Kelli Giddish Husband Lawrence Faulborn Was Responsbile for Creating Her Murals In NY

By RahulPublished on: April 25, 2024 Updated on: May 7, 2024
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Meet Lawrence Faulborn, once Kelli Giddish’s husband and a familiar face alongside her at various industry events. While they were married, Lawrence became close with her SVU co-stars including Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, and more. But beyond his marriage to television star Kelli Giddish, Larry has created a unique identity for himself.

Today we explore all about his life before becoming a celebrity spouse, like where is he from, what he does for a living, how he met Kelli, and all that good stuff.

Lawrence’s Profile Summary

  • Age: 47-Year-Old as of 2024
  • Birthday: February 7th
  • Ethnicity: British/German/Slovak
  • Net Worth: $2 million
  • Current Whereabouts: As of 2024, he is living in Brooklyn, New York.
  • He has never been diagnosed with any illness or health issue.

Faulborn Married Kelli In a hippie-style Beach Wedding

On June 20, 2015, Kelli and her first husband Lawrence married in a close-knit ceremony at a beach house in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Their wedding featured a rustic and hippy theme, highlighted by burlap decorations and fresh floral arrangements, reflecting their preference for a relaxed celebration.

The intimate event was attended only by their closest relatives, ensuring a private and personal celebration of their love.

Lawrence Faulborn carrying his wife Kelli
Their nuptial was incredibly casual.

Kelli’s decision to marry Larry, who isn’t connected to Hollywood, reflects her intentional choice to build relationships outside the celebrity world.

In an interview, she explained her approach of purposely dating people away from the Hollywood scene to seek out realness and deeper connections.

The Former Flames Have Two Sons

Giddish and Faulborn became parents for the first time with the birth of their son, Ludo Faulborn, on October 5, 2015. The celebration of Ludo’s arrival included Kelli’s Law & Order: SVU co-star, Ice-T, who shared a sweet photo on Twitter of the new mom with her baby, along with his own wife, Coco Austin.

Kelli Giddish and Coco Austin holding Ludo Faulborn
A photo of newborn Ludo that Ice-T shared. Source: Twitter

Larry, Ludo’s dad, also got into sharing mode, posting photos on Instagram of his newborn son with the family dog, Fran. He tagged the snaps with fun hashtags like #findfran and #homesweethome.

Over the years, Kelli has kept her followers updated with cute pics of Ludo’s milestones, like his first day at school, vacations, and superhero-themed birthday parties.

Then in November 2018, their family grew with the arrival of their second child, Charles Faulborn. Lawrence announced his son’s birth with a black-and-white Instagram photo of the baby’s feet, using the hashtag #thefamilyjustgottwofeetbigger.

He later shared a photo of Ludo holding his little brother, revealing the baby’s name with the hashtag #WelcomehomeCharlie.

Lawrence Faulborn holding his son Ludo
A baby Ludo with his mom and dad.

Initially, Kelli publicly confirmed her second pregnancy to E! Online in September 2018 during the Tribeca TV Festival in NYC, coinciding with the premiere of the 20th season of Law & Order: SVU. Interestingly, her show incorporated her pregnancy into the plot of her character, Detective Amanda Rollins.

This wasn’t the first time; her first pregnancy with Ludo was also written into the series, giving her character a complex storyline with her commanding officer. Her pregnancies breaking into the storyline of “SVU” was a bit of a trailblazer for the series. She said,

I looked up when I first got pregnant what other TV shows did and…I guess on The X-Files, she went away. She got abducted by aliens,” Giddish said at the time. “So I was like, ‘That can’t happen on SVU. Can’t pitch that idea.

He and Kelli Shares the Joint Custody of their Sons

There are multiple versions floating around about the divorce between the exes. While some sources mistakenly claim that they divorced in 2018, but here’s what really happened.

Lawrence Faulborn with Ludo Faulborn Charles Faulborn
Lawrence with his sons, Ludo and Charles.

So, Kelli didn’t actually file for divorce until 2019. Following the filing, the next year in 2020, they found themselves entangled in a custody battle over their two sons. It wasn’t until 2021 that their divorce was officially finalized.

Kelli herself confirmed this in a 2021 interview with Smashing Magazine. In that interview, while revealing about her engagement with her now second husband, Beau Richards, she said, ‘I’ve actually recently been divorced, and I’m engaged again. So, I’m very excited.’

Although the details of who got the custody are not out yet, it seems they both settled for joint custody.

He Was Born and Brought Up in New York

Lawrence, a true New Yorker through and through, was born in the bustling city. He grew up in a loving environment thanks to his parents, Lawrence Sr. (father) and Patricia Marinchak Faulborn (mother), who made sure Larry and his siblings had everything they needed.

The city’s vibrant streets were his playground and classroom. Larry Jr spent his entire life, from his playful childhood to his eventful adulthood, within the energetic confines of the Big Apple.

Lawrence Faulborn Is an Artist

Faulborn, as we’ve mentioned, steers clear of the Hollywood scene and prefers to keep a low profile. Details about his professional life are sparse because he’s quite private, but we do know that he is an artist.

Lawrence Faulborn Portrait
He is an Artist based in New York.

During his marriage to Kelli, Lawrence actively facilitated the creation of her murals across New York City. These weren’t just any murals; they were special pieces that celebrated and perhaps even showcased Kelli’s influence and presence in the city.

He Is Married Again Just Like His Ex

Lawrence is enjoying the new chapter of his life, finding happiness again with his long-term partner, Megan McGi, a psychologist.

Lawrence Faulborn with his lover, Megan McGi
Larry and Megan announce ‘they are pregnant.’

On March 17th, 2024, Lawrence shared some exciting news on his Instagram: he and Megan are expecting their first baby! They’re over the moon and can’t wait to welcome their little one into the world later this year.

Meanwhile, his ex, Kelli, has also moved forward and found love again with Beau Richards. They made it official on November 7th, 2021, and their family grew with the arrival of their only child, Oldie, in June 2023.

It’s clear both Lawrence and Kelli have moved on and embraced new chapters in their lives with open arms.

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