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By RahulPublished on: May 16, 2024 Updated on: May 16, 2024
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Alright, folks, gather ’round because we’re about to dive into the juicy details of Katherine Devlin’s love life. If you’ve been keeping an eye on this rising star, you probably know her as the talented actress lighting up the screen in the hit drama, Blue Lights. But today, we’re going to talk about something more interesting– her romantic side.

Katherine is not just about glitz and glamour; she’s got a personal life that’s as intriguing as her on-screen roles. From cozy moments to epic adventures, there’s someone special who’s been sharing the ride with her. And let me tell you, their story is nothing short of a rom-com script.

So, sit tight and get ready for some heartwarming tales that prove even celebrities have their share of sweet, everyday love.

She’s Dating Her Boyfriend For a Long Time

For those who’ve been wondering about the special someone in Katherine’s life, you’re in for a treat. She is dating Cillian Lenaghan. Yep, you heard it here first. The pair have been together since at least 2017, and their relationship is the stuff of rom-com dreams. They first met while studying acting at the Lir Academy.

Katherine and her boyfriend Cillian in a fair
Katherine Devlin’s boyfriend Cillian is an actor.

From their first shared photo, it’s obvious these two are perfectly in sync. Their shared moments are beautifully captured in various photographs. Whether they are exploring a picturesque European town on an open-top bus, attending a formal garden event dressed elegantly, or enjoying playful moments in a photo booth, their connection is evident.

These two lovebirds don’t need grand gestures to show their love. A simple subway ride, with them cheek-to-cheek and grinning, is enough to melt your heart. Their travels even took them to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, where they stood hand-in-hand, beaming at the camera. It’s like every photo tells a story of two people who are absolutely perfect for each other.

Katherine is Cillian’s biggest fan as he climbs the ladder in the acting world, and their love story is one for the books.

Her Partner is an Up-and-Coming Actor

Cillian isn’t just Devlin’s beau; he’s an actor who’s making quite a name for himself. His acting journey began with theater, performing in productions like Blackout and The Lieutenant of Inishmore.

His first significant screen credit was in the short, Dam in 2017. He then transitioned to screen with roles in The Spectacular and Ballywalter.

Cillian recently played Conor Skelly in The Woman in the Wall for the BBC and Showtime. He was cast as Michael in Falling for the Life of Alex Whelan.

In 2024, he is set to appear as Louis in Whitetail, directed by Dutch filmmaker, Nanouk Leopold. In addition, he will also play Teen Seamus in Small Town Big Story, set to release in Autumn 2024.

Cillian graduated from the prestigious Lír Academy in Dublin in 2019. Standing at an impressive height of 6ft 3in, he’s not just talented but also has a commanding presence. With his growing list of credits and undeniable talent, he is definitely one to watch in the acting world.

Katherine’s Whole World Changed Since Starring in Blue Lights

Devlin took the small screen by storm with her role as rookie cop Annie in the BBC One drama Blue Lights. Set in the tumultuous streets of Belfast, the show kicks off with a bang – and Annie is right in the thick of it, dealing with attacks, death threats, and the heavy weight of her police uniform.

Blue Lights isn’t your typical cop show. It dives headfirst into the gritty realities of Northern Ireland’s police force, where being a Catholic officer in a predominantly Protestant environment is just one of many challenges. Devlin’s character Annie is stubborn, gutsy, and has a heart of gold, making her a character you can’t help but root for.

Joining Katherine in this gripping series are her talented co-stars: Nathan Braniff as fellow rookie Tommy, Richard Dormer as the beloved Gerry, Michael Shea as the menacing Mo, and Andrea Irvine, who brings depth to the character of Helen. Together, they bring the intense world of Belfast’s law enforcement to life.

The show doesn’t just entertain; it educates, highlighting the complex history and ongoing issues in Belfast. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Katherine shared some laughs on set, like when she and Michael Shea, in the middle of intense scenes, would break into moonwalks to lighten the mood.

Katherine’s performance has earned her fans worldwide, including a memorable encounter in Bali. While soaking up the sun, she was recognized by two Dutch girls who couldn’t believe they were meeting Annie from Blue Lights on their vacation. Talk about a surreal moment!

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