How Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Jean Muggli Turned Scandal into Success!

Jean and Michael had a nasty separation, but today they are great friends, all thanks to their daughter.

By RahulPublished on: May 27, 2024 Updated on: May 29, 2024
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Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan’s marriage crashed and burned in one of the most dramatic and bitter divorces of the early 2000s. With accusations flying and legal battles that seemed never-ending, their relationship was left in tatters. However, the health struggles of their daughter, Isabella, brought them closer than ever.

In October 2023, Isabella was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. This devastating news forced Jean and Michael to put their differences aside and focus on their daughter’s wellbeing. Despite years of animosity, they united in their efforts to support Isabella through her treatment.

As an insider told DailyMail, “Despite his awful divorce from his ex-wife Jean, the two of them have come together and put their differences aside to be there for Isabella. This has made Michael more appreciative and grateful. Right now they are both taking it one day at a time.”

This health crisis became a surprising bridge between them, allowing them to heal some of their past rifts.

Their renewed cooperation wasn’t entirely unprecedented. Back in 2017, Jean shared a photo of herself and Michael cheering for their daughter Sophia during a horse riding competition.

Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan
Jean enjoying time with her ex Michael and friends.

Now, you might be wondering how Jean and Michael’s relationship went from a storybook romance to a headline-grabbing divorce. And what about Jean’s life now – how is she living after receiving that multi-million dollar alimony?

Her Marriage with Michael Began Spectacularly But Ended Terribly

Their relationship began like a scene from a romantic comedy in 1994. Michael, a star defensive end for the New York Giants, walked into a spa in Manhattan where Jean worked.

Jean, who was 26 at the time, had just moved to New York City. She was juggling her job at the skincare shop, moonlighting as a model, and running a boutique on Madison Avenue.

Soon, Michael became a frequent visitor, buying lotions and soaps almost daily. Jean joked, “I figured either he was the cleanest man on the planet or he wanted to ask me out.”

Initially, Jean wasn’t keen on dating an athlete, thanks to all the stereotypes, but Michael wasn’t your typical macho football player. Eventually, they started dating in October 1994, and by 1995, they had moved in together.

A couple of years later, they married on July 18, 1999. And then a few years later, the pair welcomed twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, on October 28, 2004.

But soon, their picture-perfect life started to crumble. On March 14, 2005, Michael filed for divorce, just days after Jean accused him of domestic violence. Their split quickly turned into a public spectacle with accusations flying from both sides.

Michael claimed Jean had drained their joint account of $3.2 million. Jean’s lawyer shot back, saying she only moved the money after Michael canceled her credit cards and started transferring funds without her knowledge.

She Made Multiple Allegations Against Her Hubby

Jean didn’t hold back with her accusations. She claimed Strahan physically abused her multiple times, choking and punching her. She also accused him of neglect and infidelity, naming two women, Theresa Higgonbothom and Lindsey Dierling, as his mistresses, though she admitted the spellings might be off.

Muggli recounted how Michael would brazenly flaunt his affairs, even calling his mistress while Jean was in the room and leaving gifts for the other woman where she could find them.

As the divorce battle raged on, Jean’s court documents painted an even darker picture. She claimed Michael made her crawl into a dumpster to retrieve a breast pump he had thrown away after she was discharged from the hospital. She also alleged he installed a hidden camera to record her sister undressing.

There was also a wild road rage incident that went down during what was supposed to be a romantic date night. Jean claimed that Michael, who had totally forgotten about their date, reluctantly took her out.

Things took a turn for the worse when he got stuck behind a slow-moving driver. Despite her frantic pleas to chill out, Michael’s temper flared. He swerved their SUV and rammed right into the car ahead.

Additionally, she accused him of spending little time with their children, prioritizing golf tournaments and trips instead.

Despite all these allegations, Michael’s lawyer defended him, but the damage to his public image was significant.

Her Ex-Husband’s Family Called Her A Gold Digger

While Jean was busy throwing shade, Michael and his family weren’t sitting quietly. His dad, Gene ‘Willie’ Strahan, spilled some serious tea in an interview, revealing he had warned his son back in 1999 not to marry Jean. He called her ‘a sick, evil lady’ who would ruin his son, claiming she called their family ‘ghetto’ and ‘uneducated.’

Wanda Hutchins, Michael’s first wife, wasn’t holding back either. She remembered Jean once wishing her stepkids, Tanita and Michael Strahan Jr., were dead. Wanda defended Michael, saying he was a great dad and faithful partner. Furthermore, she said their split was just because they were too young when they got married.

Jean Muggli and a horse
Jean with her pet horse. Source: Instagram

Gene also had major concerns about Jean’s mental stability, especially for his twin granddaughters’ sake.

One Christmas, Jean accused the Strahans of trying to cash in on Michael’s success, which his dad found ironic, seeing Jean as the one after Michael’s money. “All she saw was an athlete with super financial” status, he said.

The family also claimed Jean tried to isolate Michael from his kids from his first marriage. Louise, Michael’s mom, said she made it hard for him to see his children, which strained family relations. They also highlighted Jean’s extravagant spending, like the $26,688 she splurged on baby photos.

The drama escalated when Jean hinted that after their split, Michael moved in with his best friend, Dr. Ian Smith, suggesting he was gay. His dad shot down these claims and said she is fanning this speculation to destroy his reputation.

