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Jerry Rice's ex-wife Jacqueline, an African-American, is enjoying life today with her boyfriend, pets, and business.

By RahulPublished on: April 17, 2024 Updated on: April 28, 2024
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NFL legend, Jerry Rice and his first wife Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell shared a complex relationship that spanned decades, filled with both warmth and tribulation.

From their relationship, the former spouses became a parent of three and it was during the birth of one of the kids that Jackie had a brush up with death. So what had happened?

Apart from that, it’s interesting to know how Jerry’s ex-wife navigated through the immense fame and stress that Jerry’s thriving career brought during the initial phase of their marriage.

Today let’s uncover details on this former NFL Wag’s and Jerry’s love story, her parents, what’s she doing today post-divorce, and how much is her net worth.

Her Relationship with Jerry Began In the Most Unusual of Ways

They first met in 1985 when Jacqueline was a high school senior, at Greenville High School, visiting Mississippi Valley State University. Despite an initial disagreement, Jerry charmed her enough that she gave him her phone number, setting the stage for their future together.

The day following their initial meeting, Jerry took the initiative to call Jackie, and she invited him over to spend the day at her house. This visit was a crucial moment, particularly with her mother, Gloria.

A young Jacqueline Rice during her modeling days.
A young Jacqueline Rice during her modeling days.

The 61-year-old wide receiver made a positive impression right away by standing to shake her hand when they met, a gesture that her mom found particularly impressive.

Thanks to this, Jerry and Jackie’s relationship received a green signal from her mom from the get-go. After dating for a few years they exchanged vows on September 8, 1987.

Jacqueline Almost Died After Giving Birth To Her Youngest Child

Their marriage faced a significant challenge when Jacqueline delivered their third child, Jada Symone. Although the delivery went smoothly, Jacqueline soon faced life-threatening complications from severe hemorrhaging.

This condition quickly escalated, requiring her to undergo emergency surgery to stop the hemorrhaging. The situation was critical enough that Jerry Rice’s ex-wife eventually slipped into a coma for three months.

Reflecting on this period, in an interview with Graham Bensinger, Jerry revealed how he stayed at the hospital, monitoring every improvement, and every setback. And when she finally woke up, her smile was the first thing that greeted him.

Due to severe complications from childbirth, Jackie Rice faced a long and challenging recovery process. Initially, she lost all feeling in her legs, which necessitated the use of a wheelchair for the first year. As she gradually regained some mobility, she progressed to using a walker, followed by crutches and eventually a cane.

It took three full years from the time of her childbirth until she was able to walk unassisted again. But her resolute demeanor didn’t shake one bit. Speaking to DenverPost after recovery, she said,

We’ve had some trials, but I won’t complain.

She Kept Jerry On Check Whenever He Became Problematic at Home

Aside from health scares, their relationship also navigated the stresses of Jerry’s NFL career. Early in his career, he struggled to leave his competitive nature on the field, which sometimes brought tension into their home life.

A photo of Jerry Rice and his former wife Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell
Jerry and Jacqueline married in 1987.

He admitted that adjusting his intensity was challenging, and recognized the impact it had on Jacqueline Bernice Rice, whom he considers a strong woman. He commented,

My first five years, I had a hard time turning it off. If things didn’t go right for me in football, I’d find myself not turning it off at home.

Rice was well aware of the stereotypes surrounding football players, particularly concerning aggressive behavior off the field. He said,

You hear about stereotypes, about football players being very abusive off the field. ‘I’d seen things when I was growing up, and I decided I wouldn’t be like that.

The football player made a conscious effort to moderate his behavior. And Jackie also tried her best to control his competitiveness at home.

Their Marriage Ended In 2009 Due To Jerry’s Extramarital Affairs

Despite these pressures, they managed to keep their relationship strong for many years. The couple ultimately decided to divorce after 23 years of marriage.

The turning point in their marriage came after Jerry’s extramarital affair with a woman named, Djakarta Edwards came to light. In December 2005, Rice was involved in a paternity suit with Djakarta, with whom he had a brief relationship in 2002.

During this trial, Rice confirmed he was the father of a child born from this affair, a boy named Brenden Rice, 22, who is currently a football player.

This incident was not just a personal scandal but the catalyst for the dissolution of his marriage. In addition to this, Jerry has had several other affairs while still being married to his first wife.

A photo of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell wearing a cap
Jackie has been touted as a strong woman by her ex husband a number of times. Source: Facebook

Upon the revelation, Jacqueline filed for divorce in June 2007 and it was finalized by December 2009. She didn’t receive any alimony as the court had ordered Jerry to split his multi-million assets with her.

