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By RahulPublished on: April 4, 2024 Updated on: May 16, 2024
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Jenifer Lewis is pretty much a household name if you’re into the movie and TV scene. Surely, you might have seen her lighting up the screen in Black-ish as Ruby Johnson, the kind of grandma everyone loves to laugh with, or maybe in classics like What’s Love Got to Do with It, where she played Tina Turner’s mother. And with the recent speculation that she may be Miss Cleocatra on Masked Singer, she has once again come on the news.

But there’s another story here, one that doesn’t get as much airtime – the story of her daughter, Charmaine Lewis, aged 36. While Jenifer has been killing it in Hollywood, she has been making her waves, though outside the spotlight.

So, who is Jenifer Lewis’ daughter? This article sheds light on her, exploring everything from her adoption story and biological parents to her family life and professional endeavors.”

Their Adoption Story: Jenifer Was Her Sister and Then Her Mom

Charmaine’s adoption story isn’t the typical tale you hear about. Actually, it’s way more interesting and, honestly, way more real than that.

A photo of Jenifer and Charmaine
The momma-daughter duo in a picture. Source: Instagram

So, Jenifer never really set out with the plan of becoming a mom, be it biological or through adoption. But one day, she decided to become a mentor after some advice from her therapist (she suffered from Bipolar Disorder) and a group of African-American women she was close with. That’s how she ended up joining the LA’s Big Sister/Big Brother program. And that’s where Charmaine comes into the picture.

While reminiscing about the moment, Jenifer told NPR,

And I joined the Big Sister Big Brother program. And I got this little girl. She was 7 years old, and she was under a desk when I walked into the YMCA to meet her. And I kind of wanted to just climb under there with her. But I had done enough work in therapy to reach my hand out to her. And she came out from under the desk. And I have loved her.

For five years, Jenifer was just Charmaine’s Big Sister. But then life threw a curveball. The then 12-year-old, Charmaine’s biological mom got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

That’s when Jenifer stepped up in a big way. She wasn’t sure about how to be a mom, but she knew two things for sure: she could provide for her, and more importantly, she loved her. So she decided to adopt Charmaine when she was 12.

It wasn’t an easy journey, to say the least, and Jenifer has been open about the challenges they faced. She was single for most of Charmaine’s upbringing, which only added to the challenge of raising a child. She has been engaged four times, but never married. Regarding this, she said,

I never married. I’ve been married to my career, and I have no regrets.

And rightfully so, she has done a tremendous job at raising her daughter. So for the question, does Jenifer have any children, well, yes, she has one.

Charmaine Has Reconnected with Her Biological Roots

Her story with her biological family, especially her dad, Clarence Headspeth, is honestly as heartwarming as it is complex. Despite being adopted by Jenifer, she has also fostered a connection with her biological family, which is pretty good and complex at the same time.

For a long time, it seems like Charmaine didn’t have contact with her biological father. It’s not clear why or how that happened, but it’s not uncommon in adoption stories. But here’s the twist in the tale – they have reconnected. She shared a photo with her dad on Instagram, and the caption was super touching.

An old photo of her biological parents.
An old photo of her biological parents.

She wrote, “I could have never dreamed I’d have a dad and now I do.” These words, pack a lot of emotion. It hints at a journey of reconnection and discovery, finding a relationship she didn’t expect to have.

Chamaine and her dad in a photo
A photo with her biological dad. Source: Instagram

And there’s also Charmaine’s biological mom to consider. She’s alive and well, despite being diagnosed with sclerosis. But we don’t really hear much about her, including her name. That doesn’t mean she’s not an important part of Charmaine’s life; it’s just that some details about her are kept private.

She Is Into All Things Art

Unlike her adopted mom, Jenifer, who’s all about acting, Charmaine Lewis has taken a different route. A 2011 article by St. Louis Post-Dispatch, pointed out that she is a photographer. But that was a long time ago, so what’s up with her today?

Currently, she’s a Creative Consultant and the Chief Visionary Officer at Lucid Fate, according to her Instagram bio. That sounds creative, right?

But that’s not all. She also put together an art book called Because Black Is Beautiful: Reflective Imagery & Affirmations for Queens of All Ages. It’s like she’s using her art to send out this powerful message, and honestly, it’s pretty inspiring.

And on top of all that, she’s also embracing her role as a mom alongside her partner. More on this below!

She is Married and a Mother of One

She is a Charmaine and her boyfriend Keith Dworkin exchanged vows on September 10th, 2021. Their Las Vegas wedding was not just a celebration of love but also a culmination of a journey that began in 2019 when they first started dating.

Charmaine, her husband and their son.
Charmaine, her husband and their son. Source: Insta

The couple welcomed their son, Kilanu, on March 6th, 2022, adding a new dimension to their partnership. Together, Charmaine, Keith, and their son engage in a lot of activities, celebrating their love for each other.

The birth of their son has further strengthened their bond, anchoring their relationship in shared responsibilities and joys.

Her Husband Has Worked For Big Entertainment Companies

Charmaine’s husband, Keith Dworkin is a musician and a writer. But wait, he’s not your regular musician; he’s a standout figure in the music world, making waves from American Idol to CMH Records, and even in big names like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.

Hailing from New Jersey, Keith’s career shows off his incredible talent and the mark he’s made across a variety of major entertainment platforms. His most famous credits to date are Grace and Frankie (2015), Superkitties (2023), and The Jinx and DeLa Holiday Special (2020).

She Raised a Toast for her Mom at the Essense Awards

Charmaine Lewis has often been seen at various events, proudly standing by her mom, Jenifer. Their appearances together highlight not just their close mother-daughter relationship but also the mutual respect and admiration they share for each other’s achievements.

In 2019, a notable moment between the two was at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Award ceremony, where Jenifer was honored with an award. Charmaine didn’t just attend the event; she took to the podium to speak about her mom.

Rewinding back to 2004, the duo made a memorable appearance at the Spider-Man 2 premiere as well.


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