Kendall Toole Reveals The Type of Husband She Wants

Kendall was so close to getting married, but life happens.

By RahulPublished on: March 15, 2024 Updated on: May 17, 2024
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There’s been a mix-up that has led people to wonder: Is Kendall Toole married? The truth is, she’s not, but the internet has gotten a bit confused. Moreover, her relationship with Joseph Nicholas has ended. So what really happened between them, and where does Kendall stand now in her personal life?

It’s a story of mix-ups, breakups, and getting to know what Kendall truly wants. If you’re curious about the real deal behind the rumors and what Kendall looks for in a partner, stick around.

She Is Dating a New Partner

First, let’s discuss her current relationship status. Boy oh boy, she sure did find someone. So, get this, Kendall has announced she has a boyfriend in 2024, something which she revealed through her Instagram account.

While she herself did not reveal the identity of her new beau herself, we at PopTVCulture have already figured out who that guy is.

Want to know about him, click on the link above. Spoiler Alert: He is so good-looking and successful that he is a total package.

Joseph Nicholas Is Not Kendall Toole’s Husband Despite What You’ve Heard Online

Despite what you might have read online, Kendall Toole, the energetic Peloton instructor, was never married to Joseph Nicholas. The confusion comes from a mix-up with another social media influencer who shares Kendall’s name.

This other Kendall did get married, leading some to mistakenly report that our Peloton Kendall had tied the knot with her then-boyfriend, Joseph, as well.

Kendall and Joseph in New York
Kendall with her bf during her happier times. Source: Instagram

In reality, Kendall’s relationship with Joseph has long since come to an end. It was in late 2021, around the holiday season, that they called it quits. Kendall shared the details of their breakup during an appearance on the “Chicks In the Office” Podcast. She described a particularly difficult day in New York which led to all sorts of bad things, including her separation.

So the day of their break-up, she had a meeting with a designer in New York and after that, Kendall and her boyfriend had planned on going to the cabin with their family. However, that day came as the end of their relationship. In a span of three hours, she ruined a designer deal, got tested for COVID-19, apparently gave COVID-19 to one of the designers, and broke up with Joseph.

They separated after a series of unfortunate events and an argument that highlighted lingering issues in their love story. Despite Joseph’s disbelief, Kendall confirmed that their breakup was final.

The former flames began their relationship in 2020, finding each other during the challenging times of the pandemic. Their first encounter was during a trip to El Salvador, a trip that Kendall has shared on social media, marking the beginning of their journey together. By September of that year, Kendall made their relationship public by posting a photo with Joseph.

Joseph Nicholas works as a Strategic Account Manager at Avanos Medical, starting his position there in April 2022. He has an educational background in Kinesiology, having studied for his Bachelor of Science at William & Mary.

The former flames during one of their trips to an Island.
The former flames during one of their trips to an Island.

While together, the pair embarked on various adventures and even built a cabin together. It’s unfortunate that they went their separate ways right after they finished the cabin.

The Type of Lover Kendall Is Waiting For

Following their separation, Kendall ventured back into the dating world, albeit her journey wasn’t as good as she thought it would be. Apparently, with all of her matches, she encountered the same line, ‘I ride you all the time,’ again and again.

During her appearance at the Chicks At the Office podcast, Kendall said she is currently embracing her independence and is content with where she is in life.


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After her breakup, she’s taken time to reflect on what she truly wants from future relationships. She has reached a place where she’s focusing on her own goals and ambitions, putting a priority on matching with someone who shares her drive and focus.

For Kendall, it’s not about finding someone to complete her life, as often depicted in romantic comedies. Instead, she’s looking for a partner who adds value to her life, someone who brings their strengths and uniqueness without needing constant validation from her.

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