Hakan Kurtaş Love Story With Newest Girlfriend Is Adorable: Getting Married?

By Navin SoniPublished on: May 15, 2024 Updated on: May 16, 2024
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Hakan Kurtaş, a celebrated Turkish actor, has captured the attention of fans and media with his relationship with fellow actress Birce Akalay. Their love story has been a topic of much discussion and speculation, especially following their public appearances and social media interactions.

The couple first attracted public attention on Valentine’s Day when they were seen together in Bebek, Istanbul. They enjoyed a romantic movie date, and watching an Oscar-nominated film, and their affectionate behavior was noted by many. This outing confirmed the rumors that had been circulating about their relationship.​​ 

Following this public appearance, Hakan and Birce began sharing their relationship milestones on social media. They posted photos and videos from their romantic getaway to Bodrum, where they were seen enjoying the beach and the sea. These posts, which included affectionate captions and heart emojis, further solidified their status as a couple in the eyes of their followers.

Moreover, the couple also went out on a romantic trip to Paris and Birce was too quick to share photos from the vacation. In the caption of the photo, she wrote, “I Love It.”

Hakan & Birce Photo From Their Trip To Paris
Loving The Paris Trip Hakan And Birce

This trip even had people assuming their upcoming wedding, however, that’s not true for now.

The Couple Have Been Following Each Other Since 2023

Hints of Hakan and Birce’s relationship began to emerge as early as September 2023, when she shared a poster of Hakan’s project on her Instagram. By December 2023, they had started following each other on Instagram.

Fast forward to their latest appearance, they were last seen together at a jazz event at the Chalet Garden in Swissotel The Bosphorus, further fueling the excitement around their romance.

Hakan Kurtaş & His Girlfriend Birce Akalay Spotted At A Jazz Event
Kurtaş & His New Girlfriend Birce Spotted At A Jazz Event

While their journey from friends to lovers has been swift and passionate, leading to reports of an engagement, it remains to be seen if they are indeed planning a wedding. The news of their relationship has been met with enthusiasm from their fans, who eagerly await further confirmation from the couple about their plans.

Birce Akalay Has Already Been Married Twice

Birce Akalay, a prominent Turkish actress, was first married to actor Murat Ünalmış. Their relationship began when they co-starred in the TV series “Yer Gök Aşk,” where they played the characters Havva and Yusuf, respectively. Their on-screen chemistry transitioned into real life, leading to their marriage in May 2011.

Despite the initial excitement and media attention surrounding their union, their marriage was short-lived. The couple faced challenges and ultimately decided to divorce in late 2012, just over a year after tying the knot. The reasons for their split were not publicly detailed, but it was clear that their relationship could not withstand the pressures they faced.

Following her divorce from Murat Ünalmış, Birce Akalay continued to focus on her acting career, achieving significant success and acclaim. She later married another actor, Sarp Levendoğlu, in 2014, though this marriage also ended in divorce in 2017.