India Amarteifio Family: Single Mom, Model Brother, And Ghanaian Father

After her parents separated, Amarteifio lived with her mum and older sister, while her brother was raised solely by her father.

By RahulPublished on: May 22, 2024 Updated on: May 27, 2024
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India Ria Amarteifio’s rise to fame isn’t just about her incredible talent and hard work; it’s also about the rock-solid support she’s gotten from her mom.

When India first heard the news about landing the role of young Queen Charlotte in Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, she was over the moon. “You’ve landed the part. I heard everyone in the office cheer. I ran downstairs to tell my mum straight away,” she remembers fondly. It really shows how close they are.

Her mother Nicole Mary Francis has been nothing short of a superhero in India’s life. Working day and night to support her kids, she balanced her career and family life despite being a single mum.

India’s Ghanaian father, who worked in social care, and White English mother had separated when she was young. Since separating, her father has largely remained out of the picture. Meanwhile, her mum is enjoying her life with a new partner, George Tsielepis.

India Amarteifio with her
Her mom Nicole is in a new relationship. Source: Twitter

Now, India’s family life is about to get even more interesting. We’ve got some juicy details about her family and early childhood, so let’s get right into it.

For India, Her Mom Is The Real MVP

Amarteifio’s mother’s journey to support her family wasn’t typical. In an interview with BigIssue, India shared how they lived on benefits for years.

Nicole had big dreams of making it in the art world and moved to London with those ambitions. When those dreams didn’t pay the bills, she reinvented herself as a beautician and eventually opened her own salon, working long hours to ensure her children had everything they needed.

India and her mother Nicole
with her mother Nicole.

India’s childhood in an affluent area was a stark contrast to her family’s financial reality. While her friends enjoyed the luxuries their parents’ wealth afforded them, her family often struggled to make ends meet. Despite this, Nicole’s determination never wavered. She balanced her demanding job with the needs of her family, often working extra shifts and claiming benefits to keep things afloat.

Nicole’s relentless effort allowed her daughter to pursue her passion. When India showed a talent for singing, dancing, and acting, she earned a part-scholarship to the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School. But even with the scholarship, the costs of classes, uniforms, and other expenses were high.

Summers were particularly tough; while other kids enjoyed their holidays, India rarely saw her mom. “When it was summer holidays, we didn’t see her because she was working,” she recalled.

Reflecting on her upbringing, the 22 year-old English actress recognizes the depth of her mother’s sacrifices. She acknowledges that while there were times she felt her absence or missed out on school trips, it was all driven by Nicole’s love and commitment to their happiness.

She said, “As I’m getting older, I’m realizing how much she had to sacrifice for our happiness and our childhood. She’s fantastic and a very strong woman.”

Mom’s Struggles Shaped Her Advocacy for Change

Drawing from her personal experience, India is using her platform to advocate for making the benefits system more accessible and removing the stigma associated with claiming benefits.

As an ambassador for the charity Turn2us, she highlights the importance of financial support for low-income families. She believes that increased awareness and accessibility to benefits can significantly help families in need, just as it would have helped her family.

She Grew up with Her Sister, Who Taught Her How To Spell Their Surname

After her parents separated, India and her older sister, Ashlea Francis, 30, stayed with their mother, while their brother, Ethan Amarteifio, went to live with their father.

India's sibling
India Amarteifio’s sister, Ashlea with her beau. Source: Facebook

The oldest of the Amarteifio’s clan, Ashlea is a talented photographer. She became a mother at the age of 20, welcoming her son, Hunter, in February 2015. This made India an aunt at just 14 years old.

Despite the early challenges, Ashlea has continued to pursue her passion for photography. She is currently in a relationship with Madalin, a barber at Richmond Barbers in London, after parting ways with her baby’s father.

India and her nephew.
with her nephew. Source: Facebook

India has a strong bond with her older sis. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she shared a heartwarming story about how Ashlea helped her spell and pronounce their surname by making up a song.

Her Brother Is An Aspiring Model

Ethan is making waves in the modeling industry. Standing at 6ft 1, he is signed with Select Model and has already started building his portfolio, modeling for several local brands.

India's brother is a model
Her brother Ethan on a photoshoot.

There Would Be No Queen Charlotte If it Wasn’t For India’s Parents

India’s rise to fame playing Queen Charlotte owes a lot to her parents’ support. India’s acting career began serendipitously when her mom saw an open audition for a Vodafone ad, which she landed.

Unlike many child actors, she never felt pushed; her passion for acting was entirely her own. She told Express, “It’s been incredibly important in creating who I am and I love what I do so I never felt any pressure from my parents or anyone around me.”

Nicole was incredibly hands-on, even jumping in to style India’s type 3C hair on set when no stylists could handle it.

India Amarteifio's mother Nicole Francis in a dinner
India’s beautiful-looking mother.

Her parents’ understanding and support, especially her mom’s hard work, inspired India to keep pushing forward.

“Watching her really gave me inspiration and gave me the drive to want to keep pushing in a career that is really difficult to succeed in,” she told Teen Vogue. With a family that backed her decisions and stood by her, India’s journey to stardom feels like a team effort.

How India Desensitized Her Family From Her Racy Scenes in Queen Charlotte

Back in April 2023, during a lively chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live, India Ria Amarteifio shared how she showed her mom the steamier scenes of the show, a task she approached by diving right in.

The conversation took a humorous turn when Kimmel pointed to a billboard above a liquor store, prompting India to quip that a visit there might be necessary for her family before watching the ‘racy’ scenes.

This candid exchange led to a unique family viewing experience, where India and her mom navigated the awkwardness of the intimate scenes together, turning it into a bonding moment.

This upfront approach helped to clear any awkwardness and actually brought India and her mom closer. Her mother, present in the audience, expressed pride and switched off her parental concern, ‘OK, this is my daughter,’ to enjoy the craftsmanship of the show, twice affirming that ‘Queen Charlotte’ is indeed ‘fabulous.’

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