Francesca Farago’s Parents Raised Her In a Mixed Heritage Household

By Sagar ChandPublished on: June 24, 2024 Updated on: June 25, 2024
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The Perfect Match star Francesca Farago Webb, the daughter of Lucy Farago and Grant Webb, boasts a richly mixed ethnic heritage. Her maternal side brings Hungarian roots, while her paternal lineage blends English and Scottish descent.

Born in Ottawa, Canada, the reality TV star now divides her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. Despite her busy lifestyle, she frequently returns to Ottawa to visit her family, where both of her parents reside.

Her Father Is a Restaurant Manager

Francesca’s dad, Grant, is a successful restaurateur and currently co-owns The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro. He has been managing this popular burger restaurant for over 13 years and is also a co-owner of The Brew Table.

Francesca's mom and dad.
Lucy and Grant.

Before venturing into these businesses, Grant was involved in various other enterprises, including the Nepean Chamber of Commerce, East Side Mario’s, and O’Toole’s.

Interestingly, despite his extensive involvement in the restaurant industry, his daughter Francesca, who once worked at a few bars, follows a vegan lifestyle. However, she confessed to Women’s Health that she occasionally indulges her sweet tooth, admitting, “Of course, I eat dessert a few times a week.”

Her Mother Lucy Is a Writer

Lucy Farago is an accomplished author at Kensington Publishing. A graduate of Carleton University, she has penned several novels, including Sin of the Strip (2016), A Necessary Deception (2018), The Siberian’s Winter (2020), and Mer-Made for Each Other (2022).

Beyond her literary career, Farago is an avid yoga instructor and loves dogs. She has a beautiful Siberian husky named Loki.

Her husband, Grant, also shares her passion for fitness. The two have been married since April 21, 1989. In 2022, they celebrated their 33rd marriage anniversary. Lucy commemorated this milestone by sharing a throwback wedding photo on Instagram with the caption, “It hasn’t always been easy, but 33 years later here we are, still learning, still growing, ever changing @grantwebb5.”

In addition to their well-known daughter Francesca, Lucy and Grant have two more children: a daughter named Katie Webb and a son named Mason Webb. Katie is a social media & brand manager at Farago The Label. She previously held the same position at BBTV.

Francesca's brother Mason and a sister Katie.
Katie (left), Francesca (middle), and Mason (right).

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