Isabella Jones Is Dating Presley Gerber, Her BFF Charlotte D’Alessio’s Ex-BF

By RahulPublished on: June 18, 2024 Updated on: June 19, 2024
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Isabella Jones, who you might know better as Bananablue17 on Instagram, has set social media ablaze with her latest romantic escapade. Early in 2024, fans began speculating about her potential romance with Presley Walker Gerber. Yes, Kaia Gerber‘s brother.

This buzz went on for a few months before Isabella herself confirmed the rumors in June 2024. She posted an Insta story featuring Presley lounging by a pool in his usual chill attire—hat, sunglasses, and shorts—and captioned it, “my love @presleygerber.”

Presley Gerber soaking in the sun
She shared this photo confirming her dating rumor with Presley. Source: Instagram

But this isn’t just a story about new love. Presley happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Isabella’s close friend. This twist has fans in an uproar, calling out Isabella for dating her BFF’s ex. One particularly blunt comment read, “Not her friends ex-bf she got no shame.”

Friendship Fallout with Charlotte D’Alessio and Online Backlash

Isabella’s new relationship has not been without drama. Her romance with Presley has led to a significant fallout with Charlotte, one of her closest friends, who also happened to have dated Presley from 2018 to 2019.

Isabella Jones and Charlotte D'Alessio in cheerleading costume
Charlotte and Isabella, when they were friends.

Adding fuel to the fire, ever since Jones started going out with Gerber, she and Charlotte have stopped being friends. They don’t even follow each other on Instagram anymore. This breakup of friendship has fans divided, many of whom are critical of Isabella. One user summed it up, “Banana is now dating Charlotte’s ex Presley Gerber….. so… Banana is the problem here.”

To make matters more complicated, there’s a drama involving another former friend, Madison Beer. Apparently, Madison found out that Isabella and some other friends were talking behind her back, making fun of her mental health issues, including her BPD.

Madison rightly distanced herself from Isabella after discovering the betrayal. “Madison found out that they were laughing about her BPD behind her back and rightfully stopped talking to them,” one user noted.

Madison Beer and Isabella Jones
Madison and Isabella were literally BFF’s.

“Yes, Banana is clearly the issue here. It’s crazy because all three of the girls used to be such good friends,” said another observer.

In the end, this isn’t just a simple love story. It’s a tangled mess of friendships, loyalties, and betrayals. Isabella and Presley’s relationship might be just one chapter in a much longer saga. How this affects everyone involved remains to be seen, but it’s clear that her love life is now a hot topic, and people have plenty of opinions about it.

Presley’s Girlfriend Dating History Consists of a Few Shocking Names

While she is today known as Presley Gerber’s girlfriend, she has had a few too many encounters in the past as well. First on the list is her relationship with Canadian musician Goody Grace. They dated for a solid two years. Goody, known for his smooth vocals and hit tracks, seemed like a perfect match for Isabella, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Many of you may also remember Goody for dating much older Kate Beckinsale and as the rumored secret lover of Tana Mongeau.


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Before Goody, she was linked to rapper Teddy. Their romance also lasted about two years, making it another significant chapter in her romantic journey. Teddy, with his edgy style and catchy beats, added a different vibe to her life.


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But it doesn’t end there. Rumor has it that Isabella also dated Rory Fitzpatrick, who is Caitlyn Rae’s ex. This rumor sparked quite a bit of drama, given the intertwined circles of friends.

Then there’s the buzz about her dating Connor Tracey and Alex Midler, although these are more whispers than confirmed facts.

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