Despite all that, they remained on good terms, focusing on raising their children in a positive environment.

She Is Now An Entrepreneur

After stepping away from the limelight that came with being married to an NFL superstar, Jacqueline embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in 2023. She founded Pet Gear Elite, an online store dedicated to providing top-quality pet supplies.

This venture isn’t just a business for her; it’s a passion project inspired by her own crew of six beloved pets: Royalty, King Louis, Bleu I.V, Elle V., QoeQoe, and ReignBeaux. She affectionately refers to them as integral members of her family.

From her business, she plans to support organizations dedicated to rescuing and helping abused, neglected, and abandoned animals worldwide.

By shopping at Pet Gear Elite, customers contribute to a dual-purpose mission: they receive quality products for their pets while supporting efforts to make a significant difference in the animal community.

Before this, Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell, who attended the University of Southern Mississippi, had a vibrant life.

During her time at Greenville HS, she participated in a couple of beauty pageant competitions and even won Miss Black Greenville Teen in 1984. Apart from that, she was a cheerleader as well.

Jerry’s Former Partner Is Dating a Much Younger Boyfriend For A Decade

Since the last decade, Jacqueline, 57, has been in a relationship with Jamaal Shad, 34, also known as Jay.

Initially, their relationship raised a lot of eyebrows due to their significant age difference. When they started dating Jacqueline was 46 and Jamaal 24.

A photo of Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell and boyfriend Jamaal
Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell and her bf, Jamaal. Source: Facebook

In a heartfelt Facebook post in 2023, the former Wag reflected on their ten years together, writing:

Can’t believe it’s been 10yrs already with my love! ❤️😍❤️ We’ve had some tough hills to climb, but through it all our hearts remained true to each other. Because our love wasn’t the ‘norm’ by society’s standard, we had to tightly cling to one another and managed to debunk a lot of myths along the way. Not an easy feat whatsoever! The heart loves what the heart loves and WE knew it the moment our souls intertwined. When we walked past each other there was truly an instant connection that we both felt so strongly. I want to thank you for your unconditional love babe. Jay Shad Here’s to us🥂 I love you!

They have not tied the knot yet, but it’s definitely on the cards. Both of them are taking big strides in their professional career; Jackie as an entrepreneur and Jamaal as a trader.

Meanwhile, her ex Jerry also moved on. He remarried in 2019, tying the knot with his second wife, Latisha Pelayo in a colorful ceremony in Napa Valley.

Her Father Was a High School Coach

Jackie’s biological father was well-known as Coach Mitchell at Greenville High School, the same school she went to. Coach Mitchell was a significant figure in the school community, respected not only for his coaching skills but also for his dedication to his students’ growth, both on and off the field.

After her parents separated, Jacqueline’s primary caretaker became her mother, Gloria Campbell. Gloria provided a stable and supportive home environment, which played a crucial role in shaping her upbringing. In 1995, Gloria married Charles Campbell, who became Jackie’s stepfather.

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell and her father and mother
With Her mom and step-dad Charles. Source: Facebook

She Is Not Only a Millionaire but a Philanthropist as Well

Jacqueline Rice isn’t just sitting on a tidy $5 million net worth; she’s also throwing her weight behind some seriously worthy causes.

Back when she was Mrs. Jerry Rice, she was a regular on the philanthropy circuit, rubbing elbows at charity galas and pitching in wherever she could make a difference.

In 1994 during the March of Dimes event Jacqueline was there, flashing her signature smile and supporting the fight against infant mortality alongside Jerry.

Her Son Was a Football Player

Jacqueline and Jerry started their family before tying the knot, welcoming their first child, Jaqui Bonet Rice, on June 7, 1987—three months shy of their wedding. Their family grew with the arrival of Jerry Rice Jr. on July 27, 1991, and Jada, on May 16, 1996.

Rice Jr. grew up in the shadow of his father’s legendary NFL career, naturally gravitating toward football. He played as a wide receiver, first at Menlo School and later at UCLA and the University of Nevada, where he also pursued his master’s degree.

Despite his efforts to continue his dad’s legacy, including stints trying out for the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, his professional football aspirations were cut short due to a torn labrum. Today, he has shifted gears and works as a real estate agent in California.

Her Daughter Is a CEO

The eldest Rice sibling, Jaqui, took a different path. She’s the CEO of GOAT Fuel, an energy beverage company, initially founded by her dad. She married Trevion J. Gold in September 2021.

The youngest of the Rice siblings, Jada, is also involved with GOAT Fuel. She is currently engaged to Yasper Lamar.

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