Is Gary Plauche’s Son Jody Plauche Married? His Current Status

By RahulPublished on: March 19, 2024 Updated on: May 7, 2024
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Jody Plauche became widely known in the 1980s following a harrowing and high-profile kidnapping incident. He was abducted by Jeff Doucet, his karate instructor. This led to a massive search and eventually, Jody was found and rescued in California.

The case took a dramatic turn when Gary Plauche, Jody’s father, fatally shot Doucet at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. This event sparked widespread discussions on child safety, justice, and trauma.

A photo of Jody and Jeff Doucet
A young Jody with Jeff.

Overcoming these traumatic experiences, Jody has since dedicated himself to advocating for the rights of victims and raising awareness about child safety.

Given the public’s familiarity with Plauche’s past and his advocacy work, there remains a natural curiosity about his personal life. This article aims to explore the less publicized aspects of Jody’s life, including the presence or absence of a wife.

He Is Neither Married nor Dating

Currently, Jody Plauche, 52, is living a single life, and honestly, he seems pretty content with where he’s at right now. He’s deep into his work as an advocate, pouring his heart into spreading awareness about sexual abuse through his book Why Gary Why?: The Jody Plauche Story, delivering speeches, and participating in engagements aimed at empowering fellow survivors. Clearly, this mission has taken center stage in his life.

In an interview with the Mirror in 2024, Jody did touch on his dating history, mentioning some experiences during his time at Woodlawn High School. But that feels like a lifetime ago for him. Since then, he’s undergone a lot of personal growth and has become fully immersed in his work.

Jody wearing basketball shorts
Jody pictured during his time in high school.

He Gives Training on Sexual Violence Risk Reduction

Nowadays, Jody, who stands at a height of 5ft 10 inches, is actively involved in conducting professional and college training on sexual violence risk reduction across the United States. He has built a distinguished career focused on violence prevention, a commitment that began during his time at Louisiana State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree.

While at LSU, he was a key member of the Men Against Violence, a campus organization aimed at combating campus violence, including sexual assault. His dedication to this cause extended into his professional life, notably during his seven-year tenure at the Victim Services Center of Montgomery County in Norristown, PA.

There, he advanced from a sexual assault counselor to the Supervisor of Community Education Programs, providing invaluable support to victims and leading educational initiatives.

Jody’s work has not only been local; he has engaged on a national level, participating in significant events like The White House Conference on Missing, Exploited, and Runaway Children, and serving on the state-wide Men Against Sexual Violence Committee.

His contributions to the field have been recognized, most notably with the Survivor/Activist of the Year award from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency in 2004.

His Hero (Dad) Passed Away in 2014

On October 21, 2014, Gary, succumbed to a stroke aggravated by diabetes at the age of 68. He is survived by his wife, June Plauche and four children, daughter, Sissy Jennifer Lauree’; sons, Gary, Jr. “Bubba”, Joseph Boyce “Jody”, and Jeffrey Michael “Mikey”.

Beyond his life as a respected Veteran SSgt of the United States Air Force and a committed heavy equipment salesman, Gary was known nationwide for a moment of extraordinary personal justice.

A photo of Gary and jeff
Gary, in cap, about to fatally shoot Jeff. Source: NZ Herald.

The event that defined much of Gary’s later life was the shooting of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped and abused Gary’s son. In the legal aftermath, Gary faced a potential prison sentence for his actions.

However, reflecting the complex emotions surrounding the case, he received a sentence that included a suspended seven-year term, five years on probation, and 300 hours of community service.

After his passing, his son Jody told TheAdvocate,

A lot of people remember the guy who shot somebody. I remember someone who would pick up stray animals … someone who was just a kind soul, a gentle person.

Gary once appeared with his son Jody in ESPN’s special, A Time To Kill: The Jody Plauche Story.

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