Kendall Toole Has a New Boyfriend And Fans Don’t Want..

Fans on Kendall's New Lover, 'Don’t build this guy’s cabin for him.'

By RahulPublished on: April 8, 2024 Updated on: April 28, 2024
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In an unexpected and charming revelation, Kendall Toole, the celebrated fitness instructor and inspirational speaker, took to social media to introduce her new boyfriend to the world.

On April 7th, Toole shared a photo that was both intimate and playful, capturing the essence of a modern-day romance unveiling. The photograph depicted Toole lying contentedly on her partner’s lap, striking a balance between revealing her new love interest and maintaining an air of mystery around him.

It’s like she’s saying, “Hey, look who I’m with,” but also, “I’m not showing you everything just yet.”

Here’s hoping this is the type of guy she wants as a husband.

This soft launch approach to introducing her new beau has been met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm from her followers.

Her post’s comments section turned into a feel-good zone real quick. One fan cracked a joke, saying, “Ma’am this is a Wendy’s 😂,” making everyone chuckle.

Another person shared some heartfelt vibes, “Knowing all you’ve been through, you definitely haven’t settled so I hope you’re so happy right now you deserve it.”

And someone else cheered her on with, “YES!!! Love a soft launch 🚀 sending you love to the moon and back!”

Everyone’s pumped about Kendall’s ‘soft launch’ style of letting us know about her guy, only sharing the news when she felt totally sure about it.

Fans Don’t Want Her To Build a Cabin With Her New Boyfriend

But, with all the good vibes, there’s a funny side note from her fans. Remember when Kendall and her ex, Joseph Nicholas, built a cabin together? Yeah, they split right after it was done.

So now, some of her followers are half-joking, half-serious, telling her to skip the whole cabin-building thing this time. One comment stood out the most that read, ‘Don’t build this guy’s cabin for him.

It’s like everyone’s thinking building a cabin might be a love jinx. And while we are on the topic of Joseph, contrary to popular belief, she never did marry him, something which we’ve already covered.

Who Fans Believed Is Kendall’s Newest Beau And Who Is It Actually

Now, I know what you’re thinking: how on earth can anyone ID a guy based on nothing but a glimpse of his hand and the edge of his cap? Sounds like a stretch, right?

But hold on, because Kendall’s fans are no ordinary detectives. They’ve pieced together a puzzle that points in one surprising direction: she may be dating the comedian Shane Gillis.

But wait, as it turns out, it wasn’t Shane after all. Just a couple of days after the photo went viral, she shared an Insta reel with her beau and that guy was definitely not Gillis. But who was it?

Drum roll please, it’s this guy.

A black and white portrait of Alex
He is a successful entrepreneur having earned millions already.

But, how in the world did they land on Shane first? Let’s break it down. First off, the outfit clues. Shane’s got a pretty distinct style, often spotted in the kind of casual, laid-back gear that matches what little we saw in the photo. Not exactly hard evidence, but it’s a start.

Then there’s the watch. Some fans with seriously sharp eyes swear the watch in the photo is a dead ringer for Shane’s. A bit more convincing, wouldn’t you say?

Next up, location, location, location. Shane’s been hanging around New York a lot recently. Coincidence? Maybe, but when you’re playing detective, you take note of these things.

And here was the kicker. Kendall dropped a hint on her TikTok back on February 29th. She shared how she had an amazing weekend but wanted to keep the details under wraps. And guess what? That was the same weekend Shane Gillis hosted SNL. Boom.

Nevertheless, as we said above, from another of her cryptic posts, it was confirmed that Kendall is neither dating Shane nor Dalton Kincaid, and it is some other guy who is incredibly handsome.

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