French National Sentenced For Harassing Actress Zendaya Online

By AtticusPublished on: May 17, 2024 Updated on: May 17, 2024
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A French court on Thursday mandated the hospitalization of a man after he was found guilty of sending threatening messages to American actress Zendaya. The Rennes Criminal Court handled the case involving a 52-year-old from Rennes, whose online behavior escalated from admiration to threats toward the actress famous for her roles in Dune 2 and Challengers.

From September 2023 to February 2024, the accused sent thousands of messages to Zendaya, initially praising her work but later including disturbing photomontages and explicit threats. The situation worsened to the extent that the actress had to enhance her security measures during a promotional tour in Paris.

During the trial, the defendant admitted to the charges but claimed a lack of awareness about the impact of his actions, attributing them to his methamphetamine use which began a year prior. He argued that his drug use distorted his perception, leading him to believe he had a personal connection with Zendaya and could be her friend.

The court heard how the man continued to send messages even after his initial arrest and subsequent hospitalization at Guillaume Régnier Hospital on February 7. He was apprehended again on May 15, demonstrating a persistent threat to the actress’s safety.

Actress Zendaya was threatened by a French man who has been sentenced by a Rennes court
Actress Zendaya was threatened by a French man who has been sentenced by a Rennes court

Zendaya’s legal representation, Karim Chentoufi, emphasized the gravity of the harassment, describing it as neurotic and constituting stalking. He outlined the significant psychological impact it had on the actress, necessitating extensive security arrangements not only for her but also for her partner Tom Holland, and close family.

The public prosecutor, Philippe Astruc, described the case as atypical but critical, highlighting the potential for the accused to act on his threats. The court, persuaded by the arguments regarding the man’s mental health and public safety risk, ruled him guilty but mentally unfit due to his disorder.

Consequently, he was ordered to undergo full psychiatric care with strict hospitalization for five years, alongside a ten-year prohibition from contacting Zendaya and a permanent ban on possessing any weapons.

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