity. Although her family hasn’t released an official cause of death, her personal health issues and online interactions suggest a range of possible factors that could have contributed to her passing.

Kyle’s battle with health issues was public knowledge; she was a colon cancer survivor and openly discussed her remission. An OG follower told on Reddit, that Kyle’s early videos often depicted her lying on her stomach, a posture dictated by discomfort due to colon cancer.

She also faced significant mental health challenges, including suicidal depression, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder.

Her physical appearance, notably her jaundiced look, which people cruelly mocked as an ‘orange spray tan,’ was actually a symptom of liver problems. Kyle herself hinted at having Gilbert’s syndrome, a condition impairing the liver’s ability to process bilirubin, leading to jaundice.

Despite her vibrant online persona, Kyle’s real-life vulnerabilities were evident to those who followed her closely. Just a few weeks before her death, her followers noticed she had a visible weight loss.

Was It Foul Play?

The speculation around her death is full of various theories, including concerns about potential foul play and substance misuse. Some fans suggested she might have succumbed to a cocaine overdose. This rumor started after Kyle mentioned in one of her Insta posts that she and her late spouse did coke.

Kyle Marisa Roth's Insta post where she mentioned her husband's death
A post that Kyle shared about her and her late partner doing coke during memorial day weekend.

Adding to the complexity are the mysterious circumstances of her death, with her body reportedly found after she went missing for a week. It was her Patreon group, that contacted her mother to suggest a wellness check on Kyle’s due to her sudden online absence.

Kyle’s online content, which often touched on controversial celebrity gossip, also made her a target of threats, as she herself admitted feeling unsafe due to the backlash from certain powerful entities and individuals like Diddy and JLo. In fact, sources suggest, JLo had even sent her a cease and desist notice.

She Was Scared for Her Life After Jenelle Evans Feud

This sense of vulnerability was exacerbated by an incident involving Jenelle Evans, who insinuated in a public comment that Kyle was transgender, a claim that Kyle found deeply distressing, saying, ‘there are psychopaths that own guns and kill trans people. So it was truly scary for me.’

Despite these overwhelming challenges, Kyle remained committed to her work online, which she viewed as an escape from the harsh realities of life. In her own words during an interview with Heavy, she expressed a poignant reflection on her online activity:

Gossip is the universal language and I have followers from all over the world but we have such a good time talking shit about rich people… But when it stops being entertaining … that’s where I draw the line.

Despite these adversities, she remained a formidable and inspirational figure.

She Had Already Lost Her Daughter and Husband

Roth’s life was not just about her own health struggles; she also faced intense personal losses that deeply impacted her. Her daughter died only a few months after being born. While there’s some confusion over the circumstances, with some reports suggesting her daughter was stillborn, the loss was undoubtedly devastating for Kyle. Adding to her pain, her husband, Joe, later died from cancer as well.

Kyle Marisa Roth with her husband Joe
A collage photo that Kyle shared of her husband Joe (top) and Kenny Powers during Memorial Day Weekend. Source: Insta

Beyond these personal tragedies, Kyle was deeply committed to activism, especially causes close to her heart. As an advocate for Indigenous issues, she actively covered topics related to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People (MMIW and MMIP).

Her coverage included stories like that of Cole Brings Plenty. A follower once thanked her for this coverage, to which she simply replied, ‘always.’ She even expressed a desire to intensify her efforts in MMIW activism to honor her daughter’s memory.

How Much Was Her Net Worth?

At the time of her passing, Kyle Marisa Roth was worth $40,000, barely getting by and paying her bills.

Her Obituary

After her demise, she is survived by her sister and mother. She never talked about her father. She was born on July 16th, 1987, in Annapolis, the US.

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