The Secret Life of Jacqueline Rickman, Roger Daltrey’s Ex-Wife

Daltrey says divorce from his first wife Jacqueline was due to his band's success.

By RahulPublished on: April 7, 2024 Updated on: May 11, 2024
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Roger Daltrey, famed as the lead vocalist of The Who, helped soundtrack a revolution with his band’s explosive entrance into the rock scene. Beyond the stage, his life turned towards the personal when, at the age of 20, he married Jacqueline Rickman, who was 16 at the time.

Unfortunately, their marriage was as tender as their age and they separated four years later. Reflecting on those days, Daltrey acknowledged the toll his skyrocketing career took on their relationship, saying,

The casualty of our early success was my marriage… I was too young, too stupid and in a rock’n’roll band.

Despite the eventual dissolution of their marriage, Daltrey and Rickman maintained an amicable relationship.

Her Ex-Husband Admits He Wasn’t a Good Partner

Throughout his career, Jacqueline’s ex Daltrey has been remarkably open about his struggles with being a good husband. His life, filled with the highs and lows of rock stardom, had put unique pressures on his personal relationships.

After he exchanged vows with Jacqueline on 28th March 1964 at the Wandsworth Registry Office, Roger didn’t know what he was signing up for and was doing it just because. And strangely enough, his words also reciprocated the same feeling.

Young Roger Daltrey and Jacqueline Rickman at their wedding ceremony
Roger and Jacqueline married in 1964. Source: Pinterest

He said,

I’d got married because my wife-to-be was pregnant and it was the decent thing to do.

Soon, he left his pregnant wife, Jackie, to follow his dream of becoming a rockstar, something which eventually caused their relationship’s demise. But in an interview with the Mirror, he said it felt like a right thing to do.

When I left my first wife Jackie to follow my dream, I was correct in my behavior even though it felt terrible to do it and deeply upset my parents.

His first marriage, which gave him his son oldest son Simon, 59, ended after four years in 1968 due to the strains of his lifestyle. Their divorce was finalized in May 1970.

But Roger also confesses that if he hadn’t moved away from Jackie, he would’ve been a metal sheet worker and not a rockstar.

Jacqueline Rickman's son Simon Daltrey and his wife
Jacqueline Rickman’s son Simon with his wife of many years. Source: Facebook

When speaking of his relationship with his second wife, Heather Taylor, that endured for over 50 years, Roger told The Irish News,

If it was going to last, it had to be a marriage with no issues because of the business I was in. Life on the road, month after month, can be a very lonely place without company. And we were away on tour for five, six months at a time as one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Robert’s Father-In-Law Punched Him Due to Neglecting His Wife

Like we mentioned, Robert never prioritized his relationship with Jackie and he paid dearly for it. Imagine the scene: It’s 1964, and the air is buzzing with the anticipation of a live performance by the High Numbers, soon to be known as The Who.

However, Roger, fresh into his marriage with Jacqueline and on the brink of fatherhood, found himself embroiled in a classic clash of family meets fame.

Jacqueline Rickman sharing a fun moment with the Who members
Jackie shared a fun moment with the Who members along with her husband Roger. Source: Pinterest

His commitment to his band then called the High Numbers, was causing issues at home. His choice to prioritize the band, even sleeping in their van, did not sit well with his in-laws, particularly with Jacqueline’s father.

This tension reached its peak on August 11, 1964, right before the band’s show at the Railway Hotel in Harrow when Jacqueline’s dad confronted Daltrey outside the venue, leading to him getting punched in the face.

Her Life Today After Separation from Roger

Since splitting from Roger, Jacqueline, who is a former model, has been living a quieter life away from the public eye. Despite keeping to herself, it’s known that she found love again and remarried, welcoming two more kids.

Roger also moved on, marrying UK-born model Heather Taylor in 1971. Together, they share three kids: two daughters Rosie Lea, and Willow Amber, and a son, Jamie. For those of you who don’t know, Heather was the late Jimi Hendrix‘s love interest, who was also the inspiration for his hit song, ‘Foxy Lady.’

But lo and behold, Roger swept her right from right under his nose.

The Former Flames Often Go Out Together With Their Family

Even though they’ve long since parted ways, Roger and Jacqueline have kept things surprisingly friendly. They’re so close, in fact, that they often hit the road for family vacations together.

With Roger’s big family of eight kids and 15 grandkids, these getaways are no small affair. Imagine the whole crew, including Jacqueline, packing up and setting off for some quality time away.

Jacqueline Rickman grand daughters with their grandpa, Roger.
Jackie’s granddaughters with their grandpa, Roger. Source: Facebook

It’s pretty cool to think about them all, the entire extended family, going on holiday together. It just goes to show that relationships can evolve in the most unexpected ways.

Is Roger Daltrey’s First Wife Still Alive?

Yes, Jacqueline is very much alive and kicking. She is currently 76 years old and leading a great life spending time with her grandchildren. Meanwhile, her ex-spouse has said in a recent interview that he has accepted his own mortality.

At 80, he openly discussed his thoughts on mortality and his readiness for the end, especially after his serious illness in 2015. He feels fulfilled, with his family well taken care of, and expresses a peaceful acceptance of death.

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