Jessica Vestal Plastic Surgery: Analyzing Changes Over A Decade

By Navin SoniPublished on: June 24, 2024 Updated on: June 24, 2024
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Jessica Vestal’s meteoric rise to fame following her appearance on Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” & “Perfect Match” can largely be attributed to her striking looks, which have not only captivated audiences but also sparked intense debate. Touted by many as possibly the most beautiful contestant ever on the show, Jessica’s allure has helped her amass a following of over a million on social media platforms like Instagram.

However, with great visibility comes great scrutiny, and her appearance has led to rampant speculation about potential plastic surgery. Claims of drastic changes have circulated, prompting a closer look at her transformation. Well, in this article, we will delve into the before and after photos of Vestal to uncover the truth behind the surgery rumors.

Analyzing Changes In Her Facial Features In The Last 10 Years

Jessica has been the subject of much speculation regarding cosmetic enhancements. Over the past decade, photographs of Jessica alongside her daughter have allowed fans to witness her evolving beauty, though the changes appear to be minimal.

Jessica In The Last 10 Years
Not Much Of A Change When Her Facial Features Are Concerned

Facial Structure: There is no significant alteration in the structure of Jessica’s face. Her jawline, cheekbones, and the overall shape of her face have remained consistent throughout the years, supporting the notion that any major surgical intervention is unlikely. This consistency in bone structure is a strong indicator that her youthful appearance can largely be attributed to genetics and natural aging.

Skin Treatments: Jessica’s skin shows signs of consistent care but does not necessarily indicate aggressive cosmetic procedures. The quality of her skin could be the result of routine skincare treatments like facials or non-invasive surface treatments rather than more intensive procedures.

Subtle Enhancements: The most notable changes are seen in the slightly increased fullness of her lips and perhaps minimal facial fillers, which are common non-surgical treatments that enhance facial volume and can create a more youthful appearance. These changes are subtle and align with Jessica’s approach to maintaining her look without altering her natural beauty drastically.

Orthodontics and Tanning: Jessica has openly shared her use of braces, which might have influenced the alignment of her teeth and subtly impacted her smile aesthetics. Additionally, changes in skin tone observed in the photos are likely due to tanning, which can alter perceived facial features but is entirely temporary.

Influence of Makeup: It’s crucial to note the role that makeup can play in transforming appearance. The variances in her look across different events could be significantly influenced by makeup techniques, which can contour the face to enhance or slightly alter perceived facial structure without any permanent changes.

Signs of Boob Job and Butt Lift

The visible differences in Jessica Vestal’s physical appearance between a photo from 2013 and recent images provide substantial evidence suggesting a boob job and butt lift. These procedures are consistent with the observed changes in her physique, notably the development of a more pronounced hourglass figure characterized by a very thin waistline coupled with significantly larger breasts and buttocks.

Jessica Vestal Before And After
Before & After Photos: Visible Enhancement In Butt And Breast

Breast Enlargement: The increase in her bust size is a common outcome of breast augmentation, a procedure that involves implants or fat transfer to enhance the volume and shape of the breasts. The dramatic change in size, which is hard to attribute to natural fluctuations such as weight gain or hormonal changes alone, especially when paired with a narrow waist, points towards surgical enhancement.

Butt Lift: Similarly, the visible enlargement and reshaping of her buttocks suggest a butt lift. This procedure often involves techniques such as fat grafting or implants to create a fuller, more rounded posterior. The distinct shaping and proportion relative to her waist size further support the likelihood of cosmetic intervention.

These transformations are particularly noteworthy considering her genetic gifts and natural body structure. While genetics can play a significant role in body shape, the extent and nature of the changes observed in Jessica’s case are more indicative of surgical enhancements than of natural variations. The comparison of past and present photographs provides a clear visual narrative of her evolving appearance, aligning with common results seen in breast augmentation and buttock enhancement procedures.