Toriah Lachell Mimms: From Getting Cheated on By Jayson To A Successful Entrepreneur

Tatum's ex-girlfriend Toriah Lachell operates a successful salon in Boston, despite the challenges of a young matriarch.

By RahulPublished on: May 3, 2024 Updated on: May 9, 2024
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Jayson Tatum didn’t just take after his dad, Justin Tatum, on the basketball court; he also became a father super young, just like his old man. Tatum’s high school sweetheart, Toriah Lachell Mimms, is the mother of Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr, born on December 6th, 2017.

When Deuce came into this world, Jayson was 19 and Toriah was 20.

Toriah Lachell wearing a white mini dress
Toriah shared this picture on her birthday.

Currently, the exes share the joint custody of their son, with Jayson also paying child support. Regardless of the fact that they are no longer dating, they share a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Meanwhile, Lachell has been killing it with her trendy The Curl Bar in Boston, but it’s her past with Jayson that really gets people talking.

Today, we’ve got the lowdown on some not-so-known juicy details about their relationship that you definitely want to hear.

Toriah’s Profile Summary

  • Ethnicity: African/American and Italian/German/Polish
  • Age: 27
  • Birthdate: February 9th
  • Zodiaq: Aquarius
  • Height: 5ft 8inches
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

She Became Pregnant With Jayson’s Child Despite His Father’s Warning

In the spring of 2017, as Jayson was closing out an impressive freshman year at Duke and gearing up for the NBA, life threw him a curveball.

One day, his phone rang with a call that would unexpectedly change his life. It was Toriah, his high school flame, telling him she was pregnant.

Remembering that moment, he said to ESPN, “It was a lot and it was unexpected.”

Toriah Lachell Pregnant post
A pregnant Toriah. Source: Instagram

This happened, despite Jayson’s father, Justin’s seemingly playful intervention. A couple of years prior to this incident, Justin gave his teenage son some fatherly advice.

In a 2015 interview with St. Louis Curator, Justin mentioned that he encouraged Jayson, who was 17 at that time, and Toriah, to babysit Kayden, Jayson’s much younger sister, more often.

His reason? He saw it as a reality check, a sneak peek into why they should avoid becoming young parents too soon.

Despite Justin’s playful warnings, life had other plans.

She Broke-Up with Jayson Around the Time He Joined Duke

Initially, Mimms and Tatum started dating in August of 2014, while they were both in high school, but different ones. The Small Power Forward was studying at Chaminade College Preparatory, an all-boys school, and Lachell at McCluer North High School. They likely met through mutual friends.

However, after Tatum joined Duke University, their relationship began having strains. According to users from a popular celebrity forum, Lipstick Alley, while they were still dating, Jayson became involved with several women, leading to his eventual split from Toriah.

Shortly after ending things with her, Jayson started dating Samie Amos, a volleyball player at Duke.

Fans Accused Tatum of Pulling a Lou Williams

In the same timeline, where Tatum and Amos are dating, Toriah Lachell announced she was pregnant with his kid. Naturally, this development created tension between Jayson and his then-girlfriend Samie, leading to public drama.

Samie expressed her frustrations openly on Instagram, criticizing Jayson’s behavior and character. Her post quickly went viral but was deleted shortly thereafter. But in any case, here’s the screenshot of the post.

An Instagram post screenshot of Samie Amos
A post that Samie shared right after Jayson left her. Source:

During this period, media and fans drew comparisons between Jayson and NBA player Lou Williams, who was known for having multiple partners at the same time, dubbing Jayson the ‘Lou Will Second Coming.’

Meanwhile, after Jayson’s son Deuce was born, Samie took to Insta and said, ‘Not Mine.’

Her Ex-Partner Admits He Was Selfish; Was Worried More About His Career Than Being a Dad

Several years after welcoming his son, Deuce, Tatum opened up about how he felt about fatherhood at that time. In an interview with Graham Bensinger, he said,

I was selfish at first, honestly. I was more worried about getting drafted than I was about being a dad, because my whole life I had dreamed about going to the NBA and the best day of my life was two months away.

He added,

I didn’t tell anybody — I didn’t tell my teammates, the coaches, anything… I didn’t want it to impact where I got drafted. I thought that if teams knew I was about to have a kid, they were gonna think I wasn’t focused and that they wouldn’t pick me, so I was terrified. I didn’t want anybody to know, which was extremely selfish.

However, his perspective dramatically changed the moment he first held his son. “All of my worries went out the window when I held my son for the first time,” Jayson said.

