Jason Mraz’s Ex-Wife Sheridan Edley – Her Life After Divorce

Singer Jason Mraz's ex-wife, Sheridan Edley has an acting credit under her belt.

By AtticusPublished on: May 5, 2024 Updated on: May 7, 2024
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Sheridan Edley, once married to singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, has really changed up her life since her divorce. After dabbling in music herself during college and briefly teaching it, Sheridan has moved on to bigger things.

These days, she’s involved in special education, where she’s become quite the expert. Even though she keeps her Instagram private, keeping her personal life out of the spotlight, her professional growth shows she’s more than just the celebrity ex-wife.

From government and finance to education, Sheridan has shown she’s capable of a lot, constantly reinventing herself along the way.

Sheridan and Jason’s Marriage Ended in Less Than A Year

Edley’s personal life has seen its share of public attention, primarily due to her brief marriage to Grammy-winning singer Mraz. The couple tied the knot on December 31, 2000, in a union that lasted less than a year, with Mraz filing for divorce on August 15, 2001. Little is publicly known about the details of their relationship and subsequent separation.

After her marriage to Mraz, Sheridan found love again and married Mark Geller on August 26, 2013. However, their time together ended in tragedy, as Mark Geller has since passed away. This is confirmed by the “remembering” status on his Facebook profile, a feature used to memorialize someone who has died. The specifics of his passing are not publicly disclosed.

Sheridan Edley and Mark Geller got married in 2013
Sheridan and Mark Geller got married in 2013

Mark, originally from Forest Hills, New York, was a media director at Harmelin Media. He also worked as a media consultant at Universal Pictures, as an EVP of media at Paramount Pictures, and as an SVP of media at Fox Searchlight Pictures. Mark completed high school at Newton High and graduated from Queens College, City University of New York.

Jason Mraz’s Second Marriage Also Ended in Divorce

After his short marriage to Sheridan ended in 2002, Mraz’s love life continued to have its ups and downs. He got engaged to another singer, Tristan Prettyman, in 2010, but they never made it down the aisle, breaking up the following year.

Jason didn’t give up on love though; he married Christina Carano in 2015 in his hometown of Mechanicsville, Virginia. However, this marriage didn’t last either, and they split up in June 2023. Jason shared the news of their divorce at an album release party, mentioning he kept it quiet at first to respect his ex-wife’s wish to stay out of the public eye.

Jason has been open about the emotional toll the divorce took on him. In an interview with GLAAD, he talked about feeling a lot of guilt and how tough it was to go through a divorce, describing it as both difficult to face and to move past. Right now, Jason isn’t publicly dating anyone as he seems to be taking some time for himself after his recent divorce.

Her Ex-Husband Identifies Himself as Bisexual

In June 2018, during Pride Month, singer Mraz shared a deeply personal poem with Billboard, where he openly discussed his sexuality. The poem concluded with a poignant line: “I am bi your side. / All ways.”

This sparked widespread media speculation about his sexual orientation. Shortly after, Mraz confirmed in an interview with Billboard that the poem was indeed a reflection of his true self, revealing that he has had experiences with both men and women.

Mraz explained that these experiences occurred even while he was in a relationship with Christina Carano, who later became his wife. He shared that Carano helped him understand his sexuality, describing him as “two-spirit.”

Sheridan Edley's ex-husband, Jason Mraz is bisexual
Singer Jason Mraz is bisexual

Mraz’s candidness about his bisexuality and his thoughtful yet controversial use of the term “two-spirit” brought both support and dialogue about cultural sensitivity and the complexities of sexual identity. His openness about his sexuality has contributed to the broader conversation about LGBTQ+ representation in the music industry and beyond.

Sheridan Has An Acting Credit Under Her Belt

Sheridan’s career has been both diverse and impactful. Initially engaged in politics as an issues staff at the Illinois House of Representatives in 1997, she quickly transitioned into finance, working as a paralegal at Brown Rudnick in Boston until 2000.

She then moved to the entertainment industry, joining Warner Bros. Entertainment Group in California as a financial analyst. During her tenure there, which lasted until mid-2009, she ascended to a supervisory role in financial contracts and reporting. After a brief stint as an elementary school music teacher in the 2009/2010 school year, she briefly returned to Warner Bros.

Her brief foray into the entertainment industry includes a role as a businesswoman in the 2010 short film Retracing Your Steps, her only on-camera appearance.

Sheridan permanently shifted to education in 2011, teaching in various schools across California and Chicago. She notably served as an assistant principal and learning specialist at Old St. Mary’s School in Chicago.

Recently, she has been at The Jones-Gordon School in Paradise Valley, Arizona, contributing as a lower school teacher and dyslexia interventionist. Her commitment to education is highlighted by the school’s acknowledgment of her “unshakable belief” in the potential of her students, marking her continued influence in the field through at least mid-2023.

A Lifelong Learner and Multifaceted Achiever

Edley is a graduate of Smith College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government while participating in both the chorus and a cappella groups, showcasing her broad range of interests.

Describing herself as an “insatiable learner,” Edley’s quest for knowledge didn’t stop with her undergraduate studies. In 2008, she returned to academia and obtained a Master of Arts in Education from Antioch University-Los Angeles in 2012. Her educational pursuits extended further, earning additional certifications from UC San Diego and the University of St. Francis.

Jason Mraz's ex-wife, Sheridan Edley has been a lifelong learner
Sheridan has been a lifelong learner

Beyond academia, Edley is a certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner, underscoring her dedication to making a difference in the field of education, particularly for students with learning challenges.


  • Sheridan was born Gloria Sheridan Edley in 1976; she is 48 years old.
  • She is an avid long-distance runner and tennis player.

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