A Deep Dive Into Kendall Toole’s Wealth, Plastic Surgery, and Tattoos

By RahulPublished on: April 22, 2024 Updated on: June 14, 2024
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It’s fascinating how you can watch a celebrity evolve just by scrolling through their Instagram. Take Kendall Toole, for example. Her posts from her early days on Instagram show a much different person compared to the vibrant health instructor we see today.

Fans have definitely noticed how her looks have changed over the years, leading to chats about whether plastic surgery played a part in her transformation.

But it’s not just her appearance that’s changed—her bank account has seen a significant glow-up too. This article dives into how Kendall’s appearance, salary, and net worth have evolved alongside her, from her early social media days to becoming a fitness star.

She Have Had Visible Physical Changes Through the Years

Sifting through Kendall’s earlier snapshots and comparing them with recent ones suggests a more refined nose, possibly hinting at rhinoplasty—a common surgical procedure that reshapes the nose to fit a person’s desired look, often making it appear thinner or more symmetrical.

However, this perceived slimness isn’t always a telltale sign of going under the knife. Makeup, particularly contouring, can be a non-surgical route to achieving similar effects.

Strategic application of darker shades along the sides of the nose and a highlighter on the bridge can create an illusion of sleekness and definition without any invasive procedures.

Moving beyond the nose, there’s a noticeable plumpness to Kendall’s lips, a lushness she’s openly attributed to lip fillers. In a candid AMA, she shared that she opted for this cosmetic enhancement to bring proportion to her upper lip, adding a bit of volume to what many seek as a harmonious pout.

Did Kendall Have a Breast Surgery?

When we put Kendall Toole’s earlier photos side by side with her current ones, there’s a lot we can speculate about. However, in the case of breast augmentation, the visual evidence doesn’t strongly suggest that she’s opted for this particular procedure.

Her physique has transformed over the years, undoubtedly shaped by her dedication to fitness and perhaps even the natural changes that come with time.


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But a deep dive into the images, taking into account variations in posture, clothing, and camera angles, doesn’t convincingly point that she has went under the knife.

Thanks To Her Huge Salary She Gifted Her Dad a Tesla

Former Peloton instructors like Kendall ride the wave between $500 to $750 per class. With a schedule that might pack about 10 classes weekly, an instructor’s yearly take easily falls between $260,000 and $390,000.

Then there’s the buzz about six-figure salaries and bonus packages, with veteran instructors pedaling their way to upwards of $500,000 annually, not including income from personal sponsorships and brand partnerships.

Considering the fact that Toole is also a veteran, surely she earns around the same range.

Kendall Toole posing a photo with the sun in the backdrop
Kendall has become a millionaire thanks to her dedication.

Meanwhile, Kendall isn’t just counting calories; she generates significant revenue through affiliate marketing. With a following that could rival Cody Rigsby, she’s likely pocketing around $20,000 for those shiny sponsored Instagram posts.

So adding all of the above, we can take a guess about her fortune. As of 2024, she is worth $3 million. And frankly, she deserves far more considering the work she has done for everyone.

On the same note, she does not believe in hoarding all the money for herself and instead helps her family whenever she can. Back in November 2020, she gifted a tesla to her father, to honor his years of hard work.

A Look At Kendall’s Life Besides the Pedal

Born under the Texan skies on January 28, 1993, Kendall was the youngest child between Suesie (mom) and Rick Toole (dad), stepping into the spotlight after her sister Shannon and brother, Ryan.

She comes from an Italian ethnicity and is incredibly proud of her Mediterranean heritage.

After a brief southern stay in Atlanta, Kendall packed up her cowboy boots for the glitz of Los Angeles.

Kendall Toole and her father
Toole with her dad. Source: Facebook

Kendall’s academic and extracurricular pursuits at the University of Southern California were as dynamic as her career today. Majoring in film and business, she immersed herself in campus life as a spirit leader, cheering at USC athletic events, and embodying the Trojan spirit.

After graduation, her career began in the tech industry, but it quickly became apparent that the corporate environment wasn’t the right fit for her.

It was through boxing that Kendall discovered her true passion. She transitioned from tech to fitness, teaching classes throughout Los Angeles and eventually catching the eye of Peloton. However, in June 2024, she announced that she had parted ways with Peloton. This sad announcement came at the time when the company is facing significant financial woes.

She Pushes People To Get on Top Of Their Mental Health

Kendall’s influence extends far beyond the physical. She has been remarkably open about her personal struggles with mental health, including her battles with OCD, anxiety, and depression.

She even candidly disclosed how she survived a suicide attempt as well.  Her openness about these challenges was highlighted in a 2021 interview with People, where she discussed the importance of authenticity in her role as an instructor.

Kendall believes that speaking candidly about mental health can help to alleviate stigma and encourage others to seek help. Kendall advocates for a life philosophy that prioritizes simplicity and mindfulness over the relentless pursuit of more, which she finds counterproductive.

This approach, she suggests, is crucial for reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. In her own words from an interview with TODAY, she aims to remind her audience that ‘their life is worth it’.

She Is Not That Big Of a Tattoo Geek

Contrary to what you might expect from someone as expressive and bold as Kendall, she isn’t covered in tattoos. She sports a single tattoo: a delicate butterfly etched onto her right forearm.

Kendall Toole doing shadow boxing
She has a small butterfly tattoo in her arm. Source: Insta

This lone piece of body art stands out, not just for its beauty and simplicity but also as a singular statement amidst a culture where many choose to canvas their entire bodies.

Beyond this elegant butterfly, Kendall has opted to remain ink-free.

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