Meanwhile, Wanda was appalled by Jean’s accusations about Michael’s sexuality, calling them over the top and worrying about their impact on the kids. She criticized Jean for acting like Michael’s first family didn’t exist.

Michael Accused Her Of Being Abusive Towards Their Daughters

Back in early 2020, the custody saga between the former flames hit a dramatic twist when Michael accused Jean of abusing their daughters. The TV personality claimed the abuse had been both physical and emotional and was going on for years.

He’s not just throwing accusations around; Michael filed new court documents detailing his concerns. He alleged she had shown a troubling ‘pattern of abusive conduct’ towards their kids. According to the former NFL player, it’s been a long-standing issue that requires a serious change for the well-being of the girls.

His biggest gripe? Jean, who lives in North Carolina with the twins, hasn’t been making sure they attend their court-ordered therapy sessions. These sessions are crucial for the girls’ emotional health, and skipping them only makes things worse.

He also claims that she is stopping the girls from enjoying their favorite activities like volleyball and equestrian events, which are vital for their growth and happiness. Michael was gunning for primary custody at that time and although the custody didn’t go solely to him, his girls did move to New York to stay close with him.

She Made Millions From Divorce Alimony

Jean Muggli certainly hit the financial jackpot when she divorced Strahan. The settlement was one for the ages, ensuring she walked away with a considerable fortune.

To start, Jean secured a massive $15.3 million in the divorce settlement. But the financial perks didn’t end there. She also received a lump sum of $311,150 in retroactive child support. On top of these payments, Michael was ordered to pay her $18,000 per month in child support, which was later reduced to $13,000 after he retired from the NFL in 2008.

Their prenuptial agreement was a game-changer. It granted Jean half of their marital assets plus an additional 20% of Michael’s annual income for each year they were married. Despite his efforts to challenge this, the judge upheld the prenup in January 2007, ensuring Jean continued to receive significant financial support.

The settlement wasn’t just about cash. Jean also got their luxurious 30-room mansion in Montclair, New Jersey. The court battles didn’t stop with the divorce; Jean frequently returned to court seeking additional funds for their twins’ expenses, including expensive horseback riding lessons that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She Lives an Affluent Life as a Wedding Venue Owner in NC

Muggli is now living her best life in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she owns and operates the Sycamore Bend Event Venue. This stunning wedding venue has been under her ownership since 2015, and by the looks of its Instagram page, business is booming.

The former Mrs Strahan’s knack for creating a picturesque venue has paid off. The place is a favorite for many couples looking to tie the knot, and it’s easy to see why.

Before her successful venture into the wedding venue business, Jean had a diverse career. She worked as a model, where she earned up to $70,000 a year, and later as a manager for a cosmetic company.

Her background in modeling and cosmetics undoubtedly contributes to her keen aesthetic sense, which she brings to every event at Sycamore Bend.

Thanks to her savvy business moves and the generous settlement from her divorce, she is currently sitting on a fortune of over $10 million.

She Is Her Daughters Number One Supporter

Jean is the ultimate cheerleader when it comes to her daughters. If you take a stroll through her Instagram account, you’ll see just how dedicated she is to celebrating every little milestone her girls achieve.


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Whether it’s equestrian, basketball, or volleyball, her daughters excel in every sport they play, and she is always there on the sidelines, cheering them on with unwavering enthusiasm.

Jean Muggli’s Current Relationship Is Ambiguous At Best

Her love life has always been a bit of a rollercoaster, and it looks like she might be on another exciting ride. Back in November 2018, she took to Instagram to announce her new relationship with a heartwarming post. She shared a photo of herself with a man on a motorbike and wrote,

“Day 2 of my gratitude posts….7 years ago today, November 26, 2011, I was in Flasher North Dakota at a rodeo dance with my sisters and this handsome cowboy asked me to dance…I have been blessed to know Cole and call him my best friend. I am thankful for the friendship, love, and life lessons we have learned through the years. I am a lucky lady and have gratitude for Cole and the blessing in my life.”

Jean Muggli with her biker boyfriend
A photo she shared of her sitting on her partner’s bike,

But here’s where it gets juicy—since that post, Jean has been pretty tight-lipped about her beau. No more lovey-dovey posts or updates, leaving everyone guessing about their current status. Is she still with Cole? Has she moved on? The speculation is endless!

Aside from this, Jean was once in a lesbian relationship with Marianne Ayer. However, this relationship ended in a complete disaster, with Marianne filing for a protection order against Jean. Things got so heated that Jean was arrested in June 2021 for violating this order by showing up at Marianne’s place.

Marianne’s legal complaints included accusations of grand larceny, harassment, and even animal abuse, which painted a pretty chaotic picture of their time together.

She Is Originally From North Dakota

Jean hails from the quaint town of Carson, North Dakota. Born on March 25th, 1965, into a large Catholic family, she is one of seven children. Her parents, Anthony and Mary Muggli, raised their three sons—Timmy, David, and Scott—and four daughters—Jean, Carol Lee, Cindy, and Denise—in a tight-knit household.

Her father, Anthony, had a military background, serving from 1956 to 1958. Sadly, he passed away in October 2000, but his legacy and the values he instilled in his children continue to influence them.

She attended Carson High School and pursued higher education at Mary College in Bismarck, North Dakota.

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