She Moved to Boston To Transition to Her New Setting

Jayson’s mother, Cole-Barnes, was instrumental during this time of change for Jayson and Lachell. Recognizing the pressures young parents face, she encouraged Lachell to move to the Boston area.

She arranged for three apartments in the same complex, one for Lachell, one for Jayson, and one for Cole-Barnes and her husband, creating a setup that fostered both independence and family support.

Deuce Tatum Young and Today
Deuce’s birth was a big turning point in his parents lives.

The young grandma took on the role of resident babysitter, allowing Lachell to continue her studies while Jayson focused on his rising NBA career. She said, “They both have dreams and goals and I want them both to achieve them.”

Today, Jayson stands as a cool father figure to all the young dads out there, someone who showed everyone that you can juggle both parenting and your thriving career if you set your heart to it.

She Continued to Take Big Strides In her Career Despite Being a Young Mom

Toriah, who is not dating anyone as of 2024, defied the typical expectations of a young mother by not only continuing her education but also launching a successful career amidst the challenges of early parenthood.

While she could have opted to pause her professional ambitions and rely on the substantial child support from an NBA star, she was determined to forge her own path. Even before her son was born, she had already set her sights on becoming a beautician.

Toriah Lachell with her friends from the school
Toriah with her classmates from Empire Beauty School.

Following her passion for hair care, Toriah completed her education at Empire Beauty School, Boston, and opened The Curl Bar, a hair salon in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 2021.

Jayson Tatum and his ex-partner Toriah Lachell
Jayson and Toriah during their happier times.

Toriah Mimms’ journey into the world of hairstyling was deeply personal. On ‘The Glow Up Effect’ podcast in 2021, she shared how her passion started back in school when she and a friend began embracing their natural curls, moving away from chemical relaxers.

She became a self-taught expert by watching countless YouTube videos and experimenting with her own hair, which she showcased on Instagram.

This led to increasing requests for her styling advice and services on Instagram, eventually steering her towards a professional career in hairstyling.

When she was eight months pregnant, she moved to Boston. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to attend a beauty school in St Louis, as she had previously planned, she enrolled in a cosmetology school in Boston, just two weeks after giving birth.


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A post shared by Curl Specialist➰ (@toriahlachell)

She planned to complete her beauty training while her son was really young to later enjoy a flexible schedule that would allow her to be both a present mother and a thriving professional. By August 2018, she proudly announced her graduation from the program on her Instagram.

Toriah has been featured in the ReadCurl Magazine as well, which in itself is a big honor.

She Wears Her Biracial Heritage with Honor

Her father, Mario Mimms, is African-American, and her mother, Julie Gibbs, is of German and Italian descent. Raised in St. Louis, MO, Toriah grew up immersed in her parents’ diverse cultures, something that changed her perception, later on in life.

Her parents never married and separated when she was young, but they maintained a positive relationship, which helped provide a stable for their only child.

Toriah Lachell Mother and Father
Toriah’s dad and mom. Source: Facebook

Her mother, Julie, later remarried John Gibbs. Despite these changes, she stayed close to her dad, Mario, who is also in a new relationship since 2023.

Today, Toriah proudly embraces her biracial heritage. She has channeled her appreciation for her African roots into her business venture, the Curl Bar, a salon that encourages clients to embrace their natural curls, something which she promotes on her Instagram.


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A post shared by Curl Specialist➰ (@toriahlachell)

The salon’s motto is to promote natural hair without chemical treatments. What’s more, her business is proudly listed as black-owned, celebrating her identity and cultural heritage.

Toriah Lachell Mimms showing off her curls.
She proudly flaunts her curls, a nod to her African-American heritage.

Toriah Lachell: Financial Success and Community Contributions

She has built up a net worth of around $500,000 thanks to her smart management and hard work at her salon. Her business is celebrated for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, catering to all hair types.

In addition to her business success, Toriah is a dedicated supporter of her community. Back in 2023, she celebrated the second anniversary of her salon with a block party that not only featured the Curl Bar but also highlighted other small, minority-owned businesses.

The event offered free activities and services for families, showcasing her ongoing commitment to community support and engagement.

Interesting Facts About Her

  1. Her great-grandfather Donald Roberts served in World War II and the Korean War.
  2. She played soccer and softball during her junior and senior years at McCluer North. As for her skills, this is what she said, ‘I really was the 🐐.’
  3. Her mom Julie gave birth to her when she was also 20; so like mother like daughter.
  4. She currently lives in St Somerville, MA, which is near Jayson’s residence in Newton, MA.

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Does Deuce Tatum have Down Syndrome?

No, he doesn’t have Down syndrome. He was born with no physical and mental handicap.

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