Fans Think Abigail Thorn Is Dating, But Her Partner’s Identity Remains Mysterious

By RahulPublished on: May 22, 2024 Updated on: May 22, 2024
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Abigail Thorn used to joke about being romantically available just for her fans, but it looks like those days are over. Yes, Abigail, is currently dating someone special.

It was in December 2023 that Thorn first announced she was in a relationship through an Insta post. In the post, she captured a beautiful scene featuring blooming roses named ‘Passionate Kisses,’ a variety of the Floribunda rose. The vibrant pink petals and lush greenery provide a perfect metaphor for new and flourishing love.

Along with this calm photo, Abigail dropped a caption that gives us a little hint about how she’s feeling: “I keep my dating life 110% secret but I’m so happy rn and feel very lucky.”

She didn’t share any clear details like names or faces, keeping her partner’s identity a fun mystery. As her followers, we respect her privacy and share in her happiness.

An Instagram post by Abigail Thorn
This is the post from which she announced she has a partner. Source: Instagram

This post also marks a significant departure from her usual playful banter about being single. Although she had many lovers, be it a girlfriend or a boyfriend, some of whom even called her a M*lf, she never did get into a relationship with them.

Her Dating Experiences as a Trans Woman in Britain

In her usual open-hearted style, Abigail has also talked about the ups and downs of dating as a queer British woman. She once explained, with a mix of humor and seriousness, that maintaining a public image of availability is crucial, partly to avoid intimidating potential male admirers.

Yet, her personal life tells a story of diverse dating experiences, notably with her past American girlfriends, whom she admits having a soft spot for. This preference isn’t just about charm; it’s also about cultural perceptions. Abigail noticed that when she’s seen with American women, the initial coldness from bystanders and service staff melts away upon hearing an American accent.

This phenomenon led her to reflect on national attitudes towards gender and sexuality, suggesting that Brits might find the idea of queer British women more personally challenging than accepting queer Americans.

From Oliver to Abigail

Before embracing her identity as Abigail, she was known as Oliver Thorn. She is a prominent figure on YouTube with her channel, Philosophy Tube. Through her videos, Abigail explored a wide range of topics, not only delving into philosophical concepts but also addressing issues related to social justice, mental health, and activism.

As Oliver, she was known for her articulate and theatrical presentation style, which helped distill complex philosophical ideas into accessible content. Her commitment to shedding light on societal issues also set the stage for her personal revelation.


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A post shared by Abigail Thorn (@theabigailthorn)

In January 2021, Oliver publicly came out as transgender and announced that she would be known as Abigail Thorn. This transition was not only a deeply personal decision but also a public statement, emphasizing her ongoing commitment to advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

Her transition and coming out story added a profound new dimension to her activism, as she began to incorporate more discussions about trans rights and experiences into her content, using her platform to challenge transphobia and promote a deeper understanding of gender identity.

Coming Out: A Story Of Vulnerability, Courage, and Self-Discovery

Abigail’s path to embracing her true identity has been both enlightening and fraught with challenges. Before coming out, she engaged deeply with the works of prominent trans and feminist thinkers like Julia Serano, Juno Roche, Talia Mae Bettcher, and Audre Lorde. Their writings helped her to intellectually and emotionally navigate her own transition.

As the 31 year-old publicly embraced her identity, she found herself in the spotlight during a time when anti-trans sentiments and policies were intensifying in the UK. This visibility brought with it a mixture of liberation and daunting challenges.

Abigail Thorn portrait
She’s a devout trans activist. Source: Instagram

Her visibility led to both support and invasive speculations within the trans community. Online discussions sometimes crossed personal boundaries, making her cautious about how and where she engaged with others. Her transition also became a topic of unintended controversy when she made a lighthearted comment on social media about Donald Trump’s political ‘transition,’ which was misinterpreted and led to criticism from the trans community who still perceived her as a cisgender man.

Despite these challenges, Abigail received strong support from her family and close friends, who were among the first to know about her transition. Today, she stands proud as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is not ashamed anymore of her sexuality. She told XTRA Magazine,

Why is having transitioned or being trans something that I should hide or be ashamed of? I think that being trans is perfectly normal. It’s like being tall or having freckles. It’s just the way that some people are—and I don’t want to hide that or be ashamed of it.

Her Views on Identity and Autonomy

In June 2022, Thorn contributed a thought-provoking piece to, challenging the traditional concept of ‘gender dysphoria.’ She argues that this term medicalizes and pathologizes what should be seen as a natural expression of identity. “I think we would benefit from moving beyond this concept—it’s outdated, deeply harmful, and rooted in a philosophical mistake,” she writes.

The Acolyte star advocates for viewing transitioning as a matter of personal choice driven by individual desire, rather than a medical necessity arising from distress. She draws a comparison between everyday autonomy, like the freedom to travel without needing to justify oneself, and the autonomy over one’s body regarding the decision to transition. “My body does not belong to the state, it does not belong to my parents, it does not belong to God—it belongs to me!” she proclaimed at a rally.

Her critique extends to how the healthcare system handles treatments for transgender individuals compared to cisgender individuals. She highlighted the disparity in accessibility, noting, “If a cis woman wants breast augmentation… she can present to her GP with ‘significant psychological distress’ and be referred to a plastic surgeon, but only a specialist in a Gender Identity Clinic can diagnose ‘gender dysphoria.'”


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Lastly, the YouTuber calls for a reevaluation of societal and medical perspectives on gender transition. She advocates for a model that prioritizes the individual’s will and desire, arguing for the recognition and respect of the human right to self-determination.

She Is a Well Versed Actress

Thorn’s acting career has seen her diversify into various roles across different platforms. She featured in Ladhood on the BBC in 2021 and 2022. She also played a role in the 2023 remake of the classic Western film Django and voiced a character in the video game Baldur’s Gate 3, praised for its thoughtful representation of a transgender character.

Up next, Thorn will appear in the Star Wars series The Acolyte, set to release in 2024. In the series, she will appear alongside Amandla Stenberg, Dafne Keen, Margarita Levieva, and many others.

Additionally, she is venturing into writing and producing, with a short film titled Dracula’s Ex-Girlfriend slated for production in 2024, where she will explore themes previously intended for a stage adaptation of Dracula.

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